20Saturn Sky Redline

Via: Jason Muxlow

Saturn first started selling cars in 1990 offering unusual, dent-resistant plastic body panels and a haggle-free dealership experience. They became popular enough that, by 1996, demand outpaced supply. The brand was not profitable, however, as the $5-billion initial investment in Saturn coupled with the low profit margins of compact cars

meant that they were losing $3,000 on every vehicle they sold. From this bleak situation, and two years from its ultimate demise, Saturn debuted the Sky roadster in 2007. A sharper-styled sister to Pontiac’s Solstice, the Redline version of the Sky featured a turbocharger attached to its 2.0-liter four to produce 86 more horsepower, for a total of 260. Unfortunately, both the Sky and the Solstice, and the brands that produced them, would be gone before the end of the decade.

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