South Carolina Tuner Gives Sleeper Ford F-150 Pickup 720 HP For A Low Price

Without doing anything to the engine, 5 Star Tuning has given this F-150 over 700 hp for a very low price.


If you wanted to give your F-150 a bit of a boost, 5 Star Tuning might be the guys to call.

We’ve seen fast F-150s, but they usually have a lot of work done to them. Some have engine swaps, most have superchargers, and a few even upgrade the turbos to provide a greater boost. Very rarely does an F-150 stay stock before rocking out on the drag strip, but South Carolina-based 5 Star Tuning is looking to do things a little different.

5 Star looked at Ford’s 3.5-L twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 engine and saw potential. They wanted to find out just what that engine could do if they pulled out all the stops, but kept the engine almost completely as-is. That means the motor internals and turbochargers are all stock. What changes is what goes into that engine.

First, 5 Star overhauled the fuel system to run on E85 racing fuel. That’s 85% ethanol, a type of gas that allows a whole lot more oxygen to get burned, creating a whole lot more power. Next, a new air intake is needed to feed the engine the air that it needs now that it’s running on E85 gas.

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A Mishimoto intercooler helps keep the engine cool, and a custom exhaust with high-flow catalytic converters keep the atmosphere moving. Finally, an ECU update to handle the new engine output is installed and calibrated.

The end result is 600 hp to the rear wheels. Using the usual 15% power loss to the transmission results in crank horsepower of 720. Rear-wheel torque is around 650 lb-ft.

That's a lot of power from a mostly stock setup. It's also way more than the F-150's 10-speed automatic transmission was ever designed to handle. But as TFLTruck points out, this prototype vehicle is just to see what 5 Star can do with a stock engine and minimal modifications using bolt-on components.

Preliminary testing reveals a 0-60 time of under 4 seconds, with a quarter-mile taking 11.64 seconds. That's fast. And all this for just $5,000 in upgrades.

There's no word on when 5 Star will offer this upgrade package commercially as it's still in development. Drivetrain upgrades may become necessary as a result of the additional power, which will push the final price tag up beyond that $5,000 price. But for now at least, this looks to be the cheapest way to get your F-150 ready for the track.

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