25 Sad Images Of Cars And Motorcycles Hidden Underground

Who on earth abandons a vehicle? It’s actually difficult to comprehend such a thing.

Who on earth abandons a vehicle? It’s actually difficult to comprehend such a thing. The reason for this is because such an act beats the whole idea and concept of having a vehicle in the first place. For many people, a car is a principal tool in life that enables us to function better in life, carrying us from one place to another. For some, the definition is different. They believe a car is one of those things you choose to have, like a priced trophy on your shelf. It’s admired, but it remains stationary on the shelf.

And here’s another reason why.

These abandoned cars could be resurrected and get sold for a good buck. That is what the likes of Jay Leno do. Therefore, we can see the very act as another way of throwing or burning cash. That’s why some groups of people have taken it upon themselves to discover such abandoned and hidden vehicles, in this case, underground – which even makes matters worse, and show their hidden souls to the world.

And for the purpose of breaking your spirit and putting it back together all over again, we decided to show you some of these remarkable discoveries of cars and motorcycles that are hidden underground. From an abandoned BMW 3 series hidden in an underground garage, a collection of abandoned Corvettes caged for 20 years, the Raceless Racers found near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, to the GTS buried for selfish reasons amongst others, you’ll be wowed by the surprising 25 photos you’ll see here. So let’s take a plunge to the underground.

25 Defeated Triumph Tr7

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Triumph is one brand that produced one of the best-looking sports cars. One of the models they created is the TR-3. The TR-3 was a beautiful car that came with two sets of curves: one that adds finishing touches to the car and long curves that sweep to the cabin. The TR-6 is another model that had a striking muscular look.

Everything looked good until they produced the TR-7 that came with quality control issues, according to Motor 1. For that issue alone, this particular TR-7 – and probably a host of others, was neglected in the Liverpool tunnels.

24 Raceless Racers

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According to Barnfinds, a lot of big names in racing started by developing standard leagues in the golden age of road racing and building cars for club racers. In those days, a race car wasn’t something you keep.

So, if you felt a race car wasn’t competitive, it would end up as a pool of parts. In other words, race car owners took parts from their old race cars and made the new ones more valuable and fit for the tracks—which is also applicable today. Even though these race cars were expensive, someone thought it was wise to have a pair of vintage formula cars dumped in a forgotten car collection underground.

23 Abandoned Tunnel with Cars

Via TechnoCrazed

One look at this image and you’ll ask yourself how all the cars got into the tunnel in the first place. According to Daily Mail, the tunnels were built as an extension for the above-ground rail stations nearby in the fading years of the 19th century. The tunnels were made with more brick and iron to avoid structural issues, but when there was a fire, the station was abandoned.

After a while, the station was sold to a garage that used the tunnels to work on the cars and store them. In 2012, the tunnel collapsed and all the vehicles were trapped beneath the ground before urban explorers discovered them.

22 Car Abandoned for 30 Years In Underground Parking Lot

There can be only one word best-suited to describe the above photo, and it’s “dump.” Yes! The car in the picture looks like something you see in refuse dumps. However, that wasn’t the case of the vehicle before the owner abandoned it in an abandoned mansion 30 years ago.

According to Rai Italia, in the Spring of 1989, a wealthy local of Sicily abandoned his mansion and every other thing in it. The car was one of the abandoned properties, which was later found 25 years later by the local Sicily police. The owner left the house because he was running away from the police, thanks to his involvement in certain illicit substances. Pablo, you say?

21 Vintage Cars Found in A Tunnel In Berlin

Via Ciarán Fahey-Time Out

It’s hard to see vintage cars, such as the one in this photo, rot away because of someone’s laxity. According to Daily Mail, these cars were formerly owned by some affluent families in Berlin, Germany who hid the vehicles, long ago during the whole war saga.

In a verge to flee, some of these rich people hid some of their properties, like these cars, in strategic areas, hoping to come back for them after the war. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as they planned so the cars ended up as prisoners of war.

20 A Collection of Abandoned Corvettes

Via corvette forum

It’s great to have ideas, but when you don’t think through your ideas properly, they may end up becoming a hot mess. In the late 80s, a music television channel decided to assemble a complete collection of Corvettes that existed until that year. It looked impressive as every model year was represented in each group.

According to Daily Mail, the channel planned to give the Corvettes away in a competition they organized. A winner emerged, but there were a lot of logistic issues that followed the winnings. As a result, the winner sold it to an artist who left the collection to rot in an underground parking lot for 20 years. Was that guy an artist in the first place?

19 Abandoned 3-Series

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According to Motor 1, the 3-Series is a sports coupe that was once popular in the past. It did a good job replacing its predecessor the 02 Series as it made over a quarter of BMW’s sales. And as time went on, the 3-series began to experience an upgrade.

The newer versions had an extra set of doors which made them enjoyable for a lot of automotive enthusiasts and journalists. Even though the car was a big deal in the eyes of so many, someone chose to abandon this model in an underground garage for good or more appropriately, bad.

18 JDM Legend Abandoned in An Underground Parking Lot In Bucharest, Romania

Via Car Throttle

If you know the true worth of a JDM legend, then you’d understand that this is a sad sight. No Japan-based car manufacturer will like the look of this car, abandoned by its owner in an underground parking lot somewhere in Bucharest, Romania.

From the looks of things, you may figure out that this Nissan sports car has been left to eat dust for an extended period. According to Barnfinds, the owner drove into the underground parking lot in the summer of 2013 and hasn’t returned for it till this day.

17  Cornwall Barn Bears the Bike

Via Triump Talk

As impressive as the image above looks, the lost Brough superior bikes come with the urban myth that enthusiasts have disseminated for years. In the process of digging, a fleet of eight Brough Superior bikes was discovered. According to Daily Mail, the bikes were found in Bodmin, Cornwall.

The bikes laid underground for 50 years, dedicated to collecting dust and rust. What’s funny is how the collection was the most sought after-model when it just hit the markets, later to be dumped underground. It was also discovered that the famous Lawrence of Arabia made the bikes years ago.

16  Paris Cave Houses Motorcycles

Via messynessychic

Paris is a place where beautiful things are displayed for all to see, but it also has some hidden things which would take an adventurous person to discover. One of those things includes a motorcycle garage located in a secret cave. The doorway to the secret cave is situated in the heart of Paris, close to the Eiffel Tower and the houseboats near the Pont de la Concorde.

You’d find some abandoned bikes in this garage, but according to Barnfinds, a motorcycle atelier called Leeway Customs Motorcycles have their garage there as well, and they specialize in renovating, customizing, and maintaining old bikes.

15 Captive-Ated Beemer

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There are times you come across some scene that makes you wonder what was going through the head of the perpetrator. From the looks of things, the thought applies to this image because it’s one thing to abandon a car and it’s another to lock it down completely.

Maybe the owner of this BMW was angry with his car for some reason and planned to abandon it in an underground garage. On second thought, he felt the best way to prevent the car’s escape was to clamp down one of its front tires.

14 Underground Abandonment in The UK

Via Retroshite

What do you imagine when you see this image? Of course, there are a ton of responses to the question from different perspectives. One thing is certain, however; the car is in its worst state. Some may say, “But it’s only a Peugeot, it’s not even a supercar like a Ferrari, Bugatti or a Maserati.”

True, it’s not a supercar; it’s a regular sedan. However, we must also reflect on the fact that the car was once bought with money, not given for free. The vehicle has acquired so much dust in the underground parking lot that its windscreen became a writing board or a wedding invitation for “James and Zoe.” Or is it the result of their divorce? That’s left for you to judge.

13  Old Jaguar Found Underground in A House Basement

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A Jaguar isn’t a regular kind of vehicle you see everyone driving. It’s a special car built with luxury and class. That’s why it’s surprising to see such a vehicle treated with no value. That is the case of this green Jaguar which was left to live with dust, webs and other waste in an abandoned house.

According to Barnfinds, the car was discovered in the underground basement of an abandoned farmhouse with other old antiques. How did such a luxury car get there? Now, that’s a big question no one could answer. Some young kids found it while they were playing around the abandoned house in Texas.

12 Quarry Is Filled With Hidden Classic Cars

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Rust is, no doubt, the order of the day in this abandoned Quarry which has been housing over 20 old classic cars that have been lying redundant for donkey years. From the look of things, we can deduce that most of the car models are aged between 60-80 years considering the aesthetics of the car and the ampleness of the rust.

One striking thing, however, is how this large number of cars found their way to the quarry –which is supposed to be mine for extracting stones but not hiding or burying cars like these.

11 New York's Army of Motorcycles

Via Visordown

It’s a mystery to find so many motorcycles condemned to rot in a place with no chance of redemption. Some years ago, these motorcycles were discovered in an underground warehouse. The warehouse is referred to as the last motorcycle graveyard—which perfectly fits the description. According to Daily Mail, the warehouse is located in Lockport, New York.

The warehouse has a good collection of classic and vintage motorcycles. Thanks to the moisture and air that caught up with the bikes over time, rust was the order of the day.

10 Eight Cars Trapped In Sinkhole

Via Hemmings Motor News

In this article, thus far, we have listed cars and motorcycles found underground, abandoned or hidden by humans. However, in this case, the vehicles were trapped in a sinkhole, underground, caused by nature. According to Daily Mail, the cars were parked on the road until an earthquake happened which swallowed the cars beneath.

Luckily, there was no fatality recorded because no one was around the area when the quake happened. It took the right authorities some days to evacuate the cars from the sinkhole.

9 Dumped For Good

Via jalopnik

The Land Rover is a model that was built for action, but somehow it found its way to the hands of civilians. The model was able to gain a reputation since it was a vehicle of choice for exploration thanks to its toughness. Thus you can conclude that the strong and rough slab-sided series of the Land Rover is similar to the Safari.

According to Daily Mail, this model was found in an abandoned tunnel for an underground railroad. The tunnel is located in Liverpool, and it was shutout from the world when it collapsed.

8 14 Corvettes Discovered in An Underground Lot

Via Retroshite

With these 14 Corvettes discovered in another underground lot, you’d begin to wonder if there’s been a viral trend of abandoning Corvettes. You won’t be crucified to have such thoughts anyway. According to Barnfinds, this set of Corvettes was found in an underground lot – and it looks like they were abandoned there intentionally.

To make matters worse, these 14 Corvettes were kept under lock and key with no one able to enter any of those cars to bring them out. It’s even sadder to know the cars are just rusting away.

7 Delivery H-Van

Via Jalopnik

According to Barnfinds, France had a dedicated workhorse panel delivery van for ten years, which was Citroen’s H-van. The van was introduced as far back as the ‘40s and thanks to customers patronage for the model its production lasted until the early ‘80s.

As the production ran for so many years, each of the models came out with different configurations as they were built for specific purposes like conveying horses. The van had ribbed sides that contributed to its structural rigidity and strength. These days, the van has become a collector, but this particular one is stuck underground in Liverpool.

6 Treasure From Back In The Day

Via Carnmotors

The duo Mike and Frank have done a great job when it comes to discovering precious items. However, there are some exceptional things they found in the motorcycle category on their trip to Europe. The duo discovered a war treasure – which was a German-designed Zundapp RS 750, according to Motor1.

The once abandoned vintage motorcycle became a fortune thanks to Mike and Frank's good eye for treasure. In the end, they realized a good profit after flipping the bike to a shop in Georgia.

5 Buried GTS

Via CarReviews

The case of the GTS Dino can be likened to a cat with nine lives. The reason for this comparison is because this car got a chance to live again after so many years of being buried. The model was a gift from a plumber to his wife in 1974. But while they were dining in a restaurant, the car was stolen.

It turned out that the plumber planned the theft to split the insurance money and chop the car for parts. A report from Jalopnik stated that an informant reported the case to the police. Today, the car lives on as it was restored.

4 Grave Collection

Via Pinterest

This is another story of Mike and Frank’s escapades as they tried to look for yet another treasure. They discovered a room in a basement that was occupied by so many motorcycles. The room was an eye sore, putting into consideration the fact that the main floor had holes.

According to Daily Mail, the holes paved the way for the motorcycles to lean and fall. All the motorcycles in the room were all abandoned and rusty, but David saw a treasure in them. However, he couldn’t lay his hands on any, so he went home unsatisfied.

3 Lotus in The Dark

Via GripTV

Seeing a Lotus like this one wasting away in a dark cave for years is definitely heartbreaking. If this car is remodeled and restored, it could be a significant investment, because it’s a super classic British sports car that could cost a fortune.

This particular model was used in one of the James Bond movies, but here it lies in a forsaken dark cave taking the heat and cold of the cave. According to Barnfinds, the car was discovered by some archaeologists who probably didn’t know what the car was worth.

2 Barn Yard BMW Recovery

Via Body Mount

The 1950 BMW R35 is one model that would excite any motorcycle fan. However, some disgruntled and ungrateful biker decided to bury it underground, until it was discovered in Georgia as a barnyard find. The rust and coloration of the bike signify that it has seen better days. After the discovery of this hidden treasure, it was put up for sale online.

According to Barnfinds, it went for $2,999, but no one was interested in it. Sadly, the treasure was buried in all that dirt and rust – but what do you expect from a bike that’s over 70 years old?

1  El Chapo's Escape Pass

Via YouTube

In 2015, Joaquin Guzman who was popularly known as “El Chapo” did something that stunned people all over the world and made national headlines. He fled from a maximum-security prison in Mexico, 14 months after he got there.

When the case was investigated, they found out that he used a 20 x 20-inch tunnel that started inside his cell shower and led to a vertical passageway underground. According to Daily Mail, the hall was 28 inches wide, and his bike was discovered. The bike is referred to as an adapted motorcycle used during an excavation.

Sources: Daily Mail, Barnfinds, Jalopnik, Motor1

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