10 States Who Offer The Best Incentives To Owners Of Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are easy on the wallet and the environment. Not only that, but owners can get incentives if they live in these 10 different states.

Many people refuse to see the good that electric vehicles can bring into their lives, especially when it comes to their wallets. There are several states who offer rebates or incentives to people who buy or lease an electric vehicle. This means that owners are now saving gas money, as well as given money for making the decision to make an environmental impact.

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We have identified the states who offer the best incentives for these drivers with the help of Energy.gov. If you reside in one of these states it might be time for you to consider purchasing an electric vehicle and sending you gas-guzzling fiend to the junkyard. Keep reading to learn about the ten states who offer the best incentives to owners of electric vehicles!

10 New York

New York offers an amazing tax incentive for those who choose to go electric. This state offers a cash rebate of up to $2,000 for any plug-in electric vehicle as long as it meets their specific standards. They also provide a 10% reduction on any toll as long as they are an EZ Pass registered user.

There are also incentives for their electric bill to help manage the cost due to the use of electricity by their vehicle. Drivers are also given the opportunity to install a device in their vehicle to allow the electric company to track driving and charging habits.

9 Louisiana

Louisiana only offers one perk to new electric drivers, but it will add a pretty big wad of cash to your pocket. These drivers can qualify for a credit of up to $2,500 and it is calculated by taking 10% of the cost of the vehicle.

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This also applies to any other alternative fuel vehicles as long as they can meet the standards set by the state. It is amazing why more people don't choose to drive electric when there are such great incentives available to drivers.

8 Vermont

Vermont provides every driver a rebate regardless of their income, but lower-income drivers are eligible for more. The base rebate is $1,200, but drivers can be eligible for up to $600 more if their income is low enough.

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This state also provides residential customers with a free level 2 charger after their purchase, as well as an added rebate if they receive their electricity from Green Mountain Power. The state of Vermont wants you to take their money so it's confusing when people decide against an electric vehicle for their new car.

7 Oregon

Oregon is a beautiful state, as well as the perfect place to own an electric vehicle. new vehicles with less than ten kilowatt-hours can receive a $1,500 rebate, while those with more than ten kilowatt-hours are eligible for a $2,500 rebate.

This incentive was also made to help those with low or moderate incomes go electric as they are awarded $2,500 for leasing or buying a used electric vehicle, and if they splurge on a new one then they will find an extra $5,000 in their wallet.

6 Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the perfect place for any electric car junkie as their goal is to convert any gas-lover. This state offers a $2,500 rebate to any electric-only vehicle, but hybrids are still eligible to receive $1,500 in compensation for their purchase.

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One of their electric companies called Mass Energy has also partnered with several dealerships to offer discounts to customers who purchase electric vehicles. They also have another company called Braintree Electric Light Department that offers a $250 rebate on any level 2 home charging device and an $8 credit on their electric bill if they charge at certain times.

5 California

California has been geared toward helping the environment for years, so it is no surprise that they offer several incentives to owners of electric vehicles.

Their rebates are dependent upon your income and the type of vehicle you purchase, but buyers are eligible for up to $5,000, but another rebate program can put an extra $3,000 in your pocket if you live in certain counties. They also have several counties who offer discounts on an owner's electric bill to help stave off the cost of plugging it in each night.

4 Maryland

Maryland slays the world of electric incentives with their gigantic tax credit. They are allowed to apply for up to $3,000 in credit to help with the excise tax. This state also offers rebates for owners who seek to install a home charging system that will cover 40% of the total cost.

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There are some counties who even offer free installation of the device as well as a rebate for the device itself. Maryland was made for electric vehicles, and these incentives only help convince drivers of their worth.

3 Delaware

Delaware offers several different rebates depending upon the type of alternative fuel vehicle you purchased. All-electric vehicles are eligible for a $3,500 rebate, while hybrids may only receive $1,500.

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They even help companies who use electric commercial vehicles by offering to pay for 75% of the cost of their charging station. This state even has several electric companies who offer incentives to charge their car after a certain time by providing them with discounts or rebates on their electric bill.

2 Connecticut

Connecticut is a hot spot for electric owners, and part of that has to do with the awesome incentives this state provides. There is a rebate for vehicles that depends upon the type and range of the battery.

New owners are eligible to receive between $500 and $5,000 for their purchase, which can help pay a few of the payments. They even offer a $600 rebate for those customers who have a level 2 charging device installed in their home.

1 Colorado

Colorado gives new owners a huge tax break because this state understands the importance of saving the environment. The rebate a customer is eligible to receive is dependent upon the type of vehicle, and whether or not it was leased.

Customers have the opportunity to obtain between $2,500 and $20,000 for their purchase, which can make a big dent in their payments. They are also allowed to travel in the HOV and HOT lanes if they obtain a permit for their vehicle.

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