10 RVs That Are A Lot Cheaper Than They Look

RVs are great, but can seem like a daunting thing to take on financially. But these 10 beautiful ones are a lot cheaper than they look.

It is no secret that buying an RV is never cheap, especially when you want all of the bells and whistles. You feel that you are always giving up something in return for another feature to stay within your planned budget. However, some RVs are a lot cheaper than they look.

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We have compiled a list of RVs that could ask for more due to their superior quality and amenities, but instead, they have a small price tag. These are probably within your budget and will give you the freedom to add a few more optional features. Keep reading to learn about ten RVs that are a lot cheaper than they look!

10 2020 Thor Four Winds 27R ($76,995)

The interior of this motorcoach is just beautiful, and it is budget-friendly as well with a price of $76,995. The overall design makes it feel like it should be a $200k motorhome, rather than one that dips way under that price point.

It comes with a king-size bed, another bed over the cab, sofa, dinette, and a full bath with plenty of space to move around. It comes equipped with a single slideout that transforms the space into that of a small apartment, and your friends won't believe you were able to snag it for such a low price.

9 2020 Holiday Rambler Admiral 28A ($85,995)

This camper might only be 28 feet in length, but it won't seem like it once you step into the luxurious interior. It feels very modern on the inside, despite its semi-outdated exterior. It comes with a king-sized bed, comfortable dinette, and even an outdoor television area.

You can already imagine eating a few meals at the dinette or cooking on the stovetop, and it even has plenty of closet space for the worst packer. It also has two slideouts so you can have even more room in the kitchen and bedroom in case you thought it felt a little cramped.

8 2019 Forest River Sunseeker 3040DS ($82,374)

You were probably expecting this RV to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but instead, it comes with a price tag of $82,374. It has two slideouts that greatly expand the living area in this Class C RV and it even comes with a double fridge that is unheard of in these lowcost vehicles.

The tabletops might not be as nice as some other more expensive RVs, but the wraparound dinette makes up for that loss. If your main concern is about the size of the bed, then this is the RV you should choose as it is ginormous and the creators planned around this perk in its design.

7 2019 Newmar Bay Star 3226 ($119,995)

This Class A beast might be over $100k, but we definitely expected the price tag to have a couple more zeros attached to the end of it. This RV is very modern and chic, and it has more of a home feel rather than that of a camper.

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A few of the positives associated with this vehicle include a king-size bed, 3 pantries, a free-standing table with chairs, and a huge jack-knife sofa. It also comes with three slide outs for maximum comfort and extends a total of 33-feet. It is a wonderful way to travel, and it won't break the bank either.

6 2020 Fleetwood RV Flair 29M ($91,995)

This RV has a very open feel that seems like it should cost a bit more than the $91,995 price tag. It has a full wall slide that will give you extra much-needed feet that will really open up the space.

It comes with a rear bedroom and a dropdown bed over the cab that can support up to 600 pounds of weight. The entire vehicle is perfect for a family vacation or even a road trip with friends, especially when the price is as good as this.

5 2019 Gulf Stream RV Conquest Class C 6237LE ($49,499)

If you were looking for something a little smaller at the lower end of your budget, then you should consider purchasing this beauty. It can seem a little cramped to some with the bed, bathroom and dinette, all within touching distance of one another, but that is part of the appeal.

It is no wonder why we thought this RV would cost more, as the design and added features like a full kitchen make it appear to be a luxury RV. The bed might seem cramped if you enjoy your space, but it is also cozy the way you can tuck yourself into a wall and drift off to dreamland. It won't even feel like camping by the time you fall asleep at night.

4 2019 Coachmen RV Orion T20CB ($49,995)

This is another small class C RV that most people expect to be very expensive and out of their price range. It comes with a double bed, bunk bed, multiple TVs, a curved shower rod for extra space, and a modern-looking J-lounge.

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The TV located on the outside of the RV even comes with a soundbar for optimal viewing experience. It is very sleep in its design and the interior color scheme will match any intended decor. The engine will even save you some money on gas without sacrificing any power in the meantime.

3 2019 Winnebago Outlook 22E ($49,999)

This vehicle has recently gone on sale as they plan to release the 2020 version very soon. It doesn't mean that this vehicle is outdated by any means as everything looks very modern and well-polished in this RV.

One of the best features is the power awning with an LED strip, so you can enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about lights or the pain of putting your awning away. It even comes with a full kitchen complete with a stove, refrigerator, microwave, and double-basin sink that is beautifully crafted.

2 2020 Coachmen Pursuit 27XPSF ($65,998)

This price is astronomically low for a 2020 RV and you should definitely take advantage of it. One of the greatest things about this RV has to be the shower, which is decorated with what looks like individual tiles.

It gives it an air of luxury that makes any guests think it is worth way more than the asking price. It might not have any slideouts to give you the extra room you were looking for, but it does still have plenty of room to allow you to move around.

1 2020 Jayco Atlante 26X ($79,999)

It is a much better deal to splurge on the 2020 model of this RV because the 2019 version only costs a few thousand less. It is a class A vehicle that comes with 2 sofa beds and a single queen bed for passengers to sleep on.

It also comes with a full kitchen complete with a microwave, stove, oven, and mid-size refrigerator. The two slide outs will give you plenty of extra space to utilize once you have set up camp, and you won't believe the luxury you feel for such a small price tag.

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