15 Rules WWE Superstars Must Follow On The Company's Plane (And 5 With Their Own Jets)

Flying is among the most important things associated with the job of a WWE superstar. Wrestlers to work for WWE will fly all over the world to fulfill their contracted dates. The WWE road schedule is more grueling than the average person realizes. Most fans just know of the television shows for WWE that take place on Monday, Tuesday and the occasional Sunday. However, the schedule often features traveling more for non-televised events every weekend. There are also the extra job duties of going to various places for promotional work. WWE is a global brand that will require their top stars to fly to different countries in hopes of expanding the word of the product to new places.

The company even owns its own private jet. Vince McMahon purchased it with the belief that it would be beneficial to the company to have a private plane for important reasons.

We will look at both the facts associated with the purpose of the WWE jet along with how individual wrestlers decide to fly on their own time. The option to ditch the crowded airports or getting crammed into a bad seat is something wrestlers will take if they have the luxury of doing so.

WWE makes sure that their own plane has quite a few rules in place to ensure that the company gets the best use of it. Find out just what goes down with WWE wrestlers on their own plane and the WWE plane itself in the air. These are fifteen rules you didn’t know about WWE’s private plane and five wrestlers that use their own jets to fly.

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20 Rule for WWE plane: Only certain wrestlers can use it

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The idea that every WWE wrestler will have an opportunity to use the private plane at some point is incorrect. Most wrestlers on the roster will never even get the chance to get inside of the plane. WWE does not allow the talent to easily use the plane as most wrestlers must take care of their own travel arrangements.

Only a select few wrestlers get the chance to ride the WWE plane to their destination. WWE handpicks the times of when the plane is worth using to fly one of the wrestlers somewhere. The wrestlers to ride on the WWE plane have typically been top stars which means you won’t see most of the others ever getting near to it.

19 Rule for WWE plane: Business is the purpose of all flights

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There will never be a use for the WWE plane outside of business reasons. The talent that gets to ride in it are usually flying internationally on a long trip to another country to promote the product or taking part in a timely trip needing to get to their appearance quickly to represent the company.

WWE considers the money spent on the plane rides to be business expenses. That makes it tricky for them to just use it for any little thing. Wrestlers, executives, and owners of the company use it for important meetings or appearances for the business side of WWE. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon won’t just use it for a personal occasion since it is all about business.

18 Rule for WWE plane: Highly respected pilot must fly it

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WWE typically looks for the most qualified employees in every aspect of their company. The video packages are created by elite people in that field along with the best wrestlers and top broadcasters getting signed. This is the same for the flights that the plane will be taken on.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Vince McMahon specifically wants the most qualified people to work with him from doctors to cooks to other fields. The pilot of the company plane would extend to that line of thinking and only the best of the best would get the job to fly the WWE jet.

17 Uses private jet: Brock Lesnar

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The schedule of Brock Lesnar allows him to have the most perks on the WWE roster today. Lesnar only wrestles a handful of times per year and has the biggest contract over the last few years. One of the musts for Brock is that he must always travel on a private jet.

Lesnar left WWE back in 2004 due to his strong displeasure with the schedule. The wrestling star detested having to go to the airport and fly out every weekend for the WWE shows. Brock used some of the funds from his big WWE and UFC contracts to get access to his own private jet. The beast no longer deals with crowds at the airport when getting to his shows.

16 Rule for WWE plane: Must remain in Westchester County Airport

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The average fan would assume that WWE keeps the company plane in Connecticut where the WWE headquarters are located. Most of the important things for the company are in Stamford. The offices for big boardroom meetings and the warehouse with all the props are there.

However, WWE did not want to keep their plane in Connecticut despite the obvious fit. The plane resides at Westchester County Airport in White Plains, New York. Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon would each have to travel there from Connecticut to get their private flight. WWE likely saves money by having it staying in an airport that has less of a crowd than the ones in Connecticut or NYC.

15 Rule for WWE plane: McMahon family approves and denies use of plane

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There are many important executives and shareholders in WWE that fans don’t know about. We assume the McMahon family are the only ones with power, but there are other unknown executives with influence on huge decisions like WrestleMania’s location or the television rating of the product.

However, it is the McMahon family that has full say over how the plane is used. Vince, Stephanie, and Triple H must approve or deny which trips are worth using the plane. The goal of improving the company’s global reach will see the international trips for promotional tours get higher priority than using it to get from a live event to a television taping.

14 Rule for WWE plane: Plane is upgraded every few years

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WWE does not keep the same airplane for too long - the same goes for their private jet. Wrestling fans will remember Triple H and Shawn Michaels spray-painting their DX logo over a WWE plane to get revenge on Vince McMahon in a television storyline. That plane is no longer the one that WWE uses.

The company has upgraded its plane a couple of times through the years to get a better model. WWE purchased their Bombardier Global 5000 Jet back in 2013 to upgrade from their prior plane. The idea is to have the best plane in their budget for the ideal flight experiences.

13 Uses private jet: Triple H

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Triple H is the person who uses the jet the most, but it isn’t his only source of private flights. The importance of Triple H’s role has improved in WWE throughout the years. Triple H is now an important person behind the scenes running the company along with his on-screen role.

WWE sends Triple H to represent the company in quite a few important business meetings all over the globe. Triple H is now used to flying on a private plane and apparently no longer wants to deal with commercial flights. The social media posts of Triple H often show him on a private plane or coming off it since that’s how much he travels these days.

12 Rule for WWE plane: Loan service is used to upgrade plane

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Vince McMahon is most known for being a genius businessman. The success of WWE came thanks to his calculated risks throughout the years. McMahon’s decisions for the financial side of the company has taken it to the new heights as a global brand in entertainment.

One of McMahon’s ideas was to always use a loan service when purchasing a new airplane. Despite being wealthy, Vince preferred to go with the loan route to make it a wiser financial decision. WWE paid $400,000 in quarterly payments for the Bombardier Global 5000 Jet and will likely do this again when upgrading to a better plane in the future.

11 Rule for WWE plane: Prep kitchen used before flights

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Vince McMahon is a fickle person as evidenced by many of his current and former employees in interviews. One commonly told tale about McMahon is that he doesn’t enjoy when others eat in front of him. This extends to the plane as anyone flying with him will likely have to enjoy their meal before takeoff.

WWE’s plane has an impressive prep kitchen that can allow one to enjoy a great meal while flying. However, things would go poorly for the person trying to eat when next to him, especially if flying in the air. The prep kitchen being used before a flight is an unofficial rule for the plane as long as Vince owns it.

10 Rule for WWE plane: Personal office is there for responsibilities

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The perks of flying the WWE plane are not as fun as most would assume. It is great to avoid being stuck on a commercial plane, but the plane is mostly for work to get done. There is a personal office on the airplane to ensure that the important people riding it are doing work on the flight.

Triple H, Vince, Stephanie, and the executives are still doing their daily work duties while flying to the next destination. Any wrestlers riding the plane will likely be the only ones exempt from having to care about the office. However, the purpose of the plane means that most will be forced to get work done at some point during the flight.

9 Uses private jet: Bill Goldberg

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Bill Goldberg had one of the most remarkable wrestling careers. During his run in WCW and two stints in WWE, Goldberg has always been used in a top main event spot. The rise in WCW made Goldberg a phenomenon that was able to skip many of the annoying aspects of travel associated with the job.

Goldberg missed most house shows in WCW as the top stars skipped them. WWE only would see Goldberg on the roster for one year in the early 2000s as he left partly due to disliking the traveling. Goldberg decided to invest money into using a private jet for his 2016-2017 WWE return run. He was reportedly reimbursed for these flights by WWE.

8 Rule for WWE plane: No longer used for television storylines

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The rare times of WWE using the airplane on television are in the past. D-Generation X vandalizing the old plane is likely the last time we will ever see something like on WWE television. The company has changed throughout the years with the PG product, shareholders and many other influences toning it down.

WWE using the airplane for segments of wrestlers attacking each other or just as a prop, in general, would be a bad look. The unwritten rule is that the airplane will only be used for business purposes and won’t be featured on WWE programming for a quick angle.

7 Rule for WWE plane: WM winners get to use it flying to Today Show

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WWE has delivered an incredible turnaround for guests on the Today Show following WrestleMania events. It does not happen every year, but NBC will request the top stars of the company to appear on the show the following morning whenever there is room for guests.

WrestleMania ending after midnight these last few years has led to the company sending the champions on the private plane to get to the Today Show in time as a fun little perk for their big night. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair have been the talents to fly on the airplane as part of the rule to get them to the Today Show quickly. Time will tell if this tradition returns.

6 Rule for WWE plane: Max capacity is 19

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The rule for most people allowed on the WWE plane for any trip is nineteen. Any more people on board would lead to potential safety risks. WWE does not even risk this by getting anywhere near the nineteen-person limit.

There is usually a single digit total of people per flight in the busiest situations. Most of the flights will feature just a handful of people flying since the plane is just used for important trips. There aren’t many trips where WWE will need a dozen or more people on the private plane to get to the destination. Even if there were, nineteen is the hard limit for max capacity.

5 Uses private jet: The Rock

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WWE legend Dwayne “The Rock" Johnson is one of the most famous celebrities in the world today. Rock was the first major wrestling star to truly breakout as a blockbuster movie star at the box office. The travel schedule for Rock has him flying all over the world.

This led to him making the decision to get his own private jet. Rock travels in the Gulfstream G650 plane which he calls the “fastest private jet in the world.” Many of Rock’s most popular social media pictures come from inside of his private plane. The wrestling legend also uses it when making his rare appearances coming back to WWE.

4 Rule for WWE plane: No sneezing if Vince McMahon is on board

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One of the strangest rules in WWE that extends to the airplane comes from one of Vince McMahon’s pet peeve. The eccentric billionaire has a habit of making odd demands to his employees. One of these rules in WWE every week is that no one can sneeze in front of him.

Former writers have gone on the record in interviews to share that McMahon believes people can control their sneezes and he takes it as a sign of weakness if one does it in front of him. The airplane would only make it worse since you’re confined into a vehicle with him in the air. We can only hope no one on the WWE plane suffers from allergies.

3 Rule for WWE plane: Fans can use it for a high price

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WWE has opened the airplane up for wrestling fans to get a chance at flying on the exclusive private plane. WrestleMania 34 featured WWE offering a unique opportunity to fly out of the New York area and head to the event in New Orleans.

Fans could get this trip if they were willing to pay $9,175. Uproxx reported the price was non-negotiable. The experience featured WWE legends also on board to interact with the fans and answer questions before landing in New Orleans. Considering WrestleMania 35 is in New Jersey, it is highly unlikely this deal will be offered again.

2 Rule for WWE plane: WWE logo must always be on it

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Vince McMahon has one huge demand when it comes to the look of the WWE airplane. It was a personal goal of his to be in a position to have a company airplane many years before making this a reality. McMahon’s vision was for the WWE logo to be visible on it.

The desire to see the WWE logo in the air would show the world just how important WWE was in society. McMahon gets his wish by having the logo right there on the airplane. Anyone to spot the plane at any point will know just who owns that private jet.

1 Uses private jet: John Cena

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John Cena was the face of WWE from 2005 to 2015 with no breaks of anyone truly replacing him in that role. WWE paid Cena handsomely and still does for his part-time appearances today. Cena is trying to make his name in acting and does his traveling to this day with a private jet.

The contract extensions with WWE in 2013 featured Cena getting a contract perk of WWE reimbursing his private jet costs. Cena reportedly now uses his own savings to fly all over the world in a private jet. Fans that approach wrestlers at the airport for autographs never see Cena since he only takes his flights in a more private manner.

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