17 Rusty 4x4s Found Alone In The Jungle

The lush and aggressive plant life of the rainforest lends to these abandoned vehicles quickly showing signs of age and wear.

There aren't many places in the world a modern day off-road vehicle can't get to, and there aren't many terrains that these incredibly versatile machines can't take on and conquer with spectacular ease. In fact, there is an off-road vehicle specifically designed for every terrain on the Earth, barring cliff faces and water, though aquatic vehicles are an invention. With so much prowess and off-roading capability, it's often hard to imagine anyone getting them stuck, or leaving them behind for any reason.

Yet that's just what's happened. Many times people have gotten their vehicles hopelessly stuck while off-roading, and have needed extraneous rescue to help get them out. There are a few instances where these vehicles have even had to be abandoned completely, though often they are pretty well able to be winched out or pulled out by fellow off-roaders. It only takes a few simple pointers and skills to be able to get yourself out of any tight scenario, and the biggest key is learning to avoid those difficult scenarios altogether.

One of the most unsuitable terrains for off-roading is the jungle. Especially the rainforest and dense jungle terrain proves to be quite inhospitable to cars of all sorts, even the mighty off-roader. This has led to many off-roaders and 4x4s being left in the rainforest and abandoned. The lush and aggressive plant life of the rainforest also lends to these abandoned vehicles quickly showing signs of age and wear. Let's take a look at 17 abandoned 4x4s found in the jungle.

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17 Big Blue In Hawaii

via dav.idmorgan.com

The idyllic steep-walled rainforests and towering thin waterfalls of Hawaii and the surrounding islands are often the scenery many imagine when they think of a rainforest or a jungle. And there's actually quite a few abandoned vehicles in Hawaii, too.

This faded blue Bronco is just such an instance of this, where someone didn't want to deal with the burden of car ownership any longer, so they did the irresponsible thing and left it lying in the forest. The jungle moves quick, though, and the insistent rain and moisture have led to quick decay.

16 Cast Out With The Tires

via imgur.com

This off-roader has found its final home off of the road, though it looks like it is just been cast away in the back of a property somewhere, on the fringes, where the owner doesn't have to look at it or think about it as it silently rots away.

This sad 4x4 has been cast out with the tires, where the rubble has piled around it, and the jungle has crept back in, slowly but surely. Compared to other climates, though, perhaps not that slow at all, as the relentless precipitation and warm climate mean aggressive growth and aggressive decay.

15 Dissolving Edges Of A 4x4

via YouTube

This off-roader Mercedes has clearly seen some better days. Even after it had been abandoned, it was likely in much better shape for at least a while, before nature started to take back over in a big way, a very big way indeed.

The very edges of this off-roader are dissolving away, transformed into foliage as the vines and leaves have encroached over every part of this dilapidated ruin of a car, reclaiming almost every part of it. It won't be long before this 4x4 will be virtually unrecognizable, and soon it will disappear completely.

14 Downward Falling Vines

via commons.wikimedia.org

The mere shell of this old Rover is all that's left after it was abandoned in the dense jungle. It's clear that the very air is laden with moisture, as the exposed surface of the metal isn't faded, but covered in moss and lichen, and every other surface is otherwise rusted.

Goes to show that the jungle will continue to grow around these old skeletons as if they were never there. The downward falling vines gently fall over the body of the off-roader, further blending it in with the landscape. Not much longer now before even this shell falls apart into nothing.

13 Emerald Rover In The Jungle

via fiveprime.com

This photo features not only a 4x4 off-roader that's been left to decay and rot in the rainforest but also an entire household. The foliage has quickly taken over the structures, leaving a shell that's covered over with vines and lush greenery.

So is the story of the forest, a story of reclamation and battle as life overflows. The Rover has transited into emerald as it is covered over with vibrant green moss; ferns grow under the wheels, a light is missing, and the spare tire is no longer black, but bright green. Once this land was surrendered, the forest took over almost immediately.

12 Forgotten Along Foggy Banks

via lehighvalleylive.com

This Jeep Grand Cherokee has been abandoned very recently, as is clear by the photo. Someone thought it a good idea to drive it from the depths of the jungle out onto the banks of the river and promptly dump it half submerged.

Whoever decided to do that clearly wasn't thinking straight, and the authorities had to come after the fact to take care of the abandoned property. Though the jungle would do a pretty quick job of it, it's probably better that the toxic chemicals present in a car don't leak into the fragile river ecosystem.

11 Jeep Truck Abandoned Amongst The Ferns

via deviantart.com

This is a pretty old Jeep truck, a truly vintage off-roader, from an age that seems forever ago, and one that looks to be ending more completely than once imagined. Soon these ancient petrol powered clockwork machines will be a thing of the past, as EV vehicles sweep the globe.

In the meantime there will be plenty of these lying around, being slowly eaten by the Earth, rusting away in silence. This one abandoned amongst the ferns has been covered in a significant amount of moss. Soon there won't be much left at all.

10 Jungle Graffiti

via imgur.com

This old 4x4, missing wheels, doors, glass, and many other things, still stands as a shell and skeleton of what once was, though it's far from what it used to be. Land Rovers were one of the pioneer off-roaders since the beginning, though nowadays they are more a symbol of luxury.

The rigors of the jungle have taken this Rover to the point of dissolution, as endless rainfall has rusted out huge sections of it. The graffiti only adds to the sense of decay. It won't be long before this one is enshrouded by vegetation and lost from sight.

9 Needs A Bit More Than Engine Work

via pinterest.ie

This old Jeep has been dropped off and left behind in a gulley in a rainforest somewhere where the canopy is thick and the vines cover over everything. Perhaps it got stuck and they had no way to rescue the vehicle. Or maybe they just didn't need it anymore, or even perhaps it broke down at the worst moment.

In any case, it's clear that this Jeep needs more than engine work now, even though the hood is up as if someone was doing some work on it. With the relentless rot that sets in the jungle, there's much more than a simple engine fix wrong with it.

8 Overcome With Foliage

via pinterest.com

There once was a time that this very off-roader took on some of the most aggressive terrains that any car had yet seen before, and it did it like a champ, with a lion-like ferocity and power. Indeed, these old Land Rovers packed some serious ability.

Nowadays, though, having been left to rot for several decades has left this once powerful 4x4 to fall to the level where even a slow-creeping vine means that it's been overcome with foliage. The lights are missing and much is rusted out, leaving a sad shell behind, a mere memory.

7 Panamanian Rovers

via imgur.com

These Land Rovers have ended their days spent roving around the jungles of Panama, likely because they were used up or outmoded, or just no longer needed. No matter the story, it's clear that theirs has ended right here, and not gone any further, where their wheels will fade away before they ever roll again.

Now they lay in Panama, where the rain always falls and the plants always grow. Ceaseless they continue, growing anywhere they can. The panels on the car are coated in a layer of mildew, moss, and lichen, overcome with plants while underneath the metal rusts away in patient silence.

6 Resting Forever Riverside

via instagram.com

It doesn't have to be that a car is rapidly overtaken by foliage in the depths of the jungle. It can be that a car has been abandoned along a river, and along a cleared roadway. It doesn't change the fact that the jungle is relentless, and any available real estate will be taken up.

Indeed, the panels of an old 4x4 are indeed real estate, and any surface of it, too, as is clear by the vines and plants growing all across this abandoned off-roader, even though it's along a fairly well-traveled roadway.

5 Rigors Of The Rainforest

via imgur.com

Behind a fence at the back portion of someone's jungle property lies this ancient machine, a bit worse for wear since it has been left unmaintained and virtually forgotten. It's clear that the rigors of the rainforest are nothing to be trifled with, no matter what it is.

The jungle is one of the most competitive places on the planet, due to the sheer density of life. Even plants fight for a chance to get up to sunlight, and for many that opportunity comes in the form of an old blue Land Rover.

4 Rover Alone In Jamaica

via locationscout.net

Jamaica is a beautiful tropical island in the middle of the pristine Caribbean Sea, where the jungle abounds, and the forestation covers the green emerald slopes and mountains. In these rich soils grow the legendary coffee of the Blue Mountain.

Here is also an old 4x4, one that was once likely used heavily to get through the rough jungle roads of the island. If there was a car that could handle it, this is one of them. Though nowadays it's likely not capable of much except rusting away in the warm tropical rains.

3 Safari Jeep Covered In Leaves

via pxhere.com

This old Safari Jeep has a thick layer of striped paint covering over it, but that doesn't somehow make it impervious to the unrelenting weather and exposure it faces having been abandoned in the jungle. With a few more years of it, there won't be much left of this one.

The leaves coat any areas of it they can, and as the years go by more and more nature will lay claim to this once quite adept and capable 4x4. Until then, we can still find this if we want to, and muse upon what series of tragic events led to its demise amongst the jungle trees.

2 There's No Escape

via pinterest.com

This Ford Escape has no escape from its current situation. There's no liberation for this forgotten Ford SUV, as it will be consigned to a slow destruction in the jungle when its panels will decay, its pieces will fall apart, and the plants will slowly swallow this one whole.

The 4x4 SUV was likely of great service to whoever once owned it, and it's clearly still a pretty recent desertion. The amount of decay is rather surprising, considering this car is less than two decades old, potentially abandoned for much less time. The jungle is ruthless.

1 Vintage Jeep In The Trees

via pxhere.com

This vintage retro 4x4 is still intact enough to still have an interior, though it's clear that time has not been easy on this particular Jeep. And that is mostly due to the climate of the jungle, which lends to serious decay and fast.

The windshield is fogged over with age, and the rust seems to be taking over all surfaces it can. The inside is fairly well preserved, but who knows the state of the outside. Perhaps the panels are rusted out, there may be no wheels, or the engine is completely nonfunctional. Any amount of time in the jungle will do damage.

Sources: Location Scout, Pinterest & Five Prime

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