15 Rules Vince McMahon Wants His Pilot & Chauffeurs To Follow

Vince McMahon, the leader of the WWE is definitely one unique individual. He continues to propel WWE to new levels – the company recently signed a billion dollar deal with FOX – they’ll be replacing UFC as the premier combat sport, this is the biggest network deal ever for the company. Let’s not forget, McMahon has his own network as well, the WWE Network.

All of this success comes with lots of hard work behind the scenes – some would say that McMahon works a little too hard. On his off days, McMahon has phone conferences with other WWE execs that usually last hours. Even when his shows are done, McMahon instantly leaves the location heading back home.

According to Triple H via TMZ, McMahon never sleeps on the flight back and in fact, he even gets a workout in, one Triple H himself admits he can’t keep up with. After a couple of hours of sleep, it is off to the WWE Headquarters for more work the next day.

Given his crazy schedule, one could imagine the amount of stress his personal pilot and chauffeurs must go through on a regular basis. In this article, that’s exactly what we’ll cover. McMahon has some strict rules when it comes to getting from A to B whether it be on the road or in the sky. Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

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15 Chauffeurs Must Stop At Fancy Restaurants For Special Orders

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According to Jim Ross on the Sam Roberts podcast, whoever drives McMahon around needs to be prepared to stop at a fancy restaurant. Jim Cornette added to this point making the claim that Vince doesn’t have the easiest orders either, usually opting for a healthy meal and a complicated one at that.

Vince also expects his chauffeurs to drop him off at the restaurant and actually go inside to make the order – Jim Cornette stated that McMahon isn’t a fan of the drive-thru. Whoever’s driving Vince around needs to stay patient cause the boss tends to be really serious when it comes to fueling up.

14 Insane Grooming Habits In The Limousine

via WWE

Vince is a perfectionist, we know that thanks to those that worked close to him for years. The likes of Jim Cornette and Bruce Prichard have all kinds of stories that depict some of McMahon’s obsessions. According to the Cornette Experience, one of those obsessions is grooming.

A chauffeur should expect McMahon to keep his face clean while in the limo – Jim admits McMahon would shave on the fly even if he had nothing on his face. Chauffeurs also used to drive McMahon to his favorite salon back in the day in New York. He would go at least once a week spending $100 on a haircut.

13 Keep Plane In Westchester, New York

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Most would assume that McMahon keeps the WWE plane in Stamford. After all, that’s the home of WWE’s headquarters. Vince McMahon also lives in the Connecticut area nearby the WWE’s HQ.

However, McMahon doesn’t store the plane in Connecticut, he requests that his pilots doc the plane in Westchester, New York. It isn’t a far drive for Vince, the Westchester area is only a short ride from Stamford, approximately 35 minutes. It’s even shorter from his Greenwich area, just a little over 25 minutes. McMahon definitely isn’t wasting time getting to his plane, it really isn’t all that far and really just a regular drive.

12 Late Hours

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If you’re driving or piloting Vince McMahon, prepare to work some strenuous hours. The boss barely sleeps. Triple H admitted to TMZ that McMahon will get off a flight in the wee hours and still manage to workout only to wake up a couple of hours late ready for his day at the WWE HQ. Now that’s some big-time dedication.

It also takes a serious amount of dedication from his pilots and chauffeurs. McMahon is a busy body who does most of his lengthy traveling during the night after shows. He’s not sleeping during these rides or flights either – the guy is 24/7 when it comes to the work grind.

11 Alkaline Water

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According to Johnny Salami via Twitter, Vince McMahon chooses to drink Alkaline water on his flights to WWE shows. The crew better have this ready for the boss – likely the same goes for his personal chauffeurs. As Jim Cornette stated on his podcast, McMahon views food and drink as nothing but fuel for his system.

Alkaline water certainly accomplishes that – the water aids in metabolizing nutrients, something McMahon is definitely fond of. This rule applies to his chauffeur along with the crew that takes care of the boss on the WWE plane. Only the best for the most important person in the company.

10 No Sleeping, Sneezing Or Coughing On The Plane

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This rule not only goes for the pilots and chauffeurs but it also applies for the flight crew and guests on the plane. McMahon hates when anyone shows a weakness like sneezing or coughing – this is certainly an odd thing to get mad at.

Don’t even think about sleeping either, Vince has a rule that non-wrestlers shouldn't be sleeping on flights. Instead, McMahon is all about that 24/7 grind – he wants his fellow employees to follow the same work ethic. McMahon is all about WWE all the time. Even on weekends, he holds lengthy phone conferences with the other writers and higher-ups.

9 No WWE Plane For Distant Flights

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When it comes to long flights overseas, McMahon doesn’t use the WWE plane. He typically uses that plane for short travel around the US and in parts of Canada. However, when he’s off to Saudi Arabia or Australia, McMahon heads to the airport like the rest of us.

He sometimes still opts for a private flight on another plane. He won’t fly in the commercial class that’s for darn sure. Once he lands in the area overseas, Vince always has private ground travel and a chauffeur waiting for him outside of the airport. Again, he isn’t renting a car or taking a WWE bus like the others.

8 Need For Speed

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According to Jim Ross on the Sam Roberts podcast, when McMahon travels, he loves to go fast. Ross recalled stories of riding with McMahon from back in the day – Vince wasn’t afraid to step on the gas pedal. He was also quite the prankster, letting out some gas of his own and locking all the doors and windows shut. McMahon had a sense of humor when it came to a different type of gas, apparently.

Without a doubt, Vince expects quick and snappy rides from his chauffeurs as well. McMahon is on the move 24/7, driving speed limit likely doesn’t cut it for the boss. Whoever’s driving him around better be focused on getting the boss from A to B quickly.

7 Show Up To The Show Hours Before

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Unlike the talent that still arrives at the show early, Vince gets to the arena even earlier. He typically holds a meeting with all the writers in the early PM stages. He then plants himself in an office backstage to step up the show even further. Once it is time for the show to begin, McMahon switches spots heading to the infamous gorilla position just behind the curtain.

Vince’s chauffeurs need to be ready and on time. The boss has a lot of things to do the day of an event especially if it’s RAW, SmackDown or a PPV. Come WrestleMania, Vince’s at the stadium as early as the AM working on the entrances with his employees.

6 Chauffeur Gets Him In A Limo

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Vince’s limousines featured on RAW and SmackDown aren’t all show. In fact, Vince was recently featured in a limousine following New Day’s gauntlet victory. This is all very real and not a prop. McMahon always uses a limo as his ride of choice entering the arena. This has been well documented by fans attending shows. Fans have also taken pictures of Vince leaving his hotel with limousine transportation waiting for him.

When he’s in another country, he also uses a black Escalade. However, Vince’s an old school guy, he seems to prefer the limousine, personal chauffeur kind of treatment.

5 Back-And-Forth From Shows To Stamford

via WWE

Like his chauffeur, Vince’s pilot has a lot of work to do. McMahon tends to go back and forth between Stamford and the places that the weekly shows take place at. And oh, he isn’t leaving the shows the day after, he usually leaves right after the show heading back to Connecticut and landing in the wee hours of the night.

McMahon always heads back to Connecticut. It’s the home of the WWE HQ along with his own home. McMahon spends countless hours at the headquarters – the building even has its own gym.

4 Doesn’t Need A Chauffeur In Connecticut

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When McMahon is back home, he doesn’t use a chauffeur. He did back in the day when he would get his expensive haircuts. Typically, Vince’s entourage would enjoy some fast food while McMahon got his hair cut. However, times have changed and Vince now drives on his own back home, no chauffeur needed.

Unfortunately, McMahon driving on his own led to an accident on his way to the headquarters, as reported by TMZ. Vince collided with another vehicle, his Bentley was in rough shape after the incident. Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured.

3 No Wrestlers On Plane, Unless It’s A Must

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Rarely does Vince fly with another wrestler aside from his son-in-law who basically has the role of an executive nowadays. In fact, rarely do any of the wrestlers use the WWE plane, to begin with. It is only used in extreme cases like PR work for example. The company also gives plane access to the Superstars that emerge victorious at WrestleMania.

They typically fly overnight to New York for a spot on a morning talk show and then it’s back to the same area for Monday Night Raw the same day. Yup, being a WWE star is quite the grind.

2 Meal Preps While Travelling

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This is a rule more for McMahon’s flight crew than the actual pilot. McMahon requires pre-made meals during the flight. As we stated in the article, the boss simply sees food as fuel. However, when the tank is empty, McMahon isn’t the most pleasant man to deal with. Chris Jericho admitted to this on his podcast claiming it was always best to approach Vince when he was done eating – that’s a rule every WWE Superstar needs to follow.

Like Vince McMahon, The Rock also requires meal preps while flying in his private jet. Johnson isn’t complicated with his requests usually opting for chicken and white rice.

1 Crazy Overseas Travelling Expectations

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Whoever is in charge of piloting and driving Vince around overseas better get ready for some serious craziness. When the WWE puts on shows abroad, they are constantly on the road going from town to town traveling like a circus act. The same goes for Vince who hardly stays in the same spot for long.

Now he doesn’t go on the overseas tours as regularly but when he does, it is sure to cause a lot of headaches for this in charge of flying and driving him around. Once the tour comes to an end McMahon immediately heads back home as the pilot drops him off at the Westchester airport.

Sources – YouTube & Twitter

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