10 Smart Ways To Future-Proof Your Car

The world is always evolving, looking forward to the future as everyone tries to make things better and the car industry certainly does just that, with new vehicles constantly having more and more brand new technology with every design.

Obviously, for most people, the ability to go out and buy the latest car every six months in order to have the newest technology is simply ridiculous, but that doesn't mean that the everyman can't future-proof their car as well.

Even an incredibly old car can still be future-proofed with a few small adjustments, with some smart decisions anything is possible, whether that be an app on your phone or a bigger, more permanent change.

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Within this article, we will specifically look at ten smart ways you can think ahead and future-proof your car, with some simple and cheap examples, and some more expensive and technological ideas.

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10 Parking Sensors

For a lot of people, one of the trickiest things about driving can be ending a journey and parking the car. Whilst it might be simple for many, driving at a slow speed with no high-speed cars around, for some the possibility of bumping cars close by can worry people.

However, many modern cars have fixed that problem with sensors all around the vehicle that beep inside the car, getting louder as you get closer to an object, allowing drivers to know just how close they can be from danger.

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This is something that any car can be fitted with by buying the right technology, with cameras also now being available giving a rear-view which allows a driver to guide their car safely back into a space.

9 Add A Dash Camera

Speaking of cameras, another gadget that can be added to any car is a dash camera, which are becoming more frequent, especially for younger and less-experienced drivers who tend to use it as an extra back-up.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen on the road, and whilst most crashes or bumps are not done on purpose, most of the time it is the fault of only one driver, yet that isn't always easy to determine.

However, with a dash camera, everything can be caught on camera, making the insurance situation afterwards much easier to deal with. In the future, every car will likely have one already installed, but for now, many people have to go out and physically buy one.

8 Wireless Phone Chargers

Whilst using your phone whilst driving is not a good idea, the fact is many drivers rely upon their mobile devices for various different reasons. From using it as a Sat Nav or phoning people for work (hands-free), to simply using it for music or entertaining children in the backseats.

However, any long journey will require a phone to be charged which often means having lots of wires being tangled all around the driving area of the car, which is a hassle and also potentially dangerous.

But that doesn't have to be the case anymore as wireless phone charging technology is now available and is perfect for anyone who commutes via their car and needs their mobiles.

7 Upgrading Your Apps

Speaking of mobile phones, it is through them that people are able to future-proof their cars even more as most smartphones have the chance to download apps that will allow a car to become far more advanced.

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Apps such as Android Auto and CarPlay can allow a car to access the apps from a smartphone on a cars dashboard screen, regardless of the model which allows people to improve the quality of their driving experience and lower the risk of crashing due to distraction.

The latest versions of Google Maps or other apps will all be instantly available to the car once a person has downloaded them, and simply makes a car feel far more modern.

6 Going Electric

Unlike the previous two examples, this one would be a much more expensive change, with this relying on people actually going out and buying a brand new car, but it would certainly put someone ahead of the curve.

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The future of cars is very much electric, with the planet depending on it, and as different companies get on board electric cars will only continue to improve, with many of them now being on par in terms of power as non-electric cars.

More and more charging stations are now being set up around major cities in the world, and whilst it could be an issue in more remote areas, this is an area of driving that is only going to grow. Therefore getting onboard early is certainly a way to future-proof!

5 Control From A Distance

The old fashioned classic key is something of yesterday when it comes to driving, with new cars now simply using a button to open the vehicle, which seemed like a very bizarre decision many years ago.

Now, many people who own older cars wished they had a simpler way of opening up their car and they can! With apps such as Viper's Smart Start Pro, people can have control over their car from afar, using a smartphone or watch.

Not only does the app allow people to open their cars from a distance, but it also locates the car, which means the days of being lost in a car park are over.

4 Emergency Access

As has been previously mentioned on this list, sadly, accidents are commonplace when it comes to cars with some drivers being incredibly reckless whilst other times it is simply just plain bad luck.

Thankfully, most bumps are not too serious, but on the odd occasion it can require medical assistance, sometimes urgently and if the driver is in a very bad state, the ability to ring an ambulance isn't possible.

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That is where the Bay Alarm Medical steps in, with the technology being a one-touch access to live emergency response agents, which also has crash detection and a built-in GPS, allowing them to locate you regardless of if you know your location. Whilst it might not be something people want to think about, it is always best to be safe and not sorry.

3 Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication

This technology isn't widely available everywhere just yet but is something that is being worked on constantly to give even more people access to it. However, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication is certainly worth looking into at the very least.

This technology essentially allows vehicles to share information with each other regarding breaking or indicator signals which can allow cars to adjust their speed and directions in order to match what is going on around them.

This certainly helps with reducing the possibility of accidents or other traffic situations that means that driver error is lowered as more back-ups are put in place.

2 Fresh Car Smells

Cars might always appear perfectly clean and neat on adverts or movies, but everyone knows that in reality, a close, confined environment like a car can quickly produce a mess that leads to some nasty odours.

Whether it is sweat from the gym or stains of spilt food and drink, cars can quickly end up having a horrible smell about them that makes them rather unappealing to people hopping in for a ride.

However, now there are many different types of air filters that have been created which get rid of those smells, keeping cars as fresh as possible each and every time you step inside.

1 Autonomous Driving

The idea of not having to actually put your hands on the wheel and drive your car whilst on the road might seem like a potentially dangerous one, but it is now possible thanks to advanced technology.

This is the absolute future of driving and even though someone would have to specifically bu a car that has an autonomous driving feature, although there is technology in existence that can turn certain cars already on the road into an 'Autopilot' car.

Of course, this is a fairly expensive option and one that doesn't have tons of variety, with Tesla being the most popular company for 'Autopilot' cars. But this certainly is the future of driving, so why not get on board now?

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