Check Out The Royal Wedding's Jaguar E-Type

Check Out The Royal Wedding's Jaguar E-Type

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry surprised the world by leaving their wedding in an all-electric Jaguar E-Type.

When you’re royalty, how you make your exit is entirely up to you. You could opt for a helicopter to whisk you away (especially when you still know people in the military), or you could opt for an expensive limousine with all the comforts you could ask for.

But Harry and Markle decided to make a statement. They decided to leave their wedding in a classic Jaguar that had been converted into an electric vehicle. Something old, something borrowed, something new, and something blue.

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The reason this Jag is old is obvious: it was originally an E-Type built in 1968. The car first came with an inline six-cylinder engine that produced around 265 horses. That engine has been replaced by Jaguar’s Classic Cars division with a 40 kWh battery and a 295 hp electric motor driving the rear wheels. Zero to sixty is done in 5.5 seconds, or about a second faster than the car could manage when it was brand new.


Surprisingly, the car weighs about 100 lbs less than it did originally, and the addition of a heavy battery pack hasn’t appreciably changed the weight distribution. Also surprising is the range, which just manages to beat 270 km (or about 165 miles) on a single battery charge, and it can fully recharge in six to seven hours, depending on the charger.

E-Type Zero
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Body, chassis, steering, brakes, and suspension are all original. The only new things are the drivetrain, the headlamps (which are LEDs), and the dashboard, which has been completely replaced with carbon fiber. A digital instrument cluster mimics the original’s dials, while the center console has a new touchscreen for infotainment and navigation. It looks a little plain compared to the original, but it also has a certain sense of style.

The blue is obvious—it’s painted blue. And borrowed since we’re not sure if Jaguar Land Rover will ask for it back or not. Probably not.

Jaguar Classic says they can make your own version, called the E-Type Zero, for about $404,000. But at least you won’t be killing the planet by spending that half a million bucks.


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