The Biggest Players In Self-Driving Cars Are All Facing Setbacks

Self-Driving cars are a dream of the future, but in the present, the companies looking to hop into the market are facing setbacks.

With electric cars well under way in the automotive industry, the world is looking and asking for what’s next to come. What more can we expect in vehicular advancements, and how close can we get to the futuristic vehicles we’ve seen in the countless Hollywood science fiction films of the past few decades?

Well, as it turns out, self-driving vehicles are definitely the new venture for most companies trying to make the next breakthrough, and we ask why not? This could be the answer to a lot of problems facing motorists today or will it be the exact opposite?

As it turns out, there are indeed many problems facing the companies trying to build the ultimate self-driving vehicle, and there are indeed many of these companies out there trying to get the edge in this particular market. As it turns out, a whopping 46 corporations are at work right now, trying to make advancements with this particular venture, but many of them are facing mighty challenges in the construction and fabrication of the self-driving car of the “future.”

Indeed the future can be a lot closer than many of us would think, but quite a few kinks need to be worked out before these cars can be road ready and safe.


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Of course, Tesla is in the race and why not? The company has definitely made a lot of advancements in the electric car domain, what’s to stop them from being the first to make the first self-driving vehicle practical and safe for the masses?

According to Vox, some of the major challenges facing these companies are: the creation and the maintenance of the maps for these cars is actually serious work and the upkeep seems rather daunting to accomplish for most of the companies attempting to tackle a self-driving vehicle; furthermore, another glaring problem is that driving requires a lot of social interactions which is very difficult for artificial intelligence to be able to perform. These, and so many other difficulties, and obstacles lie ahead for these companies and we definitely wish them luck with all that.

Daunting indeed, but as it turns out, there are a few companies that are in the lead regarding this particular race. GM has been trying to make headway, but unfortunately, can’t seem to catch up to Alphabet (Google's sister company) with the Waymo, who has the lead in the game right about now, and despite the fact that GM has some serious investors on their side in the form of SoftBank Vision Fund—a Japanese tech investor—that’s saying something indeed.

It’s definitely too early to know who exactly will win out in this domain, but it’s safe to say that all companies attempting to build the ultimate self-driving experience have a lot of work to do to make these cars safe and road ready, so it may be a while still, but with bated breath, we wait in anticipation.

And just as a side note, we’d suggest that you don’t count out Tesla from the running just yet — they have a way of coming out of the shadows to take the lead.

Only time will tell.


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