Wild SEMA-Bound Lamborghini Huracan Is Actually Powered By Twin-Turbo Chevy LS V8

This Lamborghini Huracan has a Texas-built LS crate engine and a pair of turbochargers, and it will be coming to SEMA.

Garett Lambo

Wanna see this insane LS crate engine-powered Lamborghini Huracan? Then you’ll need to head to the Garrett booth at SEMA.

Performance parts maker Garrett - Advancing Motion has decided to lend their SEMA space to a YouTuber at this year’s show. Chris Steinbacher of B is for Build fame has an utterly bonkers build that he wants to show off, and since it uses a pair of Garrett turbochargers, Garrett thought that this was the perfect custom ride to impress automotive enthusiasts at SEMA.

And they’re probably right.

The story of this Huracan has been told by videos taken since earlier this June. Steinbacher obtained the Huracan from a Texas dealer for a steal after it had been slightly damaged in a fire. And by slightly damaged, we mean most of the car’s working parts were no longer working and needed to be replaced. It was basically a burnt-out shell.

But where some people see trash, Steinbacher sees treasure. In an ambitious project, Steinbacher bought the car and then stripped out all the damaged moving parts. Then he swapped the old 5.2-L naturally aspirated V10 for a 7.0-L LS V8 from motor maker Texas Speed. Then he gave a pair of big Garrett GTX3582R Gen II turbochargers for a little extra oomph.

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Although the car hasn’t been dyno'd yet, the engine is rated up to 1,500 hp. We expect the final product to be somewhere in that range.

The build also tosses the DCT in favor of a manual transmission from an older Audi R8. The body uses carbon fiber panels from a Huracan Super Trofeo racer and is then modified to a design made by Khyzyl Saleem. The final product is, well, a little bit nuts, but also amazing.

You can see this build take shape over a series of videos on YouTube, and the final finished project will be revealed at SEMA 2019 at Garrett’s booth in the central hall. If you can’t make it, they’ll also do a livestream on Facebook starting at 2 PM on November 5th.

(via Motor1)

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