The 10 Best States To Visit If You Love Off-Roading

One of the best things about owning a jeep is taking it off the streets and into the wild. Let's explore some of the best states to go off-roading in.

Off-roading is one of America's favorite pastimes, as we race across trails in the backcountry of our favorite places. There are places to take your off-roading vehicle in every state, but some are better for it than others. Trails across the country are visited by hobbyists, but they usually prefer to only travel to a few states.

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We have identified the best states for off-roading based on trails and overall reviews. Whether you are looking for a scenic drive or a place to put your skills to the test, it is out there. Keep reading to learn about the ten best states to visit if you love off-roading!

10 West Virginia

West Virginia has several options for off-roading lovers who want to experience the wooded countryside. If you are into pushing your vehicle to the limit you can head to Chaos Park and try some hill climbs or the infamous teeter-totter.

If you have a desire to learn how and don't have a vehicle, then head over to The Greenbrier where they provide the Rubicon and a guide to help you through the course. There is also a giant mud pit for you to play in King Knob Motorsports Park, where you can live free in the mountains of West Virginia.

9 California

The Hollister Hills SRVA is the place to be if you enjoy the scenery of a state park and the pleasure of off-roading rolled into one. There are over 6,800 acres for you to explore with different trails for scenery and play.

It is located in the Gabilan Mountains so you can be certain this is truly a once in a lifetime experience. You won't be disappointed as you race down the trails from sunrise to sunset and discover all that California has to offer. It will be hard to leave at the end of the day because your love for the sport will grow stronger.

8 Utah

People travel from all across the country to visit Moab, Utah. There are old mining roads trails for guests to enjoy in a variety of levels from easy to challenging. It is important you know your own strengths when you are behind the wheel because this sport isn't for everyone.

The visitor center has maps of all of the trails and can even help you plan a trip based on your skill level and desires. A few of the more notable trails in the area are Chicken Corners, Fins and Things, and Gemini Bridges.

7 Arizona

Many people believe that Arizona was made with off-roading in mind because the landscape is perfect for this treasured sport. There are trails for all skill levels, but if you prefer a harder difficulty, then you should set your sights on the cities of Flagstaff, Jerome, Cottonwood, and Sedona.

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These cities offer several difficult trails for you to pursue in your off-roading masterpiece. You could try the Greasy Spoon, Smiley Rock, or even Soldier's Pass, but make sure you look into the permits required before attempting these trails.

6 Alaska

This state actually had its own show called Alaska Off-Road Warriors, so you know the trails in this part of the country must be epic. The landscape brings its own sets of challenges from mud, glaciers, and more where drivers can test their limits. It is highly unpopulated, so not only is it fair game for anyone willing to take a chance, but it is not populated.

This means that you won't have to deal with lines of people waiting to take a crack at a popular trail, because Alaska is in its own league. The most notable trek is Dalton Highway, which is more than 400 miles of treacherous roadway leading up to a town called Deadhorse.

5 Illinois

The most popular spot for off-roaders in this state is the city of Marseille, which holds The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off-Road Park. It is fun for all ages and is perfect for any kind of off-roading vehicle including dirtbikes, UTVs, trucks, Jeeps, and go-karts.

They also offer tours for anyone who doesn't want to drive themselves but wants to enjoy the experience. This state also has the Two Rivers Jeep Club Trails, which has been dubbed the world's largest off-roading club for Jeeps.

4 Texas

The best off-roading park in Texas is Wolf Caves Off-Road Park, and it is the perfect place for anyone interested in trying rock crawling. It is located on a private ranch with over 430-acres of fun for the whole family.

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It is made for more modified vehicles, as stock Jeeps generally don't make the cut. They also have campgrounds so you can leave directly from your campsite each morning to have the time of your life testing the limits of your off-roading vehicle.

3 Colorado

Colorado is filled with mountains waiting to be explored by you and your off-roading machine. The backcountry hills make for challenging climbs, but the views are what make all of your trips worthwhile. A favorite int eh off-roading community is the Wagon Wheel Trail System, which has over 250 miles of trails.

You could spend an entire weekend here and still not see everything, which is the beauty of this particular spot. They have trails for all skill levels, including narrow trails that take you up steep and rocky mountainsides.

2 Idaho

You might not think of Idaho as your go-to place for off-roading, but it should be because it has some amazing trail systems. Visitors can have some fun in the Saint Anthony Sand Dunes or climb forested hills at Mackay's Mine Hills Tour. This tour takes you through old mines that used to find gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc.

If you have ever wanted to view The Craters of the Moon National Monument, then the Big Southern Butte trail is for you. Not only is it an off-roading park, but it also sits adjacent to this monument, giving you a perfect view from a different angle.

1 Michigan

The best place to go off-roading in Michigan is to travel north into the Upper Peninsula. The good news is that most counties in this section of the state are pretty lenient with their use of off-roading vehicles. The national forests are open to trail riding, but the DNR has also set aside certain trails specifically made for off-roading.

You will get to experience the joy of pure Michigan adrenaline, as well as the beautiful forests and landscape. It will immerse you into the surrounding wildlife as you have the chance to see bears and porcupines when you venture this far north.

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