20 Stars Of The 2000s Who Drive The Most Basic Cars Today

When you think of the biggest celebrity names from the 2000s, most people instantly think of the glitz and glamour that has come with the world of celebrity, with the top 1% often having no problem flashing their cash. Whether it's with incredible mansions, lavish holidays to remote islands, or most commonly, the worlds most expensive sports cars to drive slowly around the congested traffic of LA, most people have certain presumptions of celebrities.

With social media really taking off in the 2000s, people have been able to learn more about the lives of celebrities than ever before. Whether that be through the celebs' own personal choice or not, everyone now owns a mobile device that can send a picture trending around the world in just a second and privacy has never been harder to achieve for the famous elite than in the 2000s.

Because of this, fans have been able to learn everything that there is to know about their favorite singers, actors, and sports stars—from where they live, with celebrity homes tours becoming a big thing, to what restaurant they love, to which car they have in their garage.

However, not every celebrity is cruising around in the latest luxury SUV or sports car. Some have stayed incredibly grounded (or have no real interest in cars), and instead drive the same vehicles that the average person would be more than happy to own.

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19 Justin Bieber: Smart Fortwo

Photo: SplashNews.com

When it comes to the 2000s, few people burst onto the scene in a bigger way than Justin Bieber. Starting out as an online sensation before becoming the biggest pop star in the world, Bieber is someone who can afford all of life's ultimate luxuries. However, when it comes to his day-to-day car, the popular singer was snapped driving a choice nobody would have expected, with the young singer driving a Smart Fortwo around the streets.

Whilst it might not be the flashy sports car that saw him get busted for drag racing whilst under the influence, Bieber is clearly proud of his Smart car. Although, the fact he has blacked it out could be a sign even he knows it doesn't help his cool musician image.

18 Emma Watson: Toyota Prius

Photo: atraccion360.com

Another person who became a household name in the 2000s was Emma Watson, becoming a hero to an entire generation due to her role in the insanely popular Harry Potter film franchise, a job that certainly set her up for life. However, since putting away the wand, Watson has continued to act and while away from movies, she has become heavily involved in politics, looking to make change for women and the environment.

It is through her love for the environment that Watson chooses to drive the Toyota Prius, rather than an incredibly expensive car, as Watson trades her broomstick in for a sensible hybrid car.

17 Mark Wahlberg: Toyota Sienna

Photo: CarBuzz.com

Going from Marky Mark to one of the biggest and highest paid actors in the world, Mark Wahlberg has become a household name in the 2000s through his roles in movies such as Ted and the Transformers franchise. He might have taken social media by storm when he shared his insane daily schedule but he also surprised everyone on an episode of Ellen when he revealed he drives a Toyota Sienna, stating: "I like my car because it's very unassuming."

Wahlberg might be a very wealthy man but he is clearly very happy embracing his fatherhood, choosing a bigger car that is more practical for his life than something faster and more expensive.

16 Mark Zuckerberg: Honda Fit

Photo: Cartoq.com

One of the biggest things to happen in the 2000s was the rise of the internet and because of its insane popularity, Mark Zuckerberg is one of the richest men in the world. Even though Zuckerberg could afford any car in the world, he often plays it very cheap with his choices, opting for a Honda Fit, which you would expect your neighbor to be driving, not the owner of one of the world's biggest social media sites.

Zuckerberg is happy enough driving what he claims is a "safe, and comfortable" car, despite being one of the top-10 richest men in the world. Zuckerberg clearly spends his wealth in other aspects of his life.

15 Matt LeBlanc-Ford Focus

Photo: Motor Authority.com

Matt LeBlanc was part of one of the most talked about and influential TV shows in history during the late 1990s and early 2000s with Friends, and he quickly became one of the most popular actors in the world because of it. LeBlanc is still beloved to this day as the comedy show is passed down from generation to generation with its constant repeats and the fact it can now be found on Netflix, which has provided him with a wealth that very few people can compete with.

LeBlanc is known as a major car enthusiast, even becoming a host on Top Gear, which makes his decision to purchase a Ford Focus even more confusing. Perhaps he just wanted to add to his collection, but whatever the reason was, seeing someone like Matt LeBlanc driving around in a Ford Focus isn't what you would expect.

14 Conan O’Brien: 1992 Ford Taurus

via The Drive

Unlike many names on this list, Conan O'Brien has no problem in bragging about his crappy car, with the TV host happily driving around in a 1992 Ford Taurus SHO, something he has talked about on his show countless times. O'Brien has stated that he prefers the full look of his own car rather than a luxury vehicle, but given how tall he is, it cannot be a comfortable ride, which could be a reason why production stopped on the vehicle in 2004 (only for it to be brought back due to popular demand, proving O'Brien isn't the only person who loves the model).

Whilst everyone on this list has got plenty of miles out of their trusty vehicles, O'Brien has also been able to get several TV sketches out of it as well, making it worthwhile and perhaps making this crappy car a lot more valuable.

13 Ludacris: Acura Legend

via Mashable

You would think that someone who is best known for being part of the hit Fast & Furious franchise, which is totally based on some of the worlds greatest cars, would be driving something better than an Acura Legend, but that isn't the case. The Acura Legend is the car that Ludacris had prior to becoming famous and because of that, it remains one of the cars in his garage. Ludacris has gone on record to call it his dream car and his love of the car became so well known that Acura actually restored the 1993 vehicle for him at one point in what became a viral video.

12 Alfred Morris: 1991 Mazda 626

Photo: CNBC.com

This NFL star has an impressive net worth of $5.5 million, yet for some reason, Alfred Morris is still driving around in his 1991 Mazda 626 which he actually bought for just $2! That's something that would never happen again in this day and age. Morris calls the car "Bentley,"  and has stated that the car keeps him grounded and reminds him of where he came from and all the hard work he has put in, no matter how big he has become in the world of football. Despite how much money he has earned, Morris clearly enjoys having the car to keep him level-headed and that is something that can't be judged.

11 Clint Eastwood: GMC Typhoon

Photo: Cardinale GMC

When it comes to lists regarding celebrities and cheaper cars, one name who is infamous for not spending a fortune on his vehicles is the legendary actor, Clint Eastwood, who currently drives a GMC Typhoon. Eastwood has played some of the greatest roles in film history and you would think that he would own a fancy motor or potentially be driven around by a chauffeur, but he instead drives an old GMC Typhoon, something he is incredibly proud of. The fact that the vehicle isn't even in production anymore might make it a rare item to own but also shows how old that it is. Perhaps it's time to update, Clint?

10 Julia Roberts: Toyota Prius

Photo: Pinterest

That's right, another famous celebrity who has jumped onboard the Toyota Prius hype, Julia Roberts also drives the hybrid car which seemingly every celebrity from the 2000s now proudly owns. Whether Toyota has some incredible endorsements deals with these people is unknown but clearly, this is the car that everyone should be driving as it has managed to attract so many of the worlds most famous names. The Queen of the romantic comedy movies has spent her time on screen falling for the average man, which might have turned her towards a car like this.

9 Jeremy Piven: 1977 Ford Bronco

Photo: DallasNews.com

He might have voiced an incredibly fast car in the Disney-Pixar Cars series, but in reality, Jeremy Piven doesn't drive a flashy car, as he drives around in a Ford Bronco, a car that isn't even in production anymore (though it may be returning). The actor and comedian who broke out on the hit show Entourage has more than enough wealth to earn a better car than his Bronco, but it seems like it is a choice he is more than happy with. In images, Piven never looks to be bothered about the vehicle he drives, enjoying the wind in his hair and he has clearly kept the car in great condition and you can't judge that.

8 Ryan Gosling: Toyota Prius

Photo: Pinterest

Yet another celebrity who has joined the Toyota Prius club, Ryan Gosling proves there are that many A-Listers that drive this car and it may just have become one of the coolest vehicles in the world at a very affordable price tag. The popular actor might seem like an unattainable crush to many of his fans but at least they can know that they could afford to drive the same vehicle as him. It appears as if the Prius has taken the celebrity world by storm and Gosling has joined the bandwagon, being happy with his choice to blend in like a normal member of civilization, instead of owning a more expensive, flashier car.

7 Warren Buffett: Cadillac(s)

Photo: Forbes.com

In 2006, Warren Buffett was actually listed as the richest man in the world, proving that he has plenty of money, which is why it is quite surprising to know that he drives a standard Cadillac, of all cars.

Despite the fact most people would expect him to be driving something much flashier than this, Buffett is known for spending billions on different charities, so him not wanting an expensive car is really a benefit to the world. Recently, Buffett upgraded from a 2006 Cadillac DTS to a, more modern, 2014 Cadillac XTS, which isn't a bad car but also isn't something that you would expect someone as rich as Buffet to own.

6 Lily Allen: Ford Focus

Photo: Zimbio

Lily Allen certainly burst onto the scene in the 2000s with her catchy songs becoming major chart hits and when that happens, most celebrities tend to go wild, buying flashy cars, but that wasn't her style. In the end, the sensible car choice (minus the terrible color), probably served her well because Allen became known for wasting a lot of her money on addiction, which means that she will have at least been able to afford her car during the dark times.

Now that she has had a career revival in recent years, perhaps Allen might be looking to upgrade her ride, but that remains to be seen, with the popstar possibly staying grounded with a more common car instead.

5 Jennifer Lawrence: Volkswagen EOS

Photo: media1.popsugar-assets.com

Costing a modest $30,000, there is no doubt that most celebrities can afford to own the Volkswagen EOS, but given that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the highest paid and most successful actresses in the world, it is quite surprising to see that is a car she proudly owns. The vehicle itself isn't a bad one at all, but when you are an A-List talent such as Jennifer Lawrence, you can certainly afford a slightly pricier car, although there is a chance she has no interest in that, which is fair enough.

At least the car is a convertible, unlike many others on this list, and does boast various other qualities such as a turbo engine, meaning it isn't the worst car in the world, but not one you would expect the Hunger Games star to own.

4 David Spade: 1987 Buick Grand National

Photo: Pinterest

The comedy actor really broke onto the scene in the late 1990s and early 2000s, joining his buddies Adam Sandler and Kevin James in tons of different film projects which helped him to become one of the most recognizable names around. Because of Spade's wealth and status, you could easily imagine him driving a posh car but, instead, he chose a 1987 Buick Grand National as his ride, which might not be what most people would have guessed.

Even though Spade once revealed in an interview that Adam Sandler had bought him a sports car as a gift worth £130,000, he claimed he was too embarrassed to drive the car, clearly preferring a more laid-back drive.

3 Colin Farrell: Ford Bronco

Photo: BornRich.com

Colin Farrell is another major acting name from the 2000s who has opted to drive a crappy car instead of using his money to purchase a quality vehicle, as he drives around in a Ford Bronco, which was produced from 1966-96. It isn't what you expect from someone such as him but perhaps with the popular car set to make a return in 2020, Farrell might splash out on an upgrade to a car that he clearly loves so much.

It probably doesn't help that the Bronco isn't looking in the best condition in this image but then again, if you chose to drive a cheaper car, there is less of a need to keep it in pristine condition, saving Farrell the hassle.

2 Leonardo DiCaprio: Toyota Prius

Photo: PeopleMagazine.co.za

He may very well be one of the greatest actors of the 2000s, playing lead roles in some blockbuster films such as Inception, The Aviator, and The Wolf of Wall Street, but that doesn't mean that Leonardo DiCaprio is driving a fancy, flash car. Instead, he is yet another A-List celebrity who is happy enough to be driving around in a modest Toyota Prius.

Like several others on this list, DiCaprio is known for being very environmentally friendly and that is one of the leading factors in his decision to drive the reliable car. His net worth might be an estimated, eye-watering $240 million, but the Titanic actor still sticks with the recognizable Prius, which might actually work in his favor, as most paparazzi and celebrity hunters expect to see him in a flash sports car, so the Prius perhaps allows him to go about his day relatively undetected.

1 Tom Hanks: Fiat 126P

Photo: Driving.com

Let's start the list with one of the biggest celebrities in the world, Tom Hanks. Known as one of the greatest actors in the history of the film business, most people would certainly assume that Hanks has enough spare change to afford an incredible car. Even though he can certainly afford any car he wants, with an incredible net worth of $350 million, but you won't catch the voice of Woody driving around in a big flash car. In fact, quite the opposite.

Tom Hanks was once gifted a Fiat 126P by a small Polish town for his birthday, with natives crowdfunding to buy the car and then send it over to the United States. As the nice guy that he is, Hanks didn't just accept the gift and leave it in the garage, he happily chose to drive it around, showing how proud he was of the vehicle, despite its questionable quality.

Sources: Wealthy Gorilla, CNBC, Daily Mail, and AutoTrader.

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