RVs Make A Really Crappy Getaway Vehicle, As This Police Chase Shows

Recreational vehicles are great for going camping, but not so great for evading the police.

RV chase

Recreational Vehicles should not be your first choice when attempting to evade the police, as this video does a great job of showing.

Last week, we learned that RVs are basically death traps. They’re made of cheap plexiglass that comes shearing off at the first sign of trouble, creating deadly shrapnel that can easily kill its inhabitants.

They’re also slow, lumbering beasts that do not maneuver through tight spots and come loaded with toiletries and other sundry items that are liable to go flying around at a moment’s notice. For these reasons, we do not recommend using an RV as a getaway vehicle.

One woman in Los Angeles apparently did not take our advice when she decided to steal an RV and lead police on a merry chase all throughout the San Fernando Valley.

RV chase
via Sky Fox News

The chase began Tuesday evening at 7:05 PM, according to the LA Times. The RV failed to stop after police flashed their lights and then took off running. Police had been looking for a stolen RV reported from another Los Angeles neighborhood.

Inside was a female driver and her two large dogs, making this getaway even more problematic as she tried to reign in her pooches by pulling on their harnesses.

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The RV drove wildly, ignoring all traffic signs and red lights and achieving speeds of up to 70 mph. Even still, police interceptors quickly caught up and began tailing the RV as it swerved in and out of traffic. At one point, the driver pulled into a parking lot in a bid to escape her pursuers, but then slammed into a palm tree on a center median, shearing off the front portion of the RV and taking the windshield with it.

So now she’s in an RV without a windshield or a passenger-side door and a half-busted front axle. Debris is flying out at an alarming rate, and at one point, she loses control of one her dogs who jumps out to safety.

Eventually, the driver slams into the back of a white car as it was backing out onto the road, causing the remaining dog to fly out into the street. The woman attempted a brief foot race but was quickly tackled and arrested.

The dogs were taken by animal control with non-life-threatening injuries.

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