Self-Driving Hotel Rooms May Be The Future Of Commuting

The future is coming, at least in the auto industry where these self-driving hotel rooms could take the world by storm.

Self-driving hotel rooms sound like something out of an old Isaac Asimov novel and not quite something from reality, doesn’t it? But believe it or not, it seems like this particular phenomenon is actually a lot closer to fruition than you would likely think, according to some pretty shocking new reports! And the news has people buzzing like bees over some freshly grown cropping of exotic plant.

According to USA Today, self-driving cars will actually be the modern day hotel room and this particular invention isn’t all that far off.

Now we know what you’re thinking, impossible! Right? See how well we know you, dear readers? And trust us, we weren’t far from the same reaction when we first picked up on rumblings of this design and concept, but when we got to digging, the truth made itself clear and in a hurry. As it turns out, Aprilli Design Studio, a company situated in Toronto, Canada, has actually designed a concept that can actually be built and garner the world its very first self-driving hotel suite. Dubbed “The Autonomous Shower Suite,” it’s all you’d expect and so much more.


via CNN.com

The suite is actually set up with a functional washroom, kitchenette and sleeping quarters, and all the while, it takes the traveler from home to destination in record time, traveling along plotted map courses that have been programmed into the computer’s artificial intelligence, allowing it to navigate and escort the traveler through the road.

Pretty incredible stuff to think about; especially for a generation that has already seen so many advancements and drastic changes in technology, but yet such a plausible reality at the same time.

But, if you were waiting for the other shoe to drop, we were way ahead of you, friends. Of course, as amazing as the concept seems and probably is, the same issues and potential problems that face the self-driving car world do also stand in the way of the Autonomous Travel Suite, as should have been expected; despite the fact that the company boasts the possibility for these vehicles to travel from anywhere from six to 12 hours worth of distances at a time. Such problems include the very harsh reality that the roads out there are very hard to navigate and to properly teach a computer of all things to be able to apply socialized skill sets in order to navigate those streets, has been an issue facing these companies for quite some time, as let’s face it, it still takes human decision to drive out there and an ability to understand the other drivers on the road and anticipate the moves of other motorists, something that may still be difficult for some computers  — at least for now that is.

However, we’re sure that these challenges are simply 'bumps in the road' for Aprilli and these issues too shall be nothing more than molehills in the rearview mirror rather than the mountains they seem to be right now or at least, some hope this will be the case. So for you out there hoping to take your first trips in these quite soon, keep rooting for these men and women burning the midnight oil, as you may soon be riding in the lap of luxury, right out there on the good old streets in no time.


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