American Supercar To Use Nissan's GT-R Engine

American car makers Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus have revealed they'll be borrowing some Nissan tech with the GT-R Engine.

American Supercar To Use Nissan's GT-R Engine

American car makers Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) will use a Nissan GT-R’s engine in their upcoming SCG004S supercar.

If you haven’t heard of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, that’s likely to do with the fact they were previously a tuning house, and only just received permission from the NHTSA to begin low volume production of boutique supercars. The company is owned by James Glickenhaus, writer, director, and producer of such high cinema as Frankenhooker and Bad Biology.

Who knew that creating horrible B-movies would eventually allow you to make your own supercar?

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The SCG004S was originally going to be powered by a 5.0-L V8, but the company has since decided to go with the 3.8-L twin-turbo V6 as found on the Nissan GT-R.

So why the switch? It wasn’t for the smaller engine’s better fuel economy. In an interview with Autocar, Glickenhaus said that the Nissan’s engine is both "lighter" and "practically bulletproof". That last point is of particular importance since SCG plans to tune the engine so it’s putting out 690 bhp. Compare that with a regular GT-R that puts out 562 hp, and you wonder just exactly what was holding Nissan back.


For the racing-spec version of the SCG004S, Glickenhaus said it’ll have even more power than that.

A prototype car won’t go on the roads until later this year, but we have some concept images to faun over in the meantime. The entire chassis is carbon fiber, while the whole car weighs about 2600 lbs. That’s very light for a supercar and gives it better power-to-weight than a McLaren 720S.

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Also like many McLaren cars, the seating arrangement is driver in the middle with two passengers in the rear. The jet fighter-style cockpit is emphasized (some might say overemphasized) by a dashboard that looks like it was taken straight out of a Vietnam War-era airplane, all hat-switches, dials, and big red buttons.

Pricing for the SCG004S starts at $400,000, and if you want one you’ll have to wait until next year because all of 2018’s models are sold already.


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