10 of the Coolest Classic Station Wagons

Station wagons were originally meant for utility but some of the designs have become iconic and hip over the years.

When you look at the history of cars, one of the most influential is certainly the station wagon which totally changed the game after the Second World War, providing families with everything they needed in a car.

With plenty of space, the cars were perfect for hauling kids to and from school whilst also being able to pack up the groceries or having enough space for a vacation that could be driven to.

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The station wagon may have since been overtaken by SUVs in terms of popularity, but there were some classic wagons over time and within this article, we will rank the 10 coolest station wagons of all time.

10 Pontiac Bonneville Safari

The Pontiac Bonneville was one of the most popular body styles that they ever managed to create, which isn't a surprise as it is an incredibly cool car to look at that certainly went on to become very iconic.

This is actually the fourth best selling car platform ever produced, and that is because it looked fantastic, but also had plenty of space to be able to fit people in, performing its role whilst also looking great in the process.

The Safari became very popular, which is why it is frequently used in television shows, highlighting the time period with this car that everyone remembers.

9 Ford Country Squire

Another classic station wagon is the Ford Country Squire, which was created in 1979 and although it wasn't the most powerful or fast wagons, it was certainly a popular choice with the body on frame design becoming legendary.

The frame design would go on to be used by almost every police force in the United States, becoming incredibly popular, however, this cars big set back was the decision to have huge motors, being powered by a 5.0 liter and 5.8-liter V8 engine.

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This station wagon was actually one of the last to be downsized towards the end of the 70s to increase fuel economy, but either way, it is certainly a great design that stood out from the pack.

8 Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon

The Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon was an iconic car from its time, leaning on the muscle car feel that Chevrolet is well known for, yet also having enough space to provide room for a full family to enjoy.

It is a rough and tough, no-nonsense style car that also has plenty of power and can pack a punch, being able to perform with speed and efficiency at the same time, which isn't something that all station wagons can claim.

The Chevelle Wagon was only actually produced for a few years, so sadly there aren't many of these around anymore, so if you happen to see one it is a rare occurrence!

7 Packard Eight

The Packard Eight was an interesting station wagon because the company actually used the same platform as the sedan in order to create this vehicle, with a few tweaks here and there to try and make it different.

This classic car was a popular one though, with an iconic design using leather, chrome, and wood paneling, which really helped the car stand out aesthetically.

Given that there was actually room for 8 adults to sit comfortably inside, this station wagon ticked all the boxes in terms of room, which is the main purpose.

6 Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus might not be as old as some of the other station wagons on this list, but that doesn't mean it isn't a classic, as this was actually Ford's final station wagon that was built off an existing sedan.

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The Taurus shared pretty much all the same components as the sedan and was a brilliant car, and whilst it didn't offer anything particularly special, it certainly did the job.

This car also offered a slight thrill with a "way back" seat, which was a rear-facing third row, giving passengers a slightly different riding experience, even if it was known to make some people feel poorly.

5 Mercury Commuter

The Mercury Commuter is yet another iconic station wagon that has a very cool look, standing out amongst its competitors with a fantastic design that helped it differentiate itself.

The Commuter was also a very unique car because it was a coupe wagon, and was one of the first that Mercury built using a more streamlined design, unlike the bubbly style vehicles that had come before it.

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Despite the fact it was more streamlined, the car was still very spacious and was very popular until it was eventually replaced with a four-door version.

4 Plymouth Suburban

Even though the Plymouth Surburban only had two doors, the car comfortably fit six people inside and could also haul large amounts of cargo, making it a perfect choice for consumers.

This station wagon was also incredibly revolutionary in terms of station wagons in general, as this was the first fully-steel station wagon that was built for mainstream purposes, opening them up to the world.

It might have been much slower than a lot of other station wagons, but it was also very fuel-efficient which was a real selling point, whilst also being very affordable at the same time.

3 Volvo 240 GT

The Volvo 240 was an incredibly popular car that was part of the 200 series' 20-year production run that saw over 2.8 million cars sold, with 6 different versions of the 240 series being offered initially.

One-third of all 240s were station wagons, which shows just how popular they were amongst people and that is because they were fantastic station wagons that had a very large cargo space.

On top of that, the vehicle was able to accommodate up to seven people, and whilst they might not be the most visually stunning cars, they were certainly seen as cool at the time amongst motor enthusiasts.

2 Aston Martin Lagonda

That's right, Aston Martin created a station wagon, with the Lagonda, which was built between 1974 and 1990, with the luxury-four-door saloon taking the classic station wagon to a much grander level.

Aston Martin opted to make the car due to financial pressures, creating a more practical car that would appeal to a wider audience, and that is exactly what it managed to do.

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Even though the car is rather ugly to look at, it wins cool points simply for how much luxury the vehicle was able to bring to a station wagon, changing the game for the cars moving forward.

1 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller

One of the most influential station wagons in history was the Morris Minor, which first debuted in London back in 1948, initially available as a two-door saloon, and a tourer (convertible), but later expanded to include a four-door option.

This iconic car is deemed as a "British Icon" at this point and helped set the template for many cars that people know and love to this day, such as the classic London Taxi, which is why this is incredibly cool.

The Morris Minor combined luxury and convenience and was a reliable vehicle that was made at an affordable price for the working class, which helped it become so popular.

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