19 Strangest Semi Truck Spills That Had Us Shaking Our Heads

Freight trucks crisscross the highways and roads of almost every single country in the world. They take goods from where they're made to where they need to go. This mass production that starts in one area and is sent outwards into the world from there has created a massive industry that uses huge amounts of resources, not just in fuel and carbon footprint but also in raw materials for vehicles and parts, as well as the economy needed to pay everyone involved. This leads to the increase of mass production to cut those costs, and so has been created the way we buy the things we are familiar with.

Almost none of it is truly local, or if it is there is a high chance it's still mass produced and shipped elsewhere in the country or the world. Likely every semi tractor-trailer, lorry, or freight truck you see on the roads is carrying a full load of something or other, and this often means literal tons of goods and materials. What sort of goods is anyone's guess, and not many spend much time thinking about it.

But, the things shipped in freight trucks really can be anything. Most times no one knows except the producer, the buyer, and the driver. But, if there is some kind of mishap, or a tip over, a spill of some kind, everyone gets to find out. There have been some seriously messy and seriously strange spills over the years. Let's take a look at 19.

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19 Two Million Euro Coins

via businessinsider.com

Two million euro coins were spilled on the highways of Italy, where it wasn't long before all kinds of people were flocking to the area to take as much money as possible before it was all cleaned up. Passing motorists capitalized, and it proved to be a pretty handy get rich quick scheme for some folks.

Nothing crazy, of course, as they were mostly coins, but all in all, before they had the chance to reclaim all of the currency, it's estimated that they lost about ten thousand euros to the beautiful opportunists of Italy.

18 A Thousand Liters Of Paint

via flickr.com

Paint is often hauled in the thousands of gallons across the country, with all the toxins concentrated in one area. So, when a spill happens, all of that liquid is unleashed all at once. Which is, naturally, a nightmare to clean up.

The paint is also for sure one of the messiest things to have spilled on the highway, as sometimes cars drive through it and spread it for quite a long ways. Though painting all the highways yellow would make everything distinctly more Wizard of Oz-ish.

17 Forty-Eight Thousand Pounds Of Wine

via telegraph.co.uk

Near highway 132 in California, a semi-truck lost its entire load of wine and ended up spilling thousands of pounds of bottled wine all over the highway. Such a lamentable waste, considering how delicious wine is, and no small amount, either.

After a collision, the truck tipped over, and while no one was seriously injured, everyone was a little bit melancholy that so much wine had to go to waste, running off the sides of the road and soaking into the earth. The worms must have had a good night.

16 Forty Thousand Pounds Of Flaming Avocados

via insideedition.com

If it wasn't enough for forty thousand pounds of avocados to go spilling onto the freeway all at once, it gets so much worse to find out that they soon caught fire, lighting up like little omega 3 filled magma bombs.

The giant avocado fire had to be put out by local firefighters, but none of the avocados could be salvaged. That's a pretty big shame, really. Especially so many of them. Just imagine what it would take to harvest forty thousand pounds of avocados? A lot.

15 Twelve Tons Of Liquid Chocolate

via washingtonpost.com

Twelve tons is a lot. To put twelve tons into a bit of perspective, a full grown Elephant only weighs nine tons. So to have this much liquid chocolate flowing across the highway is definitely a pretty big thing, and would involve so much cleanup.

Though for the kids of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it would be a throwback dream come true, as the liquid cocoa flowed out like a real-life river of chocolate. A shame for so much delicious happiness to go to waste.

14 Twenty Four Tons Of Sardines

via theadvocate.com

The source for this particular mishap lies in the absentmindedness of one truck driver, and the result was the wasting of twenty-four tons of living beings in the form of sardines. The result was an absolutely massive traffic jam, and an even bigger cleanup bill.

According to mentalfloss.com, the man was asked to pay a $7,500 cleanup fee as well as a $75 fine. Seems like a tragic waste, really, though not very many people like sardines, so maybe all was okay.

13 Forty Thousand Pounds Of Sausages

via archive.jsonline.com

Of all the things to be spilled from a semi truck onto a highway, raw meat is for sure one of the strangest. Especially if it is processed raw meat stuffed into the intestine lining and put into boxes by the thousands of pounds.

That's just what happened here, when a semi spilled its contents, sending forty thousand pounds of raw sausages all over the show. Needless to say, it was quite the cleanup task, and it took authorities a long time to pick up all that raw meat. Make sure to leave some for the stray dogs!

12 Massive Load Of Green Beans

via newslocker.com

This would be quite the scene to see while driving along a highway on your way home from work one day. All is normal as you drive along in traffic, then you see this, mounds and mounds of fresh green beans piled up along the shoulder.

That and a huge green stain along the lanes where the beans have all been run over and pulverized to a pulp, spread along in an even line of tire marks. This is a serious amount of green beans to go to waste, it's a serious shame, really.

11 Pizza, Pizza Everywhere

via popsugar.com

For my wife and I this would perhaps be one of the greatest tragedies to ever witness, and it would be hard to resist the temptation to take as many as were unbroken, or as many as would fit into our car, either way. Frozen pizzas are a huge commodity in the supermarket, and they are seriously delicious.

To see these scattered in the streets is a heartbreaking waste, and how hard it would be to run over so many countless, perfectly edible pizzas. This spill is particularly huge, too, with boxes scattered for hundreds of meters.

10 Seven Tons Of Crab Meat

via chinasmack.com

Seven tons of crab meat spilled in China from a big hauler, and it wasn't long before a huge chunk of it was taken by bystanders. Understandable, because who can pass up free crab? It would likely go to waste anyway.

But seven tons of crab meat is a seriously large amount, mind-boggling really. It just doesn't seem right to mass produce on that kind of level. Due to a collision, these crabs were sent flying, and it's nice to see a lack of waste and food going to the people who actually need it.

9 Seventy Thousands Pounds Of Bacon

via abc11.com

If the idea of bacon sounds delicious to you, the idea of seventy thousand pounds of it likely sounds even better. You really just can't have enough bacon, and that's just the truth. Even if you're vegan, bacon is known as the gateway meat for a reason. Because it's delicious.

So for bacon lovers, this story really is a modern-day tragedy, and seventy thousand pounds worth of living souls sacrificed their lives for literally no reason, so it could be scattered on the ground and wasted. Hopefully, someone snagged some to eat.

8 Thirty Thousand Pounds Of Butterball Turkeys

via elevation.maplogs.com

The Butterball turkey is a staple in the US and a household name. Everyone knows what a Butterball is, and no Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without it. But for one grocery store or supply chain, they missed out on a thirty thousand pound shipment.

The missing turkey incident is due to the fact that the truck lost all of its once feathered cargo, which tipped over on an exit ramp in an error of judgment on the part of the driver. Which means that thirty thousand pounds of families missed out on their beloved holiday.

7 Three And A Half Million Nickels

via kansascitystar.com

A transport truck hauling almost four million nickels to the Miami Federal Reserve in the United States suffered a crash, where all of the money, worth about 185 thousand dollars, was scattered across the asphalt.

For those with the patience to collect nickels, this was potentially a money-making opportunity, but the fact that twenty nickels made only a dollar proved that money sometimes is never worth as much as time is, and the amount of time it would take to gather any significant amount of money would be way too long to be worth it. Maybe a vacuum would help.

6  Twenty Rolling Carts Of Doughnut Dough

via insideedition.com

Perhaps one of the most tragic incidents of them all, a semi truck was carrying twenty massive rolling carts of a very precious, very valuable doughnut dough. There's perhaps nothing better in the world than fresh doughnuts, so this is definitely tragic.

Twenty rolling carts full of dough means so many doughnuts, thousands, countless delicious rings and bars and cream-filled pastries of perfection. Now it means nothing but a sorrow-filled afternoon cleaning up what could have been. If only they could have been cooked and eaten.

5 Endless Boxes Of Chicken Nuggets

via wnct.com

If one were to stop and think about the sheer amount of individual chicken nuggets that crisscross thousands and thousands of miles back and forth across the country of the US in any given day, the amount is likely staggeringly large.

For example, this semi-dropped a full load of frozen chicken nuggets, scattering them everywhere in a chicken mess. People were taking them as their own, despite the authorities cautioning them against it. Who can pass up free chicken nuggets?

4 A Big Sticky Situation

via newsforsanantonio.com

There are many unfortunate and messy spills that have happened and can happen on the roads of the world, and almost none of them are good for the environment, in fact usually much worse.

But there are many that are just funny because of how difficult they must be to clean up. That's the case with this spill, where a semi-truck hauling a load of glue spilled its load, and huge amounts of glue, well, stuck to the roads. Talk about a nightmare to clean up and tons of harsh chemicals all over the road.

3 Drink And Chips Combo Spill

via floridatoday.com

In Florida, two semis collided and they were carrying two very fascinating things. Well, apart from each other they aren't that interesting, one was carrying a load of Busch beverages, the other was carrying Frito Lay products. Can it get any more fitting?

The result of the two trucks meeting was the beverage and chips scattered all over the highway. Why clean it up when you could just set up shop and have a tailgate party? Seems like an awesome time to me, drinks and chips for all!

2 Hundreds Of Cases Of Keystone Light

via lolwot.com

Light beverages are too many of absolutely no value, as it doesn't taste good, isn't strong, and essentially boils down to empty calories and bad tasting slightly flat seltzer water. It's no good, and not many people actually like Keystone Light.

Everyone has their own tastes, of course, but I doubt many people were all that upset when this truck dumped its load of light lager all over the lanes of traffic, sending the liquid and cans all over the place. If it were me behind the spill I'd do everything I could to run over as many cases as possible.

1 Twenty Six Miles Of Vegetable Oil

via cecildaily.com

While it doesn't look like much in the photo, this was taken soon after a massive vegetable oil spill. The cars dragged and spread out the oil to a massive distance of twenty-six miles. Talk about a serious pain to clean up and a liability.

All kinds of cars had trouble driving in the extremely slippery conditions that the oil on the roads caused. It was a huge headache for all involved, not just the authorities or those in charge of cleaning it up, but also for those driving in it.

Sources: Mental Floss, Web Urbanist & Ranker

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