15 Stanced Cars That Look Incredible (And 10 That Belong In A Junkyard)

Let's take a closer look at some "stanced" cars that look incredible, and some we think should be in a junkyard.

First of all, "stance" is not what a lot of people seem to think it is. All cars have "stance." Watch any car show, and they'll talk about getting the stance right, whether it's old school hot rods or '80s Euro Hatches or brand new Japanese cars. Stance is not unique to those cars with exaggerated negative camber and stretched tires.

While car modification can be a divisive subject, very few styles of modifying are as divisive as what's become known as the stance movement; some regard it as an insult to engineering, as well as to their own eyes and ears. For others, it's a way of life that eats up large chunks of both their time and monthly paychecks as owners pursue their vision of automotive perfection.

Pretty much every car you can think of has been lowered with wide wheels and low-profile tires. This, of course, means that when people build show cars or cars for the modified world, they will have to take it further than what's been done before, or try to find a car that’s not been done before, which is hard to do. Everyone’s constantly trying to out-do each other with better and wider wheels, lower cars, bigger engines—but as long as everyone is enjoying themselves and trying to do different things, it's all good. Sometimes someone does something different and everyone hates it, but it still gets attention.

So let's take a closer look at some "stanced" cars that look incredible, and some we think should be in a junkyard.

25 Incredible: 1970 Camaro Z28 - World War Z

via Stance Is Everything

Here's how important it is for a car to have the right stance: without taking anything away from the build. If this car didn’t sit the way it does, it could be considered by critics to be “just another” LS V8 swapped Camaro.

The low ride height, custom flares, and wide wheels wrapped in equally wide rubber are what make this car instantly recognizable and at the same time so polarizing.

It's not all show and no go either, it's been dyno'd at 826whp, which equates to a 10.3-second quarter-mile at 135 miles an hour.

24 Incredible: Chevrolet Corvair

via Flickr

The Chevrolet Corvair might have gotten a reputation for being unsafe at any speed, but this Chevy Corvair looks pretty sweet just sitting there on its air bagged suspension with a perfect stance.

It has been fully customized but the rusty body panels have been kept original to preserve the patina. We know that rusty cars aren't everyone's cup of tea, but this Corvair really pulls it off, especially with that set of contrasting clean wheels. Come to think of it, this car really wouldn't look out of place as something coming out of Gas Monkey Garage.

23 Incredible: Liberty Walk Miura

via diariomotor

Everyone who has even the slightest interest in modified cars has heard of the controversial Japanese tuner Liberty Walk. They are pretty much synonymous with wide body kits, and with this Miura, they really stirred things up.

The Miura is one of the most gorgeous and historically important cars ever made, and here's one done up with Liberty Walk's crazy overfenders; to say it's polarizing would be an understatement. And that's the exact result Liberty Walk wanted. Here's a little secret for you though, it's not a real Miura. It's built on the chassis of a Ford GT40 replica kit car.

22 Incredible: Jsutai E30 M3

via Jsutai

A classic car has the ability to stand the test of time, as well as grab the attention of both old and young enthusiasts. The standard E30 M3, with its boxed arches, looks just as good today as it did back in the 80s; this one just takes it to the next level.

The suspension is BC coilovers fitted with custom springs, Falken tires are wrapped around the custom-built BBS RS wheels with slate grey faces, step lips and red pin stripping. All nicely finished off with an Evo front lip and wing with carbon extended flap.

21 Incredible: Rusty Slammington E28

via Engineswapdepot

Some of you might be aware that the original Rusty Slammington was severely damaged in a fire back in 2011, so it was completely rebuilt. Starting with the E28 shell and a completely custom tube chassis that would allow every aspect of the car from engine placement, suspension type, and ride height to be customized.

The body and wheelbase have been shortened almost 12 inches. This allowed the car to have a Group 5 racing look. The previous version was powered by a Toyota 1JZ but this time around there's a 3.7-liter BMW S38 inline-six built by VAC Motorsports under the hood.

20 Incredible: NSX

via Pinterest

There's no insane wide body kit on this 1991 NSX; it's actually OEM fenders front and rear. Styling is taken care of by a set of Marga Hill Side skirts, a Shine V1 front lip and a Diflow diffuser paired with I’s Impact rear spats.

To finish off the exterior, there's a Mugen spoiler and a custom set of sidesteps, which, thanks to the Bilstein coilovers, sit 1/3 of an inch off of the ground, and it's rolling on a set of fully polished Work S1R’s, double staggered and sized in at 18×9 in the front and 19×10.5 in the rear.

19 Incredible: Viper

via Stancenation

The spec list on this Viper is rather short and sweet. When it comes to stance and fitment, there isn’t a lot out there for these cars. To get the car planted to the ground it has a set of fully custom BC Racing coilovers, complete with shortened struts and springs to get it down to pavement scraping height.

The Viper sits on a set of Rotiform ROC wheels coming in at 19×12 up front and 20×15 in the rear - wrapped 285/30/19 and 345/25/20 rubber. Yeah, you read that correctly; 20×15 with 345/25 tires on a stock-body car. Every bushing was upgraded to polyurethane to stiffen up the chassis.

18 Incredible: Ferrari 360 Modena

via Stancenation

What do you do when owning a vehicle that dons the iconic prancing horse isn't quite special enough? Phil Chow slammed his 360 Modena on airbag suspension and fitted 19-inch magnesium BBS E88 race wheels shod in meaty Pirelli rubber. The bronze faced splits go well with the car’s red exterior and the stance is functional—not a bad way to make his car stand out from the crowd.

The Ferrari has gotten improved performance through a bunch of bolt-ons and the ECU and F1 transmission control unit have both been reflashed for greater power and quicker gear changes.

17 Incredible: Old & New Porsche 997

via Pinterest

This 997 is located all the way in Hiroshima Japan, where Old & New is based out of.

The kit itself was designed by Miura San, the man responsible for designing Rocket Bunny, Pandem, Liberty Walk, and the list goes on. This one isn't sold by Pandem/Rocket bunny though, but rather a start-up company that goes by the name of Old & New.

The concept was to make “something different” but without going way over the top and ruining the lovely 997 lines. One way to accomplish this was to go back to the ’70s and adapt that iconic slant nose look onto a 997—hence the name "Old & New."

16 Incredible: 350Z

via Pinterest

Literally everything about this 350Z is positive, except for the wheel camber. This kind of result can only be achieved by careful planning, which is why it consists of a combination of some of the nicest aftermarket parts around.

19x11 Forgestar F14 Super Deep Concave in Candy Red and wrapped in 295 Toyo Proxes rubber fill out the fenders at all four corners of the car. There's a rear diffuser from an FD RX7 mated to the Do Luck Rear bumper, which really complements that rear wing. See what we mean when we say it's a result of careful planning?

15 Incredible: Kuhl Racing R35 GTR

via Stancenation

Pics of the Kuhl Racing Nissan R35 really don't do it justice, and, unfortunately, unless you happen to reside somewhere around Nagoya, Japan, the chances of seeing it in person are pretty slim. This GTR wasn't built to be a powerhouse, but that doesn't make it any less special; even the judges at the Tokyo Auto Salon took notice of it, and awarded it the very prestigious “Grand Prix” award.

The exterior of the Kuhl R35 is about as wild as they come, and you can literally get lost in the details. The paint and bodywork is truly a work of art.

14 Incredible: BMW E46

via Stancenation

The BMW M3 has captivated car enthusiasts right from its E30-chassis beginnings. While the E36 didn't have much to separate it from its more mundane siblings in the looks department, the wide-arched E46-generation made it to every enthusiast's wishlists thanks to the attractive styling, balanced chassis, and powerful S54 inline-6.

Running an airbag suspension setup and 19-inch white Varrstoen ES2.2.2 wheels with custom reflective gold centers ensures the Beamer is pulling off the stanced look. The colors of the wheels are striking in contrast with the beautiful Laguna Seca Blue paint that covers the bodywork with its carefully chosen modifications.

13 Incredible: Rotiform Porsche 964

via Car Tuning

This Porsche 964 looks great from every angle. Brian Henderson, the owner of this awesome machine, didn't go for a wide body conversion on this 911. Instead, he wanted to keep it clean and simple by adding his own touches to the timeless Porsche design.

The suspension comes from H&R, and it gives the car the perfect drop to let the arches hug those relatively low key Rotiform LHR wheels with ceramic charcoal centers and bolts combined with brushed and satin clear coat lips. This is stance done right!

12 Incredible: Corolla AE86 & Truck

via Pinterest

It really doesn't get much cooler than this. As if having a properly stanced 3SGE-powered AE86 Corolla wasn't enough, there's a matching air bagged and decked out Isuzu Box Truck. Talk about bringing your childhood Hot Wheels dreams to life.

With a baller hauler like this, there's no way people can give you any grief by calling your car a trailer queen. Quite frankly, we're surprised this kind of thing isn't more common on the show car scene. Really low cars can be a pain in the butt to drive on public roads, but this setup is both practical and cool.

11 Incredible: Voomeran Golf

via Pinterest

With the right attention to detail, careful planning, and exacting execution, you can look good when parked up at a meet or show and still have the functionality, performance, and drivability to use it daily—the Euro Magic Voomeran Volkswagen Golf Mk2 is proof that you can have it all.

Euro Magic wanted their Voomeran Golfs to make a statement and stand out. Their plan was to further emphasize the Golf’s roots, yet keep it as user-friendly as a race car for the street could possibly be. A perfect blend of Euro hot hatch, stance, and some JDM touches.

10 Junkyard: Honda Elysion

via Stancenation

What you are looking at is a Honda Elysion built by a shop by the name of Peerless.

It's running Super Star LeonHardiritt Rasen wheels - 19×10 -16 up front and a rather ridiculous 19×12 -78 in the rear. Yes, you read that right, 19×12 -78!

The offset is not the only ridiculousness that's going on here. In order to achieve the stance you see in front of you, Peerless had to create a completely custom set of coilovers, shorten the knuckles, and exchange many of the suspension components such as upper arms and toe rods. What a complete waste!

9 Junkyard: Miata

via Pinterest

Miatas don't have lots of power, they don't offer a lot of practicality. In fact, there's a bunch of things that most other cars will do better than the little Mazda sportscar.

However, the Miata does have one trick up its sleeve: its handling! You won't find many cars, new or old, that can keep up with it on a narrow, twisty road.

So what did this genius do? He decided to remove the one thing the car had going for it in the first place. Congratulations, you now have a slow car that doesn't handle. And that "devil camber" just makes it look ridiculous.

8 Junkyard: Celica

via athlonoutdoors

There is a good thing about this Celica: it's in Japan, so the odds of having to look at it in person are slim. We do respect the amount of work that's gone into it—we really do. And the fact that the owner, Kawashima, did it all by himself is admirable.

However, it just doesn't look very nice, and that's putting it mildly. When the car first emerged online it received a lot of hate on social media, and you don't really have to study it for long to understand why.

7 Junkyard: Subaru Impreza

via Stancenation

The Subaru Impreza WRX STI is, as its name suggests, rather impressive. Its performance out of the box along with the proven Subaru all-wheel-drive means the STi continues to be a staple among gearheads everywhere. In fact, it's often difficult to avoid an encounter with a WRX or WRX STi at any given track day, autocross, or test and tune drag night.

So how can we ruin such a legendary car? Excessive camber is a great start. Once that's done, fit the craziest wing you can find, and then paint the entire car turd brown. That should do the trick.

6 Junkyard: VW Lupo

via Pinterest

This heap of misery is, of course, a trailer queen. The reason it is trailered to all the shows, as opposed to driven, is simply because it can't be driven anywhere! The guy who built this thing said he did it to go against the grain. Congrats, you did it!—to such a degree the car became useless.

It's clearly had a lot of money spent on it in order to make it look so, ahem, different. And to that end, the owner has accomplished all he wanted to: internet fame. Hopefully, it wasn't a GTi to begin with, as those are getting rare.

5 Junkyard: PT Cruiser

via Flickr

First off, the good news. We really like the wheels and how they fit, the ride height is pretty much perfect—and that's the end of the good news. Prepare for the bad news.

It's a PT Cruiser! It doesn't matter what you do to it, they're absolutely terrible cars. There's a reason why they have a bad reputation, and there's a reason why they're dirt cheap. Every single one of them belongs in the junkyard, except maybe one that could be put in a museum as a reminder of how not to build a car.

4 Junkyard: Suzuki Alto Works RS-X

via JDM Euro

The Suzuki Alto Works RS-X is a turbocharged Kei Car. To be fair, the Techno Racing TV-R JDM wheels look really nice on this little car, and the Suzuki Sports coilover kit bring the ride height down and improve handling as well. You know a car is tiny when they needed more negative camber in order to fit 13×7.5 inch wheels.

Yes, Kei Cars are big in Japan (pun intended), and some of them look cool. This isn't one of those Kei Cars. This is the kind we'd rather not be seen in, no matter what bolt-on performance parts it has.

3 Junkyard: Lada Samara

via Stancenation

The internet has enabled us to share our projects, trade parts or be inspired by the creativity of another that is thousands of miles away. AvtoVAZ Lada vehicles are domestic to the Russian community and not often seen—much less thoroughly modified—anywhere else in the world. There's a reason for that.

The problem with Ladas is that they're more of a practical joke than a car. It would've been better to spend all the time and money that's been put into it on something else. Anything else. Don't let the nice picture fool you; it belongs in a junkyard.

2 Junkyard: Fiat Multipla

via Car Throttle

Well, this sure is a rather interesting car to attempt to improve. It's pretty much impossible to make the Fiat Multipla any uglier, but surprisingly, fitting nice rims and lowering it doesn't make it look any less like Quasimodo's version of the Batmobile

Some might say that Fiat dared to think outside the box during a time where most everyday cars were rather bland. Just like cheese, some car designs need time to mature. The Multipla to this day, however, is consistently voted in as one of the ugliest cars of all time. This cheese has gone bad, and the Fiat belongs in the Junkyard!

1 Junkyard: Scion FR-S

via Jalopnik

This is the kind of stupidity most car enthusiasts love to hate. Basically, someone has taken a sporty car that was made to be an entertaining driver's car and then turned it into a useless pile of parts.

This slammed Scion FR-S, with its enormously negatively-cambered wheels and its stretched tires, has to approach the small yellow speed bump at an angle, presumably to try to avoid scraping the front fascia.

Even better though, with a spotter and careful driving, the FR-S scrapes and ends up being stuck, smoking its rear tires that barely touch the ground. Straight to the junkyard!

Sources: Oppositelock, Stance Nation, Speedhunters

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