20 Rules Floyd Mayweather Always Follows When He Buys A Car

Here are 20 rules Floyd Mayweather always follows when he buys a car.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has never made it a secret about how much money he spends. Whether it be on his lady companions around him, the homes he owns around the world or the jewelry, clothe, and vehicles he owns. The nickname "Money," is more than a simple nickname. It's a way of life, it's his motivation and the driving factor for his success.

The Las Vegas native is notoriously known for his exquisite car. collection. Unlike most celebrities collections, Floyd's spans across the United States of America. His collection of supercars and luxurious vehicles can be found in Las Vegas, Miami, New York, and LA.

Mayweather's collection is more than a few cars, it is a part of his personality. Each vehicle is a representation of Mayweather's struggle and his triumphs.

With so many vehicles around the world, how does a man like "Money" Mayweather decide which vehicle he'd like to own next; there must be a set of rules.  One will wonder what kind of vehicles can get Floyd's blood pumping and heart racing with excitement to make the purchases he does.  There is a pattern Floyd has followed throughout his life; it has led him to success and towards his car purchasing decisions. Enjoy the article as we take a look at rules Mayweather always follows when he buys a car.

20 No Jaguar

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While visiting overseas in London, Floyd Mayweather was offered the opportunity to drive a brand new Jaguar. Now Floyd is well known for being a man who enjoys riding around in luxury. He has never been someone to turn down the chance to drive the latest model of any high-end car. Jaguar, on the other hand, seemed to be his no-fly zone.

Mayweather refused to enter the Jaguar, regardless of the ride being a thing of beauty. He refused to change his mind until eventually the undefeated boxer was granted the change in the vehicle he demanded. The ride was ultimately changed for a Rolls Royce.

19 Always Pays In Cash

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“Money” Mayweather is not just a moniker, it is a way of life for Floyd. If you’ve followed his career outside the ring, one thing has become apparent. Money is not an issue. The former five-division champ does not make purchases with a credit card or an ATM card. Floyd is a believer in making cash purchases. He carries around thousands of dollars often in a knapsack.

When purchasing a brand new vehicle “Money” Mayweather will always buy his vehicle in cash. No matter the price the purchases will be made with cash. Dealerships have had to invest in money counter, solely for Floyd Mayweather. Counting a million dollars by hand is no fun task for anyone.

18 Always Buys From Towbin Motors

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When searching for the right dealership to spend your hard earn cash with one is always searching for someone they can trust. Floyd has been able to build a relationship with one of Las Vegas' most prestigious dealerships. Mayweather has purchased close to a hundred cars with the same salesman and dealership.

Towbin Motors; known for selling vehicles to major celebrities and athletes. From the likes of Snoop Dogg, former WWE Superstar Ryback and of course Floyd Mayweather. There is no one Floyd trusts more than those at Towbin Motors. They have taken care of him for over several years.

17 Rims No Smaller Than 18 Inches

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Look closely at the vehicles in Floyd’s garage and you will notice one similarity across all vehicles. It is a fact he made abundantly clear on a World Star Video. A vehicle is not just what the body looks like or the interior. It requires four other elements to allow its movement.

“Money” Mayweather’s rims on every single one of his vehicles have never been smaller than 20 inches. While most car owners are lucky to find themselves driving around with 18-inch rims, Floyd enjoys the ride of 26-inches on any of his fine rides. It is among one of his many requirements before driving home a new car.

16 Buys Cars Before Fights

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One thing Floyd has a tendency of doing is purchasing a vehicle before one of his upcoming fights. At this stage in his life, he doesn’t necessarily need the reason to purchase anything. The wealth he has earned over the course of his 50 fight career and multiple business ventures earned him the right to splurge as he sees fit.

In 2017, Floyd Mayweather competed in his 50th pro boxing fight. His opponent was fast rising two division mixed martial arts champion, Conor McGregor. Leading up to the fight, both men were embattled in a war of words. From who was the richest of the two, to who owned the nicest rides. Prior to his fight, Floyd went on to purchase himself a triple red 2012 Bugatti Grand Sport Convertible. It held a moderate price tag of $3.3 million.

15 Roll Royce Collection Must Be Kept In Las Vegas

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With cars all over the world and collections based on color and locations - it would only be fitting to find that Mayweather also has a collection based on make. Within his Las Vegas garage, there is a slew of Rolls Royce vehicles of all different models. Primarily the same color, to match the Vegas black collection.

There is no fitting place in the world, other than Sin City for Floyd to store such a beautiful collection. Floyd keeps his collection within the Las Vegas garage because it has become known to be Floyd’s place of residence. His most precious and favorite vehicles are kept within his homes distance.

14 Buys Cars At All Hours Of The Day/Night

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Floyd Mayweather understands the value of money. With money comes the power to make anything possible. While most people are asleep by 11:00 PM, by that time Floyd has already decided what his next purchase will be.

Mayweather, on the other hand, is awake and hard at work within his Girl Collection club. He may also be found at Towbin Motors at any hour of the day or night. Towbin employees have gone on record to say; Floyd has called them around 2:00 AM in the morning requesting to purchase a new vehicle. Towbin employees have always happily obliged Mayweather’s request. It is impossible to know when Floyd will ever get a random itch to make a new purchase.

13 Buys a New Car for his Birthday

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While most on their birthday get themselves a watch, video game, toy or some sort of relatively inexpensive gift, the “Money” man is no ordinary individual. Floyd also doesn’t need an excuse to spend an absurd amount of money on any item he buys himself. Three years ago Mayweather felt the best present to give himself would be a new car. Not just any old vehicle, but one of the rarest vehicles known to man.

At a price tag of $4.8 million, the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita supercar was the only fitting gift Floyd could see himself getting. There were only two Trevitas made in the entire world, this would be two of two. It is beyond a supercar, classified as a hypercar.

12 White Collection

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With homes all over the world, it would only be fitting that each of his car collections would have their own unique theme or style. The "Money" man owns a lavish collection of vehicles in Miami, New York, Las Vegas, and LA. Ranging from Roll Royces, Mercedes, Maybachs and anything above the price range of $200,000.

The Miami and Los Angelis collection is not just a simple collection of vehicles. It is a collection based on color. The white collection, as it has become known, is a staple in a long lineup of "toys" as Floyd calls them. When he is out in Miami and Los Angelis, expect to see him driving around in all white luxury.

11 Not Every Car Is Drivable

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The interesting fact about most collectors is whether or not they will ever use or play with the items they purchase. The answer will vary depending on the individual. In the case of Floyd Mayweather, it is unlikely that most of his vehicles will see the light of day. A collector's item is just that, a collector's item.

That is why Floyd personally hired himself a driver, Bruce; also known as Bruce the Driver. Bruce was hired to take care of Mayweather's collection of vehicles. Ensuring they don't rust, collect dust and their maintenance is up-to-date. Each vehicle is maintained in pristine conditions. One never knows if Floyd will want to take one of these "toys" out for a drive.

10 Money Mayweather Logo Or Name

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One of Floyd's many requirements when purchasing a new vehicle is one of personal touch. In some regards, it is a symbol of his accomplishments. Over the years he has accumulated a vast amount of wealth and notoriety for being considered the greatest boxer ever. With all that success comes an egocentric personality.

Mayweather's egotism is apparent on his vehicles. The money logo can often be noticed having replaced the Maybach and Bentley emblem. The Mayweather team name can also be found above his vehicles license plate. This is made apparent on his Ferrari F430, the Mayweather name is found above his plate. The Ferrari F430 is just one of several vehicles holding the Mayweather name proudly above its plate.

9 Buys A Vehicle After His Fights

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After his New Years fight, Floyd Mayweather competed in an exhibition boxing fight. 3 rounds for 3 minutes a round. It took Floyd no more than 2 minutes to defeat kickboxing standout Tenshin Nasukawa. It earned the boxer a $9 million payday - to which after the fight he bought himself two new toys; as he calls them.

This is not the first time Floyd has treated himself post fight. After the Tenshin fight, Floyd went on to purchase a Mercedes G-Wagon and Rolls Royce Cullinan. The 41-year-old retired boxer continues to treat himself regardless of whether it be an exhibition or official boxing match. His post-fight vehicle purchases continue to make him a marvel to watch.

8 Must Be Fully Custom Made

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When you have the money, almost anything is possible and when you’re Floyd Mayweather everything is a reality. The majority of Floyd’s cars go beyond your basic upgrade package. Top of the line is given a new meaning when Mayweather enters a dealership. His specific requests will make any regular vehicle into a collector's item.

The Bentley Mulsanne is the kind of car that would have most celebrities turning their heads with excitement. After several custom additions, such as a blend of expensive wood and leather finishes for its interior - the outside was designed to resemble the look of Floyd’s preferred vehicle; Rolls Royce. Its price tag does not make it the most expensive car Mayweather owns. With a starting price of $306 000, it can be assured Floyd more than likely spent way more than that, when it was all said and done.

7 Risk Taker: Not Afraid To Lose Money

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The value of a vehicle can depreciate. Whether it be driven by a world class athlete or famous Hollywood star. The value of a vehicle will never remain the same as you paid for it. As a world-renowned collector, Floyd is no stranger to this information.

With most collectors, upgrades or newer models will always intrigue us. Over the years Floyd has auctioned off older models of his collection in order to make room for a newer addition. Such is the case with his collection of Bugattis. Years ago he purchased a pair of Bugattis only to sell them off for close to less than a million dollars off the original price of purchase.

6 Black Car Collection

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Apart from having an all-white collection of cars, located in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather has made it known, he has multiple vehicles of the same color located in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and LA. The collections vary based on the color, make and models.

It should come to no surprise that Floyd Mayweather would also have an all-black collection of vehicles. This collection is located in his Las Vegas garage. They include a Ferrari 488, Rolls Royce Dawn, Phantom Drophead, Wraith, and Maybach s600. A video released in January 2019, showed Floyd struggling to decide which car to drive.

5 Luxury Cars for a Lavish Lifestyle

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Floyd Mayweather’s style inside the ring may have been predictable, but impossible to defeat. His defensive style has gotten him to 50-0 inside the boxing ring. Outside the ring, Mayweather’s style can be unpredictable, but like most, he has a preferred preference and that applies to his car collection.

Luxury defines Mayweather’s lifestyle, from his collection of watches clothing and homes. When it comes to the cars he buys the same rule applies. Luxury vehicles have become a personal favorite for Mayweather. He is the proud owner of several Rolls Royces, Bentleys, and Maybach Mercedes. “Money” Mayweather can often be found riding around in a Rolls Royce Phantom Limousine. Luxury is a form of comfort and a sign of accomplishment.

4 Hard Top Or Convertible

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When living in Las Vegas, LA, and Miami, the temperature can get a little warm. The sun glares over you, the fresh breeze is often more appealing than blasting A/C. It also makes a statement, look at me and look at what I drive.

Floyd’s Bugatti Sport Convertible, Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, LaFerrari Aperta, Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, and Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet are among some of the convertible models he owns. It’s a preference based on comfort and location. Mayweather has said in the past when being driven by his chauffeur; there’s nothing he enjoys more than standing up in a convertible.

3 Top Of The Line Models Only

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With a value of over $20 million dollars in cars, Floyd is not afraid to purchase the latest model of any vehicle. Unlike these two “basic” Bugatti Veyrons he purchased years ago. Both still cost a whopping $1.6 million. They’re considered basic because no modifications were made to them.

Apart from the two “basic” Bugattis, the majority of Floyd’s vehicles are each high-end models. With all the perks; leather seats, wood finish - also a triple layered black paint finish and up to the latest technology inside each vehicle. Mayweather is a believer in the best is always better.

2 Buys a Car for His Kids Birthday

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Outside the boxing ring, there is more to what makes Floyd Mayweather. He conquered the boxing world, taken the business world by storm with the successful launch of his clothing line and clubs. Most important to him however is his family. Mayweather is a loving father to his four children; two boys and two girls.

So when it comes time to celebrate their birthdays, Floyd is more than happy to spend a million dollars on his daughters sweet sixteen party. A simple party though is not enough; gifts are not only required but expected when you’re a child. For his son’s sweet sixteen birthday, Floyd gifted him a Mercedes Benz C-Class coupe. For his daughters sweet sixteen, he presented her with a Mercedes Benz G-Class Cruise. His second son and daughter have yet to turn sixteen, time will tell what car they’ll be riding in.

1 Is it Fast Enough?

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It is not all about luxury and lavish when it comes to the cars Floyd Mayweather purchases. It also must be fast. There are rules and regulations regarding speed limits, but what’s the point of owning a fast car if it isn’t driven to its full potential. Even though he only drives his collection of vehicles a handful of times. Floyd has always found a way to test the car's limits.

From his previous ownership of Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita to his two Laferraris and Ferrari collection, each of these vehicles is notoriously known for going beyond the average speed limit. Floyd is not shy to let the world know, he has a need for speed.

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