How Not To Stop A Car Fire: Septic Tank Used To Douse BMW X6 Blaze

A burning car is doused in brown sludge, but was this truly the only way to save the vehicle?

X7 Sludge

A BMW X6 caught fire on a Russian highway and was later doused in the worst liquid you could possibly imagine.

We can’t imagine this sort of thing happening to anyone, but it happened to this extremely unfortunate owner of a BMW X6. For whatever reason, their expensive luxury SUV caught fire on the highway. That’s bad enough, but then to be saved by a septic truck driver? We’re not so sure if that’s better or worse than just letting the car burn.

Details emerged from Russian news site RT. This all took place in the city of Samara, about 660 miles east of Moscow. An X6 caught fire and then managed to flag down a tanker truck that was clearly transporting liquid. The X6 owner probably thought it was water and his quick thinking just saved his precious SUV.

As it turns out, the truck was actually driving a full load of septic fluid. For those of you who don’t live on a farm (or someplace far away from a modern metropolis), a septic tank is the place where you all those fluids go when you flush your toilet if you’re not connected to a sewer system. As you might expect, it’s full of gross stuff that periodically needs to be emptied lest the tank burst and flood your home with raw, unfiltered waste.

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We can imagine that poor X6 driver standing there for a moment as his car burns, wondering if it was worth it to use human waste to try to save his car. And then he decides to just go for it. He pops the hood and almost gets burned by the leaping flames, and then comes a torrent of brown effluent.

Was it worth it? We may never know. There were no injuries reported, but the ultimate fate of the X6 remains unknown. If the fire was doused in time to prevent too much damage, perhaps the engine is repairable. But would anything be enough to get rid of the smell?

Probably not.

(Source: RTAutoblog)

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