Russian Man Deals With Double Parked Car In Extreme Way

A Russian man took matters into his own hands when he encountered a double-parked car by cutting off a portion of it.

Russian Man Gets deals With Annoying Parking Job In Extreme Way

There’s only one way to deal with a double-parked Lada in Russia: tear it to pieces.

That’s what one man decided to do after coming upon a Lada that was parked diagonally across two parking spots. After cursing the fact that the only parking spot left has a quarter of a Lada in it, he goes back to his Ford people mover, takes out an angle grinder, and starts cutting off the portion of the car that’s in his soon-to-be parking spot.

We’re not going to translate what the parking spot liberator is saying for a few reasons. A) nobody at the Hot Cars offices speaks Russian, and B) what little we do know can be translated into four-letter words we’re not allowed to print.


As cathartic as it is to watch a man exact sweet revenge on the hated double-parker, the scene is almost certainly staged.

First, the 1983 Lada (so helpfully identified in the comments section of the video) was worthless shortly after it was built and so seems a good candidate for destruction. The lack of a bumper is also indicative of the fact the car was likely due to be crushed into a cube shortly. Although Ladas are still found on Russian roads, they’re usually driven by the elderly who still think of it as a solid automobile and not a barely mobile death trap.

Second, the car is very conveniently parked at an angle that the mad angle grinder can saw off the offending portion of the Lada without having to contend with anything but the thin steel shell. No gas tanks, no axles, and no part of the frame got in his way, which would have been far more disastrous for the handyman hero.

And third, it’s even more convenient that the cameraman would be checking out a crack in his own bumper while the crazed car carpenter decided to go on his Lada-destroying rampage.

But any way you slice it, it’s a fun video, and oh-so-satisfying to watch.


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