10 Secrets That Scooter Rental Employees Don't Want You To Know

Renting scooters has become an incredibly popular pass time for people, especially when on vacation, with people renting them in order to ride around with friends and family in the hope of seeing different tourist attractions.

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Scooters provide a sense of freedom that a car cannot offer, whilst normally not being anywhere near as fast or as dangerous as a motorcycle, which makes them easier for people without experience to ride.

Even though there are distinct risks involved in using scooters, there are many things that the rental employees still do not want you to know, and within this article, we will list ten of those secrets.

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10 Older Models Are Normally Available

When you first arrive at a scooter rental, the chances are they will have all of the newest and most expensive models that they have available out at the front and those are the ones that they will be pushing for you to use.

The reason that employees do this is that those scooters are the most expensive, but the reality is the majority of the time they do actually have some cheaper models available that tend to be older scooters.

They might not be as flash, fast, or modern, and they will certainly have more miles on the clock but if it is possible to save some money whilst still having a reliable ride, then it could easily be worthwhile.

9 A Licence Is Required

Whilst most places will let you go and ride without a specific scooter or motorcycle licence, there is a good reason to get one, as many travel insurances won't actually payout for a scooter accident if you do not have one.

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Of course, an accident isn't a likely occurrence, but it is always good to know you are being covered fully and without a licence that will not always be the case depending on the insurance.

Employees are not often going to tell you that piece of information as they are more inclined to focus on doing business, with the insurance very much being the customer's issue.

8 Use Your Own Padlock

When you first rent a scooter you will very likely be provided with a padlock for any breaks you might have where the vehicle will end up being unattended, however, it is always sound advice to actually take your own.

In certain countries, many people are cautious about using a padlock from a rental company due to not being sure how many keys the owner has or if anything will happen to it whilst you are away.

Having a padlock of your own is a great way of being 100% sure who has access to it, but given that rental companies swill sell their own padlocks, they won't want you bringing your own, so this information will be kept quiet.

7 Hidden Charges

There is always going to be charged for certain issues when renting a scooter, from obvious things such as the scooters being stolen or damaged to a later return and those will likely be explained to you by the employee.

However, sometimes companies put in hidden charges inside the contracts that people sign in the fine print knowing full well that most people won't read the entire thing in full detail and will agree anyway.

It is always important to read the full document, in detail, before signing on the dotted line to ensure that there are no charges for anything at all.

6 Check The Laws Ahead Of Time

Every country has different laws when it comes to scooter driving, and that is something that must be taken into consideration before riding off and enjoying yourself because even though an employee might go through the basics, they won't break it all down.

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Some countries do not require people to wear a helmet, whilst others ensure that they must and others will demand even the passenger has the helmet on and if people do not know the rules they can end up being punished.

If you don't want to be getting pulled over by the local police for something you weren't prepared for, then it is best to do some research ahead of time, rather than trust that an employee is going to tell you everything.

5 Use The Horn

Most people when they think about using the horn on a car tend to be of the presumption that it is simply done when someone is at fault for something or another driver is creating a potential risk that cannot be ignored.

However, when it comes to riding a scooter, sometimes utilising the horn is crucial, especially if you are riding around where there are plenty of pedestrians as scooters are often ignored or not seen until the last second.

Many employees won't encourage this though as it can frustrate the locals and lead to complaints, however, it is always better to use the horn and be safe than sorry.

4 It Isn't As Simple As You Might Think

Something that many scooter employees won't tell you ahead of time is that driving one isn't as simple as people think, with many tourists renting scooters for day trips visiting different places, this isn't always the easiest place to learn.

Simply attempting to ride a scooter for the first time in a foreign country can be a very dangerous idea, especially one where the traffic is hectic and the rules are not as distinct and clear.

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Riding around when there are cars buzzing around you constantly is an easy way to risk crashing or falling off, which is why it is always best learning somewhere quiet or having a little experience before heading someplace busy.

3 Your Car Insurance Could Cover You

Whilst the main source of income for scooter rental companies is the payment for the rent itself, there are other ways that companies will aim to make an extra bit of money from someone, especially a foreign tourist.

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A big one is pushing for extra insurance, specially created for the scooter riding experience which can see some incredibly high prices, with many companies simply looking to take as much money as possible.

What the staff won't tell you, is that many peoples car insurance will actually end up covering them for these sorts of activities, which is something people should check out beforehand.

2 Don't Hand Over Your Passport

Quite often some scooter rentals will ask for a passport to hold onto whilst you travel around on the scooter as a way of a bond to ensure you bring it back, however, this isn't necessary in the slightest.

This is something that should not be encouraged as, in reality, a simple copy of a passport can be more than enough in these situations as handing over the real thing can be far too much of a risk.

Some employees are told that they must do this by their bosses and therefore they won't tell you otherwise, but it is always something worth asking.

1 Always Check The Scooter First

Most scooter rental companies are good, honest companies, but with the trend of scooter rentals only continuing to rise many other places have gotten involved, with many hotels, bars, and restaurants now bringing in scooters to rent away.

Whilst most of those are reliable and trustworthy, some will not be and this is where issues can arise as they attempt to scam away as much money as possible, which leads to some companies making up lies about bumps and scratches that may have already existed previously.

An employee won't encourage you to do this, but taking a good look at the scooter before using it, potentially even getting some pictures or videos of the scooter before setting off can stop any possible situations coming up later on.

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