Robert Downey Jr’s Car Collection Is Quite The Sight To Behold (20 Pictures)

Hollywood is full of actors and actresses that drive around in some of the most expensive luxury cars. However, there are few that actually can live like the real-life Iron Man. Oh wait, we are actually talking about Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr.

Not only does he play the eccentric Tony Stark in the Marvel movies, but he also happens to have some of the coolest cars to make him pretty much the real-life Iron Man. From cars such as the Audi R8 to others like the Nissan GTR, Robert Downey Jr's collection spans quite a few eras.

Even though his collection consists of some amazing luxury cars, there are quite a few in his collection that actually might be a surprise. Even the real-life version of Tony Stark has some special cars in his collection, and this isn't even the lot of them.

One of these also happens to be an award winner from the 2017 SEMA show, for this type of car to be in the collection, is on another level as well. But today we are going to go into 20 of the cars from the amazing car collection of Robert Downey Jr. To start off we will go into some of the more luxurious cars of his collection, plus we can say he might have a thing for Audi, and the company loves him too!

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20 1965 Chevrolet Corvette

Via Corvette Blogger

Robert Downey Jr. doesn't only stick to exotic cars either, he actually is an avid collector of all sorts of cars rather than just top tier supercars. This 1965 Chevrolet Corvette is actually a car that Downey tends to drive more than most of his other cars in the collection.

Having this isn't just a great addition to the collection, it actually shows how diverse an actual car collector can be with the vehicles that they own. Robert Downey Jr. definitely knows his stuff, even though he does have a ton of cars in the garage.

19 Audi E-Tron GT Concept

Via Slashgear

Surprisingly enough Robert Downey Jr. owns quite a few Audi models. However, this isn't just your normal Audi you can buy off the showroom floor. This is the Audi E-Tron GT Concept. This is a car that is revolutionizing Audi and the electric vehicle movement.

Downey Jr. is an avid collector of Audi vehicles and this is one that isn't just another one to the collection, it is actually in partnership with Audi that Downey Jr. was able to get his hands on this car. Because of that relationship, that's why you see many more Audi cars than other vehicles.

18 Custom Camaro for Chris Evans

Via Book Cubed

Now, this is another big feat that happened in his car collection. He actually didn't own this car completely at all, he bought it in order to get it fully built for his Marvel co-star Chris Evans. He wanted to picture what the superhero would drive.

From that, we were given this beautiful 60s Camaro. The shop that actually built the car was the same one that helped build the Boss 302 for SEMA as well. This was one of the best gestures that someone could give a co-star and a really good friend as well.

17 Audi R8

Via Autofluence

To start off the collection, we are taking a look at one of his beautiful Audi R8 models. Mind you, this car is one that you can see in nearly every Iron Man movie as well, making this a good example of him being the real-life Tony Stark as well.

This one, however, is a V10 version, from the latest model line, making it a really solid addition to any collection of supercars. The Audi R8 is actually one of the best cars in the supercar world, and this should show you something.

16 Custom Boss 302 Mustang

Via Maxim

This is one car that we briefly spoke about a bit earlier. But this is Robert Downey Jr's custom Boss 302 Mustang that they actually made for the SEMA show in 2017. This car actually ended up winning best in-show for its class of restored muscle cars.

The Boss 302 is actually a car that is rare as is, not to mention a fully custom and restored version of it. To win an award at the SEMA show you have to have a car that is extremely unique, and what better than this to have in his collection.

15 Fisker Karma

Via Traveling in my world

This is a car that isn't quite as popular as some of the other cars, but it is still a noteworthy one in his garage. The Fisker Karma is almost a myth, but it is still one of the very few hybrid cars that is extremely luxurious, plus it is rare.

This wouldn't be a collection if there weren't a number of rare cars in the collections. The Fisker Karma is a car you don't see often, but when it comes to Robert Downey Jr's collection, it isn't a surprise to find this rare beauty in there.

14  2009 Audi R8

Via Pinterest

Another one of the cars that actually started Robert Downey Jr's collection is this Audi R8. While he does have various versions of these, this one is actually an earlier model year, giving a bit of variety and showing how the car has actually evolved as well.

This car was also one that you could see in the first Iron Man movie, as Tony Stark's car during the first portion of the scenes. However, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that this car made it into Downey's collection of R8's either.

13 Acura NSX Concept for Iron Man 3

Via Wallpaperhawk

Now, this is a car that you won't see anywhere else. This car was actually built and customized for the movie Iron Man 3. Like some of the other vehicles, it has landed into the collection of cars that Robert Downey Jr. owns.

This car isn't just your normal NSX. It was equipped with features that actually reflect how the car was in the movie. Not to mention the NSX is a legendary car in among its own, but having this special of a version is just a gem.

12 White 2014 Audi R8

Via Arnoldclark

Continuing on with the collection of R8 rides is this white 2014 model Audi R8. This car was also used in the Iron Man films, however, this one actually was equipped with something that Audi as a company was working on putting into concept.

This car actually was mostly electrically powered. However, as you'll see with one of the cars further down the list, this could be a common theme among the vehicles in Robert Downey Jr's car collection.

11 Porsche 993

Via YouTube

Although this might not be as flashy as some of the other cars on the list, this is actually an extremely beautiful gem of a car. This Porsche 993 wasn't just one of the best cars produced during the time, it actually was one of the best performing as well.

Not only does Robert Downey Jr. have this car in one of his garages, this car is in immaculate condition for being a 20 year old car. It goes to show that you don't have to have a modern car for it to still be a luxury car.

10 Red Audi R8 Convertible

Via EOnline

It shouldn't surprise you at this point that you would find at least one more Audi R8 on the list. This time we are showcasing one of his Audi R8 rides in the drop top variation. You might think that this is already pretty loud being a supercar, but paired with the red color it stands out more than most.

However, this is one of those cars that Downey Jr. tends to gravitate towards. He has a strong preference for the R8 and Audi as a company in general, which goes to show why we see so many on the list.

9 Ferrari California T

Via Cartoq

What is a car collection without a Ferrari in it? Well, Downey's collection isn't an exception to that rule as he also sports his Ferrari California T when he can and the weather is nice.

Not only did he go out of his way to purchase this beauty, he often showcases it on his personal social media profiles as he is proud to own this car too. Which goes to show that even someone like this A-List celebrity can enjoy his toys.

8 Nissan GTR

Via AutoEvolution

Like having a Ferrari, having a Nissan GTR in today's world is one of those accomplishments that most people want to have. Well, that and the car is actually one of the best performing cars on the planet, for a great price.

Robert Downey Jr, being a car guy, knows the importance of having a car that is engineered to do something specific. Not only does he have this GTR but he also tends to drive it as often as he can.

7 Mercedes S550

Via Zimbio

Now we are getting into the cars that might be a bit less exotic but still carry weight in the car collection of Robert Downey Jr. Often times going around town, he can be seen in his Mercedes S550. This is one of the cars that he actually doesn't tend to drive, but be driven in.

Having a driver is one of the things that happens when you know you've made it. For someone like Robert Downey Jr. being Iron Man can be exhausting work, so being able to sit back and go to your destination while beating traffic, is always a plus.

6 Mercedes SL550 Coupe Convertible

Via Twitter

Having just one Mercedes might just not be enough for a collector like Robert Downey Jr. Sometimes you just want to have a nice luxury car that you can take out, and enjoy the sunshine of southern California with.

Luckily he has an SL550 Mercedes to do so in. Not only is this a perfect combination of luxury and style, but it also has the function that you would want in a car that costs a small fortune to purchase and own. But it also adds a different dynamic to his car collection.

5 Bentley Continental

Via YouTube

Having a Bentley is one of those feats that most wish they had the opportunity to obtain. However, for Robert Downey Jr. he has that ability to add the ultimate luxury vehicle to his fleet of expensive cars.

While you might think that everyone who is famous has a Bentley, you might be surprised that the cars are more than worth the hefty price tag. The amount of craftsmanship that goes into each car is stunning, and when you have that ability you want to be comfortable.

4  Bentley Continental GT

Via Artpictures

It might not be too surprising to see another duplicate car that Robert Downey Jr. owns. This, however, isn't quite the same as his other Bentley. This one is the Bentley Continental GT. While we have already talked a bit about how Bentleys are some of the best luxury cars in the world, it is seemingly fitting for a real-life Iron Man.

Having the Bentley Continental GT gives Downey Jr. a bit of a relief when it comes to the style of cars he owns. Not to mention it is one serious machine when it comes to performance and luxury alike.

3 Mercedes-Benz Pagoda

Via Pinterest

Having modern Mercedes vehicles is a common occurrence in many car collections, even Robert Downey Jr.'s. However, having a piece of Mercedes-Benz history is something like no other. In fact, you can see Downey Jr. driving around this beautiful Mercedes-Benz Pagoda more than some of his other classic cars.

Not to mention this is one of the cars he prefers when it comes to talking about his collection. This among the supercars that he owns, might seem like an outlier, however, this isn't just a regular car, it is a classic.

2 Audi A7

Via AutoGuide.com

Again, not quite one of the most surprising cars that is on the list of Robert Downey Jr.'s car collection, yet another Audi. This time it is actually more of a family car in the Audi A7. Where this might not be on the level as the R8 that he owns, it certainly is a good car to have in the collection.

Fortunately for Downey Jr., this partnership with Audi that he has been working with for years, doesn't just revolve around his beloved Audi R8 rides, but he expands his fleet with the family-friendly versions of the car-brand as well.

1 Audi A8

Via Twitter

Something that is pretty common when it comes to Robert Downey Jr.'s car collection is that he certainly does has a lot of Audi vehicles. So it isn't a surprising feat that he indeed has an Audi A8 as well. This car isn't just a luxury car, it also performs like a champ as well.

To combine luxury, performance and of course German engineering, you are given a solid balance of cars in the collection of Downey. Fortunately, none of the Audi vehicles that he owns are exactly the same, so there is variety in there as well.

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