Seat Debuts The Electric Supermini Mii, The Spanish Brand’s First EV

SEAT has announced it will debut an electric version of its Mii city car this fall. This will be the Spanish brand’s first attempt at an all-electric vehicle.

With a range of 161.5 miles, or 260 kilometers, on a single charge, and an 82-horsepower electric motor comparable to the VW e-Up! motor, the supermini will be known as the Mii Electric. According to SEAT, the new model, based on the petrol-powered Mii, will be similar to the Skoda Citigo and the Volkswagen Up! in terms of “dynamism, urban design, an advanced powertrain, and new levels of connectivity with affordability and low cost of ownership.”

Interestingly, the Mii doesn’t look like your standard EV. It has the same design as the internal combustion-engined Mii, as well as, the same grille and headlights. Aside from the badging and the grey alloy wheels, the only thing that distinguishes the EV from its petrol counterpart is the absence of an exhaust pipe. Inside, the dashboard bears the upgrades of the current VW Up!, and Mii Electric is printed on the passenger side of the dashboard.

Although the exterior is inconspicuous, the engineering is a bit more advanced. SEAT says that the motor, which produces 156 pound-feet of torque at every throttle position, is ideal for weaving in and out of city traffic. The brand claims a 0-31 mph time in just 3.9 seconds, while the top speed is 81 mph. The vehicle is powered by a 36.8-kWh battery pack, which runs for 161.5 miles on the new WLTP economy test on a full charge. Meanwhile charging to 80 percent using a 7.2 kW charger takes roughly four hours.

According to Luca de Meo, the president of SEAT, the market is changing rapidly with electrification leading the way. He adds that in Europe the EV market has grown by 46 percent in the first four months of 2019. SEAT expects electric vehicles to become an important part of the company’s roster. “The Mii Electric is the start of that journey, and at the same time brings to the market an affordable electric car," he adds.

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The new Mii Electric will be available at the end of this year, with vehicles being delivered in the first quarter of 2020. Prices will be confirmed prior to its release.

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