SF Motors: The New Electric SUV Automaker In Town

A silicon valley company is looking to get into the competitive market of electric SUVs. They're name is SF Motors.

There's A New Electric SUV Automaker In Town

The electric vehicle market just got a new competitor.

Silicon Valley startup SF Motors just recently had their global unveiling, coming onto the scene with the promise of two fully electric SUVs and more to come. The company is backed by Chinese investors and will start production of their SUVs in both China and the US.

SF Motors will focus exclusively on battery-powered vehicles. Their first two cars, the SF5 and SF7, are fully electric SUVs built on the same platform. The midsize SF5 is available for preorder now with deliveries beginning next year, while the SF7 is set to arrive shortly after.

The SUVs have an interesting customization option that allows the user to select trim levels with between one to four electric motors. If you go for the full four, the company says the SF5 can go from zero to sixty in less than 3 seconds. That would be a seriously fast SUV if their estimates turn out to be true.


Each motor produces roughly 100kW, so a full arsenal of motors will be 400kW with over 1000 hp. SF Motors didn’t provide numbers on their battery packs, but we know they’re centrally mounted, liquid cooled, and are said to provide a range of up to 300 miles based on EPA standards.

via SF Motors


If that range doesn’t impress, SF Motors say all their cars will come with electric generators as range extenders that will sip a bit of gas (presumably) to go just a bit further.

Both SUVs come with torque vectoring all-wheel-drive, multi-link suspension, and air springs with continuous damping control.

SF Motors also promises to have some autonomous driving tech by the year 2020. Called “protective autonomy,” it uses “deep neural network-based computer vision, combined with the accuracy of LiDAR sensor perception, to power a driver and vehicle monitoring system that creates a safer ride for all.”

It sounds like level 3-4 autonomy, but with that description, it could be anything.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, but you can pre-order your SF5 on the SF Motors website.


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