Rusty-Looking Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Packs Power With Post-Apocalyptic Exterior

Rusted-out wrap job transforms Hellcat into a post-apocalyptic track monster.

Most drivers would probably consider themselves ecstatic if they owned a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. But for plenty of others, knowing that an identical iteration of the exact same car might be on the same road one day is just too much to take. Cue a plethora of modding projects that churn out tire-burners and scrapers, as well as the consistently developing wrapping fad. And the latest craze in wrap jobs is transforming the clean look of brand new cars into post-apocalyptic rust-buckets, something that Colorado-based shop Impacted Wraps and Graphics has clearly mastered.

via Impacted Wraps and Graphics Facebook Page

Car wraps were made famous by the likes of Justin Bieber and a wide range of other celebrities (The Game, Dwayne Wade, and Sylvester Stallone, to name a few). The technique saves owners from having to pay for an entire paint job while still allowing for significant changes to the overall appearance. Early wraps were simpler, used just to change colors, add flames, or increase the metallic sparkle of cars—but today, computer-aided design allows owners to choose any number of patterns, colors, and even textures.


via Impacted Wraps and Graphics Facebook Page

The impressive part of the newest wraps is the high quality of texture they're able to add to a car's exterior. This Hellcat isn't just a muted brown or mottled green, the entire job is linked together by details that highlight the car's shape (and how rust would develop based on water flow) like a baked hood, scuffed doors, weakened rocker panels, and the gritty pitting that comes from years baking in the sun. But while the car may look old and abandoned, under the hood the Hellcat still packs its 707 horses and a six-speed manual transmission.

via Impacted Wraps and Graphics Facebook Page

A wrap like this one can run into the thousands of dollars—still cheaper than a glass-out repaint—but doesn't entirely come without its risks. The adhesive used to marry the materials can actually damage the paint underneath, that is if the owner decides to ever remove the wrap. Of course, the kind of driver who decides to throw on a wrap like this is one for whom no amount of customization will ever be enough, so it comes as no surprise that this Hellcat is currently listed for sale on CarGurus in Arizona at $48,989.


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