20 Rules Vince McMahon Has His Employees Follow On The Road

Working for WWE is a dream job, at least in the eyes of lots of fans around the world. However, what a lot of fans don’t realize is how hard the travel aspect is, especially for the new WWE employees. Take Brock Lesnar as an example, he left the company at the prime of his career because of the crazy travel schedule – Lesnar was absolutely burnt out at that point. In his current days with the company, Brock has limited appearances along with private flight and ground accommodations.

Lesnar gets this luxury due to his experience and draw value but the truth is, other WWE employees don’t get this type of luxury. Yes, traveling the world is really awesome but for those that work with the WWE, it can be a little much as you’ll see in this article.

We’ll discuss the various point in this article including WWE’s private bus and certain employees that broke the bus rules in the past. We’ll also touch base on WWE’s private jet and everything that goes into booking a hotel or rental car. Remember folks, WWE wrestlers are regarded as independent contractors, meaning, they’re the ones responsible for a lot of the travel accommodations while on the road.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 20 rules Vince McMahon wants his employees to follow while on the road. Let’s get started!

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20 Must Book Their Own Flight

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Once again, this aspect is entirely up to the WWE star. Vince isn’t bending over and booking flights, WWE stars must do this themselves. That’s a lot harder to track given that WWE stars live across the US including Florida, Los Angeles and several other spots like Missouri and Iowa.

Point being, you aren’t just jumping on a flight already booked by the WWE. In addition, the employees must properly track the flight times to make sure they get to the shows on-time and well in advance. Attending a show late can lead to a suspension or can be just a bad look in general. Still, want to be a WWE Superstar?

19 Cannot Use Private Airfare For Shows Overseas

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When it comes to shows overseas, the WWE doesn’t provide private accommodations or private flights. The talent has to fly on regular planes like the rest of us. This was evident during WWE’s recent trip to Australia as a lot of the employees boarded on the same commercial flights. Gone are the days of WWE providing private accommodations on their own jet, that privilege was taken away due to infamous “plane ride from hell.”

WWE Employees likely wish they still had access to the jet but certainly fans don’t have a problem. When the WWE heads overseas, fans are scattered all over the airport waiting to get a glimpse of their favorite WWE star.

18 Only Get Private Ground Transportation For Promotional Work

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Like private flight accommodations, WWE also gives out private ground transportation. However, this isn’t given out like candy – WWE is very selective with this. Boss Vince McMahon and Triple H always have private ground arrangements – the same is few and far between for the rest of the locker room.

WWE does provide the service when an employee has a promotional gig. Take Matt Hardy during his promotional work in India, he had access to private ground travel throughout the entire trip. The same holds true for wrestlers that visit talk shows. The WWE doesn’t pay them extra for the appearances but they do cover all expenses like ground travel, flight, lodging, and food.

17 Must Rent Their Own Cars

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Nope, WWE doesn’t provide some fancy bus or upscale rental cars to all of their wrestlers. Instead, every employee is in charge of their own transportation. This is when the independent contractor part of a WWE contract really kicks in.

The employees, even some of the best wrestlers like Roman Reigns are responsible for renting their own cars once they reach the given destination of a show. They usually use the rentals for the show and then they’ll drive to the next destination which is usually just a couple of hours away. In order to get there, you must provide your own transportation. Renting a car is a lot cheaper than a taxi or Uber.

16 Private Buses Used For NXT Wrestlers

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WWE does, in fact, have private buses. Back in the day during the ‘90s, they would use them a lot more regularly. However, today, when a show takes place in Canada or the US, you won’t see a bus taking the employees around.

However, for the younger recruits wrestling in WWE’s developmental brand NXT, do get this awesome luxury. When NXT has a live event, the company gets a bus for all the employees. No need to stress over renting a car or booking a flight, WWE has everything covered. One can imagine how hard the transition must be for an NXT talent making the move to the main roster. Traveling gets a lot harder.

15 Must Show Up At Events Hours Before

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Just imagine you’re a WWE star getting off the plane. The first thing you’re probably thinking about is his heading to the hotel and basically curling up in a ball for a little bit. WWE employees are well aware that this isn’t entirely the case, far from it.

WWE employees usually land at the destination on the day of the event in the morning. That means just enough time to get a training in and hopefully a meal. Relaxing at the hotel is impossible given that Vince and the executives want you at the arena hours before. If the event starts at 7 PM, in all likelihood a WWE employee has to be backstage by 3 PM.

14 Wrestlers Are Allowed To Show Up With RV Or Bus Accommodation

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When a wrestler gets to a certain point in their career, they invest some of the earnings to make their life a little easier. Big Show is an example of this, he bought himself an RV with his own personal chauffeur. Big Show travels to the shows with the RV. Given his earnings throughout his wrestling career, Show can definitely afford it. He’s also cutting lots of costs by not flying and traveling with the RV, not to mention the money saved on avoiding hotels.

Triple H and Stephanie also use an RV on certain occasions, bringing their three daughters along for the ride. They did so a couple of years back at WrestleMania. WWE has no problems with this.

13 Veterans Get First Class Flight Accommodations

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WWE does give out first-class accommodations. Yes, contracts tend to be a little harsh, however, the company always takes better care of wrestlers that have longevity in the business. Those that are loyal to the company get lots of little perks in their contract.

For example, Randy Orton and The Miz both have private flight accommodations. Meaning, WWE covers the extra costs. This makes traveling a lot more tolerable for the older WWE stars. As for the others that don’t have this perk, their pretty much stuck with everyone else in the regular class.

12 No Sleeping On The Road When Vince Is Around

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If you’re going to travel with Vince, whether it be on the road or in the sky with a private jet, make sure you aren’t sleeping and fully awake. Jim Cornette discussed this rule on his podcast in the past. Jim made the claim that Vince despises when someone falls asleep, especially if that person isn’t a wrestler.

McMahon also has a problem with people that sneeze. Vince doesn’t want his employees spreading any germs or showing any signs of weakness. McMahon definitely has some strict rules – traveling with the boss can be a stressful time for any WWE employee.

11 NXT Wrestlers Travel A Short Distance To The Show

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NXT, WWE’s developmental brand has it a lot easier than the main roster employees. For NXT, the TV tapings take place at the same location in Orlando. In the event the brand has to travel for live events, as we stated earlier, they have the luxury of using the private bus.

WWE employee Sami Zayn spoke about his time with NXT and how easy it was to get to the shows. Never mind taking his own car, Zayn would bike ride to the Performance Center as it was a short distance from his place. Like so many of the others, life was a lot harder when Zayn transitioned onto the main roster.

10 Non-Stop Travelling During Overseas Tours

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A great part about working for WWE is traveling to different places around the world. WWE employees get opportunities to see the world, something most of us don’t get the chance to do while on the job.

Although it is great to travel and some WWE stars try to make the most of it – it can also be very stressful. When WWE heads overseas, they tend to pack the schedule with various shows. One day the talent performs in Milan, the next night they might be in Paris. Then the tour continues in Germany before its back home to a show in the US. Traveling overseas can be quite taxing more than anything else.

9 Must Fly To WrestleMania Days Before The Show

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With WrestleMania around the corner, the road aspect is definitely worth mentioning. Unlike other shows where WWE employees can arrive on the day of, WrestleMania is an entirely different animal. WWE stars need to arrive at the destination days in advance – some arrive in the area as early as Thursday, with the biggest show of the year slated for the Sunday.

WWE employees must pre-book the accommodations well in advance, especially with the influx of fans from around the world that also attend the event. Under these circumstances, renting a car might not be the best idea, taking private ground travel might be the way to go.

8 Only Use The WWE Plane For Promotional Work

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As we discussed earlier, using the WWE plane is only acceptable in the case of promotional work. For example, following WrestleMania the champions of the night get to travel on the private jet. However, there is a catch. They fly overnight after the PPV in the wee hours of the morning.

They make a talk show appearance in New York and then it’s back to the WrestleMania area for the RAW show. Most recently both Charlotte and Roman Reigns experienced this crazy travel routine. Yes, it is nice to fly on the private jet but it comes with absolutely no sleep.

7 WWE Aids The Wrestlers When On The Road Overseas, But Not In Canada And US

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When WWE heads to places like India, Saudi Arabia, and Australia, the company does provide the WWE employees with bodyguards, especially the popular WWE stars like Triple H. Take WWE’s recent trip to Australia, fans tried to approach Triple H and Shawn Michaels, though a security team ushered them out of the airport.

It isn’t always hassle-free, however. In the US and Canada, the company doesn’t provide bodyguards, basically, the WWE stars have to fend for themselves. For the most part, fans in the US and Canada are a lot more easygoing than those overseas.

6 Private Buses Rarely Used For Main Roster Wrestlers

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Private buses are rarely used nowadays, especially when WWE’s touring in Canada or the US. However, the company does use a massive bus when it comes to certain overseas tours. When the company brings a hefty amount of employees, they do in fact rent out a bus for all of the talents. So many WWE employees have great stories of things that took place on the bus.

It seems that some WWE stars might be having a little too much fun with their favorite beverages. For that reason, McMahon might think twice when it’s time to rent out the bus for all of the WWE employees. Heck, even former WWE star Enzo Amore got kicked off the bus for improper conduct.

5 Proper Conduct Expect While On The Road

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WWE expects the employees to behave in the event that they ride on a bus together or even when the talent rents a car. Enzo Amore is the perfect example of what can happen when you refuse to follow the rules. Enzo was speaking loudly on his phone while the others were trying to rest up. The result, Enzo got kicked off the bus.

Another situation took place with Big Cass who took an entire door down on the bus when he couldn’t get out of the bathroom. He was reprimanded for this behind the scenes and ultimately it was one of the reasons for his release.

4 Eating & Personal Well-Being While On The Road Is Entirely Up To You

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This is the tough part when it comes to working for the WWE. Everything is basically up to you, from renting a car to eating to getting in a workout, which is a huge part of being a WWE Superstar.

As you can imagine, this is a lot harder for younger wrestlers. However, the veterans get around a lot easier as they tend to go to the same gyms every time they revisit a certain area. After a while, the routine gets a lot easier. Some WWE employees have also started the trend of bringing pre-made meals – this makes the diet part a lot more tolerable than always having to search for food – especially after a show at midnight.

3 Only A Select Few Can Travel On Private Jet

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Flying on the private jet isn’t easy. As we mentioned throughout the article, Triple H, Vince McMahon and WWE employees that are taking on PR work are the only ones that get to ride in the jet.

Others that also use the WWE plane include Shane McMahon, Vince’s son along with some high powered executives that use the plane alongside the boss Vince McMahon. Again, the jet won’t travel exaggerated distances either, usually just across the US. It also has limited seating on the inside, fitting 17 at the very most.

2 Book Their Own Hotels

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WWE employees are also in charge of booking their own hotels. Some look for the cheaper hotels in order to save a buck while the others go all-in. Some have the accommodations completely covered – with that in mind, they aren’t booking the cheaper hotels.

Some WWE stars got creative. Take Mick Foley for example. He would keep the money he would otherwise waste on accommodations and instead either sleep free of charge at the home of a willing fan or in some cases, in his rental car. When he would book a room, Foley would stay in the cheapest motels.

1 Triple H & Vince Have Access To Private Jets

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Given their crazy travel schedules, Vince McMahon and Triple H are part of a select few that have access to a private jet. Triple H, in particular, is constantly on the move whether it be with RAW, SmackDown, NXT or back home in Connecticut.

The same holds true for Vince who does a lot of back and forth whether it be on RAW or back home in Connecticut where the WWE office is located. Aside from these two, private jet accommodations hardly exist for the other talent, unless a WWE employee has to get somewhere really quickly for show purposes.

Sources – Twitter & YouTube

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