10 Star Wars-Themed Cars That Are Out Of This World

We all know that Star Wars fans are believers in the Force, but we had no idea they’d take it as far as redesigning their cars after the movie!

It may be the start of the new year, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop binging all our favorite blockbusters. We bet readers have already researched the long line-up of movies and shows coming out in the next few months. While we think this year and 2018 brought us the best in entertainment, nothing tops 2017s Star Wars: The Last Jedi film.

The movie blew up in a big way and fans couldn’t get enough of the film. Storefronts were cluttered with toys, appliances were crafted in honor of Darth Vader, people dressed in cosplay, and that’s not in the best part. We all know that Star Wars fans are hardcore believers in the Force, but we had no idea they’d take it as far as redesigning their cars after the movie. Here are 10 Star Wars-themed cars that are almost too cool to be true.

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10 The Last Jedi Nissan Car

When Star Wars: The Last Jedi film arrived in theaters, everyone wanted in on the franchise. Nissan was the first to arrive on the scene, having partnered with the film production company Lucasfilm who was responsible for the making of the mega-blockbuster.

In honor of the film’s success, they designed six models in honor of the film and showcased them at the 2017 LA Auto Show. This Nissan Altima bares the symbolic colors of the resistance in two-tone black and white coloring. The four-wheeler has custom made wheels and a full body wrap that makes a prominent reference to the two-seater Special Forces TIE Fighter. What an honor that must’ve been to see that car up close!

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9 A Jedi & His Car

While this car didn’t make it onto to the stage at the 2017 Auto Show, it’s still a winner in this fan’s eyes. Dressed in the traditional Jedi attire and carrying a lightsaber, this man was clearly photo-ready. What’s even more eye-catching is the craftsmanship put into this guy’s car.

With references and symbols alluding to the movie, and his clear desire to join the Resistance, we can see that this man and his car have the Force. This car deserves a feature in the upcoming sequels if you ask us. Just look at all that hard work and effort put into this car’s design. The Force is definitely strong with them!

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8 The Nissan Stormtrooper

It’s hard to believe that Nissan only used one model to showcase the promotion of the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story film. The Nissan Rogue, being the car brands bestselling models, was chosen and remodeled into a Star Wars fighter in 2016. Then again in 2017, the automaker redesigned their Titan model and made it part of the abundant line-up of Star Wars-themed cars showcased at the LA Auto Show. It was one of the six vehicles that were put on public display for the Star Wars reboot. What’s an AT-M6-themed car without a fleet of Stormtroopers surrounding it? Talk about revolutionary!

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7 This Fiat Has The Force!

Among the six Nissans that appeared at the auto show, there was the Fiat 500e that posed as an oddball amongst the group. With all the merch and thousands of commercials that promoted the movie, it’s not like the film needed any more help getting the word out. Yet, the Italian automaker couldn’t resist and decided to make their very own Stormtrooper.

The car’s design drew inspiration from the new First Order Stormtroopers. (Way to keep it classic, Fiat!) What made this car even more of a dream-come-true was the two-toned, black and white interior which were branded with everything Star Wars. The Fiat 500e certainly made its mark on the movie car scene.

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6 The Hellcat Stormtrooper

We’ve seen at least three different versions of the Stormtroopers-themed vehicles, and it’s getting difficult to decide which automaker’s model makes the best Clone. Although we can’t argue that Dodge Chargers are by definition one of the coolest-looking muscle cars out there...

Back in 2015, Manhattan, New York was offering public rides sponsored by Hot Wheels and Uber. All Uber users had to open the app and select the “Hellcat” tab to receive a free ride. What made this ride fun was that the car was designed to resemble the Hot Wheels 1:64 First Order Stormtrooper toy car! It was a toy car comes to life!

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5 Kylo Ren Has New Wheels

Judging by the several Stormtrooper-themed cars featured at the auto show, it’s pretty obvious that Nissan favored Kylo Ren and his army of clones. Whether they’d admit it or not, the automaker is definitely with the dark side of the Force.

Out the several Nissans to appear at the 2017 show, this model was one of the few cars dedicated to the Kylo Ren. The Maxima sedan resembles Ren’s helmet and overall sinister appeal. All that’s missing is his cape and deadly lightsaber. Though we’re sure the Maxima didn’t disappoint audiences. After all, it was one of the three Maximas to appear in the 2017 film, or so they say.

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4 A Nissan Rogue As The X-Fighter!

While Acura and the Audi dominated most of the Marvel movies, Nissan conquered the Star Wars movie franchise. Given the big line-up that premiered in LA two years ago, another Nissan model was featured at a New York Auto Show the same year.

The previous auto show may have showcased a more stylish version of the Nissan Rogue, but this model was just as good. The SUV’s design was inspired by the famous Resistance X-Wing Fighter, which was seen in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2015 film. It comes equipped with the signature S-foils and an R2 component on its hood. Though this Rogue was a limited edition, we have to say that it looks pretty cool.

3 The Lost Toyota Celica GT Of 1977

This next Star Wars-themed car may look like an ordinary sedan but there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the disappearance of the 1977 Toyota Celica GT.

After the success of first Star Wars movie in 1977, Toyota—like all the automaker’s we’ve seen so far—decided to strike a deal with filmmakers and produced the car as a Star Wars Space Fantasy Sweepstakes grand prize. Of course, fans leaped at the opportunity to own a Star Wars themed-car, however, the vehicle suddenly vanished into thin air.

For years, speculations have been made on behalf of the car’s disappearance. There were reports of the company responsible for designing the car, Delphi Auto Design, became some creepy businessmen, which eventually lead to a legal dispute. Additionally, reports came out that the original owner had put the Toyota up for sale at only $1,000. Talk about sketchy!

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2 The Boba Fett Hyundai Veloster!

Kylo Ren may have had three Nissans created in his name but he’s got some competition now. Artist Rebekah Stieg Knuth decided to follow in Nissan’s footsteps and created a Star Wars-themed car herself. Believe it or not, she used wrap paper to redesign this Hyundai Veloster. The paper itself is Boba Fett-inspired, as in the most feared bounty hunter known in the galaxy. He may not be getting his stand-alone movie, but at least he has a car modeled after him.

The Veloster’s pattern’s and graphics resemble the character's armor, battle scars, and his “T” shaped visor that extends from the windshields and side windows to the hood. People do love their villains, don’t they?

1 Kylo Ren’s Favorite Ride!

We’ve saved the best for last with this car. The Nissan Maxima also appeared at the LA Auto Show in 2017 and boy did it turn heads. The red lighting, black exterior, and overall menacing appearance of the redesigned vehicle screamed Kylo Ren. The large wings add on another layer of sinister that we’re positive Boba Fett’s Veloster couldn’t even muster.

Out of the three Nissans built in Kylo Ren’s honor, this Maxima is probably the automaker’s best work yet. Kylo would probably agree, as he is the leader of the First Order and anything as evil as him is right up his alley. He may have been lost to the dark side of the Force, but he does have great taste in cars.

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