20 Slow Sports Cars That Are Also Modding Nightmares

Sports cars are easily some of the most popular vehicles that car enthusiasts can buy. Although they always seem to come at a very expensive price, it is clear that they are worth it because of their amazing styles and speed. However, in some cases, it is clear that these cars simply don't go fast enough and this is where problems can start presenting themselves.

Criticism is definitely warranted when it comes to the slow sports cars that are made today. With today's technological advances continuing to increase, every sports car should possess the ability to reach serious speeds. Older sports cars have somewhat of an excuse but even some of those are far too slow even when it comes to their time.

With all that has been stated thus far, we will be looking at 20 slow sports cars that are also modding nightmares.It is important to note that these cars will be coming from a wide variety of car manufacturers, as well as different time periods. Some of these cars are not necessarily bad but are just too slow to ignore. In fact, some of these vehicles actually played a major role in the popularity of their car manufacturers. However, this article will be focusing on the speed and modding difficulty of these cars. A car can be fantastic but if it is slow compared to other sports cars, it will be named on this list.

Now, let's look at these sports cars!

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20 DeLorean DMC-12

via Hemmings Motor News

This vehicle may have been a very popular one in pop culture during its time on the primary market, but that is essentially its only positive quality. This car was extremely slow as a sports car, as its top speed would end up being around 85 miles per hour.

This definitely is not good for a sports car, as people purchase these in hopes that they can reach blistering speeds with ease. Mix in the fact that it also is extremely challenging to mod because of the way it is structured and this is a car that absolutely should be avoided in its entirety.

19 Ferrari Mondial

via Hemmings Motor News

There is no question that Ferrari is one of the most popular car manufacturers in the entire automobile world. This makes a lot of sense, as they have constantly been able to provide us with spectacular cars over the years. However, the Ferrari Mondial is not an example of one.

For a sports car, this vehicle was extremely underwhelming, as it did not the capability to reach any high speeds. This is likely why it would come at a cheap price—well, for Ferrari's standards anyway. It did not help that modding this car was a complete challenge, as well, so it is one that should be avoided to this day.

18 Jaguar E-Type

via RM Sotheby's

Jaguar may not be as much of a powerhouse as it once was, but it is clear that they do have a decent amount of solid cars in their history. However, the Jaguar E-Type definitely does not follow in that direction. These cars were very poor and they almost did not deserve the title of being a sports car.

The primary negative about this vehicle was that it was far too slow compared to other sports cars around it. This definitely would be disappointing for its buyers. It barely had the ability to go over 100 miles per hour and was essentially impossible to mod because of the way it was built.

17 Lamborghini Urraco

via Wikipedia

The Lamborghini Urraco is a rarity because of the fact that it is actually a bad car from such an elite car manufacturer. The primary issue that would be brought forth from this car was that it was structured in an extremely poor manner. This would result in it having a short life cycle.

Its lack of speed was extremely disappointing, and it made it end up losing the entirety of its value as time would pass by. Modding this car was also an extremely challenging process because of the fact that it simply was not meant for that. Overall, it was a major lemon.

16 Plymouth Prowler

via Wikipedia

In terms of its appearance, the Plymouth Prowler can go down as one of the coolest looking cars of its time. However, aside from that, this was an example of a bad sports car. This is evident by the fact that it did not have the ability to go over 100 miles per hour with ease.

This series would end up not lasting too long because of this, and that is truly a shame. It was a very cool vehicle that many people enjoyed the looks of but they would end up disliking the way it drove. Also, modding it was near impossible because of the way it was built.

15 Lamborghini Countach

via Hemmings Motor News

At first glance, one might assume that the Lamborghini Countach is a fast car. I mean, it clearly appears to be with the way it is built and it comes from a marvelous car manufacturer. However, this would end up not being the case in the slightest because of how slow it is.

Although it had the potential to reach high speeds, it would take this vehicle a long time to actually do so. This definitely would end up hurting its overall reputation, and this, of course, would lead to its sales dropping. At the end of the day, this car clearly was one that was not able to max out its potential.

14 Ferrari Testarossa

via Car and Driver

For the record, the Ferrari Testarossa was not a bad sports car in the slightest. In fact, it would be the primary vehicle that would bring upon an entirely new level of popularity to the car manufacturer. However, compared to its other models, this car was actually pretty slow.

It definitely is a car that would be fun to drive even today, but it is clear that it simply would not have the ability to keep up with today's sports cars. This is a fine collector's item, regardless. However, if one wanted to mod it, they would run into a lot of trouble because of the way that this car was built by the manufacturer.

13 Maserati Ghibli

via Wikipedia

The Maserati Ghibli is easily one of the most popular series of cars that has ever come from this manufacturer. People are attracted to it because of the amazing appearance that it possesses. It also always seems to be structured extremely well each year, so it does deserve a ton of praise.

However, a major negative about this car is that it does not actually have the ability to reach high speeds in a quick manner. It definitely is not the slowest sports car on this list, but at the same time, it is a little bit underwhelming in that department. Modding it is also essentially impossible.

12 Chevrolet Corvette C3

via Hagerty

The Chevrolet Corvette series is easily one of the most iconic in the history of the automobile world. However, even with this being the case, it does not excuse it from having a few blemishes in its history. This is presented through the disappointing Chevrolet Corvette C3.

In all fairness, this model did come out a long time ago but it was even a lemon back then. It was far too slow for a sports car and this is because of the extremely weak engine that the manufacturer would end up giving it. Also, with the way it was built, modding it was a complete nightmare and still is today.

11 Porsche 914

via Petrolicious

The Porsche 914 is definitely a vehicle that will go down as one of the most popular cars from the famous manufacturer. However, it is important to note that it actually was quite slow compared to the others around it. It takes almost 15 seconds for it to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour!

This car is a lot older than most, so it should get a bit of a pass. However, we cannot ignore the progress that has been made with speeds in the automobile world. This is a clear example of a slow sports car. However, even with this being the case, it is still a legendary car that should get praise.

10 Mazda RX-8

via BeForward

The Mazda RX-8 definitely was a bit of a disappointment, as it was slower than its previous model, the RX-7. This is because of the fact that it was built with a weaker engine. However, with it being a sports car, this is a major negative component of this vehicle.

Cars that go backward in speed in this department of vehicles definitely are never a good sign. It does not help that this car is also very challenging to mod, so it does not offer much room for improvement. At the end of the day, this is not necessarily a bad car, but it is clear that it is very underwhelming.

9 Mitsubishi Lancer GT

via Wikipedia

The Mitsubishi Lancer GT is a vehicle that definitely looks as though that it can reach high speeds. The car manufacturer also has been known to make successful sports cars in the past. However, this car can barely reach over 100 miles per hour and this is definitely very disappointing.

When looking at this vehicle, one may quickly assume that it was built for speed. However, it is clear that this is another example of a sports car that simply cannot reach its full potential in that department. Modding it is also very difficult, so this is a car that just does not make sense buying.

8 Toyota Celica

via Hemmings Motor News

The Toyota Celica is a sports car that would go on to get a lot of attention. The primary reason behind this is the fact that the car manufacturer itself had an amazing reputation and that is not ever going to change. Also, it possessed a classic sports car look that attracted buyers.

However, the look did not translate to high speeds, as this car would end up not being given enough power. That does not mean that it was a bad sports car, but it definitely should have been made faster. Also, good luck modding it. It will take a lot of time and it will require an abundance of patience.

7 Honda CR-Z

via Wikipedia

The Honda CR-Z is one of the most popular series of cars to ever from this manufacturer. This ultimately makes a lot of sense, as they were clearly built to last because of the amazing way that they were structured. However, they are far too slow for a sports car.

The primary issue with its speed is that it simply is overshadowed by the vast majority of its competition in that department. There is no question that this ends up making it a bit disappointing, but at the same time, its legacy for the car manufacturer is still extremely impressive for other reasons.

6 Mazda Miata

via Puente Hills Mazda

The Mazda Miata is a very popular series of vehicles from the outstanding car manufacturer. This ultimately makes a plethora of sense, as this vehicle has an amazing style to it and has been very productive for a number of years. However, it is actually pretty slow for a sports car.

This definitely may come as a surprise to some when looking at it, but it definitely is true. It has a lot of trouble when it comes to reaching high speeds in an efficient manner. Modding it is also extremely difficult. Yet, these factors should not make people stay away from it. It still drives very smoothly and can be fun, though.

5 Porsche 944

via Grassroots Motorsports

The Porsche 944 definitely is not a car from the manufacturer that was built for speed. This definitely can go down as a major surprise from them, as that component seems to be the most important aspect of their company. However, this car just does not reach high speeds.

Now, that is not to say that this is a bad sports car, but it definitely is a bit underwhelming. If the manufacturer made it faster by giving it a better engine, this is a vehicle that definitely could have gotten far more attention. It also is not one that is meant for modding, so it is not the most fun car to drive today.

4 Pontiac Fiero

via ClassicCars.com

The Pontiac Fiero is easily one of the most popular series that ever came from this manufacturer. It would go on to leave a major impact on the automobile world. It definitely had an amazing style to it, and this would result in it getting a lot of attention from buyers.

However, due to the fact that it was an older sports car, it definitely can be deemed as very slow. It only had the ability to reach 100 miles per hour and that definitely is not very solid for a sports car. Modding it was nearly impossible, as well. Although it was a great car of its time, it clearly would not do as well today.

3 Mitsubishi Eclipse

via Bring a Trailer

The Mitsubishi Eclipse is a sports car that still gets attention today. This definitely makes a lot of sense, as this car was clearly built to last and it has an amazing style to it. However, even with all of this being the case, it is quite apparent that it was not the fastest of sports cars.

There is no question that this is the type of car that buyers would love to get, but there are far faster vehicles out there if they are looking for speed. Modding this vehicle is definitely a very challenging task, as well. However, these factors do not mean that it is a bad car in the slightest.

2 Dodge Dart

via Wikipedia

Dodge is one of the most popular domestic car manufacturers at this present time. This has been a fact for a number of years. However, with the Dodge Dart, it is clear that they made a very underwhelming sports car. Even with its fastest features given to it, it is still an extremely slow car.

There is a good chance that this car can be said to be structured well, but it is far too slow for a modern sports car. This definitely has left a bit of a negative impact on its buyers, as they expected it to be so much more. As for modding it, there is no question that this is a lengthy process that comes with a lot of inconsistencies.

1 Chrysler TC

via Wikipedia

Chrysler is a car manufacturer that would thrive during the 1990s. However, even though this was the case, it is clear that their Chrysler TC was a complete and utter disappointment. In fact, it would end up being named as one of the worst cars of that decade.

Aside from its extremely faulty engine and unpredictable steering, it also was far too slow. This definitely would end up being the final straw when it came to buyers and as a result of this, the series would end up coming to a close far earlier than expected. Good luck modding it, too, with how poorly it was built.

Sources: Zero to 60 Times, Autoblog, and Hemmings.

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