Stanced Silvia Meets Its Match While Trying To Cross A Simple Intersection

Some say there's no such thing as a lowrider that's too low... that is until they saw this stanced Nissan Silvia.

Nissan Silvia entraps itself on, well, absolutely nothing to the delight of many. The purple coupe was spotted by a bystander with a quick draw for the phone as soon as the action started to unfold. That action, in fact, turned out to be inaction as the stranded vehicle caused gridlock and a bit of commotion before the roadway was cleared.

There are many differing opinions in regard to cars slammed to this extent; some loathe it with religious hate while others live by a "no low is too low" mantra. Regardless of your disposition, seeing the beached Nissan struggle to free itself with the help of pedestrians is a somber reminder that, at a certain point, some low is too low!


Cars often create bonds between drivers and enthusiasts alike; Corvette owners, for example, will typically acknowledge each other in passing, just as bikers do. Certain rights of passage are shared between owners as if a rudimentary form of rapport has already been established. Own one or not, however, this viral internet sensation is sweeping the automotive community by storm. The unintentional incapacitation of this S-15 on a completely flat road surface dumps gallons of high-octane fuel atop an inferno of rage between two automotive methodologies: stance-nation proponent and just about the rest of the world.

Crashcam’s Instagram (check out some of those comments) posted a video taken from a bystander located front and center as the action unfolded in the crosswalk. The highly modified coupe attempts a left turn through a Knoxville, Tennessee intersection when the car became disabled after hitting what one Instagrammer jokingly speculated to be a ziptie! In actuality, the car came into contact with nothing else besides the road underneath it which proved to be enough to render useless whatever turbocharged-torque gets fed through the differential. This particular S-15 appears to be modified in such a way that, not only does it drive on the inner sidewalls; it can only drive on the inner sidewalls.

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Many people are vehement proponents of the so-called ‘stance nation’ while this polarizing modification methodology causes others anger beyond reason — the topic of debate remains highly subjective with a few facts thrown around amidst a flurry of opinions. Despite your personal opinion, seeing anyone stranded in the middle of the road by none other than their own doing is noteworthy as an example of what not to do.

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This viral event does little else besides adding fuel to the anti-stance nation repertoire. Ironically, the car was in town for a car show called Slammed Enough, if you can believe it. It is reported by Crashcams that the S-15 got stuck again in Gatlinburg. You can tell by the image of rear undercarriage on a similarly-modified S15 that ground clearance at this ride height is measured in mere inches.

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Although many people are negatively polarized by this type of modification practice, there are many positive benefits to the strategies tuners employ; small-displacement, high-output, forced-induction setups have been the tuner’s heartbeat for years – now that same principle is now being applied by a variety of manufacturers in many new models. It seems that, while we can count on forced-induction, there is such thing as "too low."


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