10 Crazy Expensive RVs That Take Glamping To A New Level

RVs can take glamping to the next level, as proven by these 10 crazy expensive mobile homes that are worth every dollar spent

You won’t need to leave the glitz and glamour at home, technically you’ll be in a second home anyway, the only difference is that it’s on wheels. So if you’re someone that enjoys travelling, but not leaving the comfort of your home and own things, this is a solution.

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Most are German designed and some of these RVs include a garage, a jacuzzi and overall the finest things in life. Here are 10 crazy expensive RVs that take glamping to the next level. Talk about a road trip!

10 Newmar King Aire 4553

Although this RV is standard looking on the outside, it doesn’t leave out any amazing details inside. The outside features are the same graphic but can be changed to four different colours: blue, green, red and yellow.

Inside are many wooden features, clean lines, and an upscale feel. The living room is made to entertain your loved ones, and they can be protected by the camera monitoring system near the entrance. You can turn on the air conditioning or the heat, even wash and dry your clothes using the diesel operated generator. It’s like you never left the house, expect you paid $1 Million for it!

9 Morelo Palace

This stunning motor home creates an illusion. The first step in will make you feel like you just entered a modern luxury hotel room. It provides 2 seats in the cab as well as multiple seats on the L shaped sectional.

Everything you need is compacted in this home on wheels, including a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom within 37 feet of living space. A TV, blackout blinds and kitchen appliances are added. It is a Mercedes brand and priced just over $270,000.

8 Furrion Elysium Concept

It’s all about lifestyle when it comes to this Furrion design. Its sleek look, desired amenities and modern technology add a personal touch to how you live your life. Warm-up after late-night fireworks by the indoor fireplace and just be comfy until the fishing trip comes up the next day.

This RV was built by a Hong Kong-based technology company just over $1.3 Million. In case you already own a helicopter this is the perfect RV for you because it comes with a rooftop helipad that is retracted from the rooftop. Believe it or not but, a smart toilet is in here too. Are you ready to glamp yet?

7 Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus

A goal of an RV is often to take it around many parts of the world. This RV may have done some more travelling then you have. It is customized to be high-class with Italian leather and suede, Incan marble and Swarovski crystals. After all, this is a $2.5 Million vehicle.

The point of a vacation usually is to relax, but for those of you that enjoy a session of working out, you can, on the built-in treadmill.

6 Volkner Mobil Performance S

If you enjoy going for a bike ride on your camping trips you’ll be happy about the electric bikes that come with the RV. There is additional storage filled with patio furniture and a folding gas grill ready to use for those sunset dinners.

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Not only that but if you’d like to take your small car, there’s room for that too under the Volkner Mobil Performance S for a total cost of $1,245,500.

5 Fortravel ih-45

As said by Camping World, this RV is “built for one of the smoothest rides on the road.” This is done with the use of aircraft technology and it was designed to reduce road noise. You’ll know you’re on the road any minute you look out of the large skylight window and see the clouds or stars.

Just like your house, there’s a carbon monoxide and smoke detector, pot lights throughout the ceiling and even floor heating. For $1.3 Million, will you take it or leave it?

4 Futuria Sport and Spa

If you can’t decide between a yacht or motor home why not combine them both? This model features a whirlpool on the roof, and enough deck space of 36 feet that’s all fenced in, to tan or party on. And this party includes a fog machine, disco lights and a special sound system.

A bedroom is down the stairs from the deck, separate from the kitchen, leather dining and bathroom. It is custom made which changes the price tag per motor home, but the average cost is just over $950,000. The Futuria Sport and Spa is limited to only 100 vehicles for interested customers worldwide.

3 Prevost H3-45 VIP

If you enjoy looking out the window and seeing everything you’re passing by or if you’ve decided to park in a scenic area this RV lets you witness the beauty life has to offer with the 360-degree view. But if you don’t feel like dancing outside in the rain, there is plenty of indoor floor space to do so!

Better yet, you can see everyone jamming out on the unobstructed floorplan. The Prevost H3-45 VIP also has a very tall bus shell that is just under 13 ft. All this and more for $1.6 Million.

2 Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo

You can’t easily travel to space, but this RV will make you feel like an astronaut in a spaceship based on the look of it. Either way, you’ll be up in the clouds dreaming before you can get your hands on this $3 million luxury machine.

Sometimes it takes a drink to imagine you’re in another dimension, and on this RV you can have several because it includes a bar, wine cabinet and ice maker. With your drink, you can transition to the spa with a rainfall shower, and when you’re relaxed you can get ready to crawl into the Italian bed linens. If it isn’t dark enough, just push a button to darken the window tint.

1 Anderson Mobile Estates

At a first look, it’s huge and almost resembles a transport truck and there’s a valid reason for that. It is five trailers condensed into one. This two-story motor home is not up for grabs, it is a personal creation and belongs to Will Smith and his family.

This motor home is used on his set while acting. It’s been custom built for $2.5 Million and comes with a screening room that fits 30 people and doubles as a converse room. Also included is a makeup and wardrobe room.

You can find lots of luxury interior such as granite, leather and technology. Many things happen with a push of a button as well. A transformation of glass turning opaque in the shower and this contraption expands in height and width with a push of a button too. Talk about raising the roof.

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