20 Special Edition Cars That Never Made Any Sense

Special edition cars can truly be some of the best vehicles in the automobile world. It is clear that car manufacturers make them in hopes that they turn out to be best sellers. In many cases, people end up being very intrigued by them as soon as they hit the primary market. However, this does not always constitute a high amount of success.

In some cases, car manufacturers completely miss the mark with their special editions. Whether it be because the cars were built very poorly or the whole idea of them was completely incorrect, mistakes can happen with these type of vehicles.

With all that has been stated thus far, in this article, we will be looking at 20 special edition cars that never made any sense. It is very important to note that these vehicles will be coming from a large number of different car manufacturers. This will show the fact that all of these brands are prone to making mistakes when it comes to these type of vehicles. Also, these vehicles will be coming from a wide variety of different decades, so any special edition car is up for criticism.

At the end of the day, it is quite clear that these cars could have been far better than they actually were.

Now, let's look at these poor special edition cars!

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20 Jeep Wrangler Dragon Edition

via Autoweek

The Jeep Wrangler Dragon Edition was a car that literally nobody was asking for. It is clear that the car manufacturer was aiming to release something different with this special edition car, but it ultimately backfired. It simply failed to gain any attention, as it simply was a Wrangler with a giant dragon painted on it.

It seems as though a regular individual could have come up with and designed this car. Criticism is definitely warranted for the direction that they went with this vehicle. Perhaps if they ended up using a far better design, it could have gotten a little bit of praise, but even that statement is a reach.

19 Bugatti Veyron World Record Edition

via Road & Track

The Bugatti Veyron World Record Edition definitely is a special-edition car that looked sick. However, what would end up making this car lose a ton of value is the fact that its name was misleading. There was no way anyone who owned this car was going to actually take it up to world-record speeds.

This a special edition car that would have been sick to own, but it is clearly misleading at the end of the day. This car would end up being far too highly priced, and this would make people end up disliking it. Had Bugatti used a different name for it, perhaps it would have actually been a hit on the primary market.

18 Dodge Ram Daytona

via YouTube

In 2005, Dodge decided to make a special edition called the Ram Daytona. This could have worked out, but they should not have gone the truck route. The Daytona would have been far better if they opted to make a sports car edition. The pickup version just did not sell in a good fashion.

It did not help that this vehicle was extremely poor when it came to its overall concept. This clear fact would end up making it drop value very quickly and many people simply would end up disliking it immensely. At the end of the day, it just did not reach the standards it truly should have.

17 Fiat 500 Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari

via Jeeps Canada

The Fiat 500 Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari was truly a waste of everyone's time. Although the car itself would end up driving fairly well, for the most part, the Ferrari branding was completely unnecessary and made it far more expensive than it actually needed to be.

This was a special edition car that clearly was made for the manufacturer to make a profit. They needed an excuse to make this car over the top in terms of its price and the Ferrari branding did just that. However, at the end of the day, it clearly was overvalued, and this would make people avoid it entirely.

16 Jeep Comanche Eliminator

via Wikimedia Commons

Jeep is known for their powerful vehicles, but it is clear that they missed the mark with the special-edition Jeep Comanche Eliminator. This vehicle was simply underwhelming compared to the rest of its competition, yet came at a price that was far too expensive.

There is no question that people were intrigued by this vehicle, at first. However, they would soon lose interest in it when they realized that it was extremely poor when it came to its overall structure. At the end of the day, it is another car that had a ton of potential but failed to reach it immensely.

15 Chevrolet Venture Warner Bros. Edition

via Concept Carz

The Chevrolet Venture was a very popular series from the car manufacturer during its stint. This is largely because of the fact that it would end up developing a reputation as a car that is perfect for big families. The car manufacturer would co-market it with Warner Bros. for this special edition.

This vehicle was just far too gimmicky and that truly made it lose its value rather quickly. It is clear that they were going for younger audiences. However, the problem with this is that adults are driving, not kids. Families did not feel the need to spend extra for a Warner Bros. emblem on their car.

14 Scion TC Release Series 7.0

via CarGurus

The Scion TC Release Series 7.0 was supposed to help make this car manufacturer extremely popular. However, due to its strange style and poorly structured body, it would end up becoming one of the worst special edition cars in the history of the automobile world. This likely will never change either.

It just is extremely disappointing that this car did not end up being a solid one, as it likely had the potential to be. It definitely was going for a luxury type look, but it ultimately failed to reach this goal. Instead, this vehicle will forever be mocked by car enthusiasts everywhere, and to be quite honest, it is deserving of this treatment.

13 Pagani Zonda F Final Edition

via Reddit

The Pagani Zonda F Final Edition had a lot of potential to be something special. It is quite clear that it would go on to have an amazing design. However, the biggest problem that would come from it is that it would end up being structured in an extremely poor fashion. This would drop its value.

This would definitely be disappointing to the individuals who would end up buying it. They expected this car to be something truly amazing, as it was a special-edition vehicle. However, what is even stranger about this vehicle is that it was not even the final release of this series. Its name was entirely misleading.

12 Mitsubishi Pajero Mini Snoopy Edition

via Wheelsage

There is no question that Snoopy is one of the most beloved characters in cartoon history. However, what was the actual point of Mitsubishi making a special edition with him for their Pajero? It just seemed like a waste of money for everyone involved.

Due to this clear fact, this car would not end up doing well when it came to its overall sales. This design was something that ordinary people could come up with. In fact, all someone would have to do is get a Snoopy sticker and put it on a Pajero. This would end up basically making it the same thing.

11 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson

via Car and Driver

The Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson was supposed to be the perfect mix between power and speed. Although it would end up having a decent amount of speed, it is clear that it was absolutely unnecessary when it was placed into working conditions. This would quickly drop its value.

There is no question that this could have been a solid vehicle, but it simply did not live up to the Harley-Davidson name. Instead, this is widely considered to be one of the most underperforming special-edition vehicles of all time. In all honesty, it deserves all of the criticism that comes its way.

10 AMC Gremlin Levi's Edition

via YouTube

From the very start of its release, it became clear the Levi’s AMC Gremlin was a complete and utter failure. It was quickly laughed at by the vast majority of the automobile world, as it made absolutely zero sense for the car manufacturer to merge with the top-selling jeans manufacturer.

It was extremely strange to look at the design of this car too, as it tried to pass off as a pair of jeans. In all honesty, this can easily go down as one of the worst special-edition vehicles in the history of the automobile world. This is never going to change, either, as car manufacturers are far smarter today.

9 Chrysler PT Cruiser Couture Edition

via Autoweek

The Chrysler PT Cruiser had a good reputation for a handful of years, but it would quickly go sour. This is largely because of the fact that the car manufacturer started to produce very unreliable cars. Engine and transmission problems seemed to be the most common occurrences.

In an effort to help salvage their sales, Chrysler decided to make a Couture Special Edition PT Cruiser. To no one's surprise, people would end up not being very interested in it because of its past problems. The two-tone color scheme was not enough to hide how bad this car was. It was enough for Chrysler to 86 the series entirely.

8 Volkswagen Golf Harlequin

via Autosavant

The Volkswagen Golf series is easily one of the most popular to come from this legendary car manufacturer. However, Volkswagen made a very strange decision when they opted to release the special edition Golf Harlequin. At first glance, one can understand why it was heavily disliked.

Perhaps this was the perfect car for an individual who could not decide what color they wanted their vehicle to be. However, to the vast majority of car enthusiasts, the color design is extremely distracting and to put it quite bluntly, ugly. At the end of the day, it clearly is a car that never should have been released.

7 Dodge Ram Rumble Bee

via ClassicCars.com

The Dodge Rumble Bee was definitely a bit of strange release. The car manufacturer opted to make this vehicle resemble a bee, as it names implies, but this is just such a strange idea. I mean, they could have gone in so many different directions. It is hard to muster up a thought as to why they went with this.

Yellow is truly a hit-or-miss color when it comes to its use on cars. It is quite clear that it was a failure when it came to this model, as it was far too vibrant. The name itself also does not match the masculinity that comes with a Ram truck. At the end of the day, this was truly a strange special edition that stood no chance.

6 Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty MW3

via Classic Cars From UK

The Jeep Wrangler is easily one of the most popular series in the history of the automobile world. This is quite apparent by the fact that they are known for making their vehicles with a lot of power and class. However, their Call of Duty MW3 special release was extremely tacky and unnecessary.

There is no question that the Call of Duty video game series is a very popular one, but does it really deserve its own car? It just seems that this was a clear attempt to build a bigger audience for Jeep, but it did not work. They could have with a far better theme for this special edition car, but failed miserably to do so.

5 Jeremy Smith Smart Fortwo

via CarBuyer

It is quite challenging to find a way to make a Smart Fortwo car worse but the manufacturer apparently decided to try their best. They teamed up with fashion designer Jeremy Smith and they came up with this absolute monstrosity. I mean, why would they decide to give this car wings?

This easily should go down as the absolute worst special edition car of all time. It does not help that the Smart Fortwo series is already seen as one of the worst in the history of the automobile world. Yet, this version of it takes it to a whole new level and it will forever be one of the biggest laughingstocks ever.

4 Fiat Panda Italia ‘90

via Car Reviews

For the 1990 World Cup, Fiat decided to make a special edition vehicle. This definitely seemed like a weird idea from the start. It was a bit strange that the car manufacturer opted to make its hubcaps in the design of a soccer ball. It just screamed tacky from the start.

One cannot fault the car manufacturer for aiming to do something different. It is clear that they were excited for their home country to be hosting the World Cup and that makes sense. However, the design that they gave to this car was definitely below average and it honestly ruins the overall concept of it.

3 Daihatsu Terios Kid Aerodown

via Wikimedia Commons

The Daihatsu Terios Kid Aerodown was one of the weirdest special edition cars to ever be released into the automobile world. At first glance, it is clear that it would be structured in a rather peculiar fashion. This fact alone would make a lot of people avoid it entirely.

This definitely was not the worst car ever, but it clearly was marketed in an incorrect way. The name itself does not necessarily scream out for consumers to buy it, and this would be seen by how little sales it would actually receive. It is clear that this could have been a lot better if they went a different route with it entirely.

2 Nissan Silvia Almighty

via Favcars.com

The Nissan Silvia Almighty was supposed to end up being a very solid vehicle from the car manufacturer. Excellence was expected of it, as this car manufacturer has obviously been known for making extremely reliable cars for a long period of time. However, it was a complete lemon.

The problem with this special edition car was that it did not perform well compared to the others around it. This was particularly bad because of the fact that it was supposed to be a top-notch special-edition vehicle. Instead, this is now one of the biggest blemishes in the history of the car manufacturer.

1 Mercury Villager Nautica Edition

via The Truth About Cars

For some strange reason, Mercury decided to merge with Nautica to release a special-edition Villager. This series had been popular for a decent amount of time but it is clear that they absolutely should not have made this version of it. It would quickly be laughed at as soon as it hit the primary market.

The major issue that would be brought forth from this vehicle was that it just seemed to lack an overall purpose. There is no question that it was meant to be a family car, but having the Nautica label made it far more expensive than it actually should have been.

Sources: Jalopnik, MSN, and Wikipedia.

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