Steve McQueen's Last Movie Car Could Be The Most Expensive Firebird Ever

Steve McQueen's Trans Am from The Hunter is pretty expensive despite it's deteriorated state, here's what we know.

It was in 1980 that legendary cinematic icon, Steve McQueen, starred in his last movie. And it was in that film that he drove a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Well, after all these years, that exact car has been uncovered in a barn of all places, and many are speculating its worth to be quite high.

Steve McQueen started his acting career in the 1950s, and soon became a household name, starring in films such as The Blob, Wanted Dead or Alive, The Magnificent Seven, the original Papillion and the list definitely goes on and on. But perhaps for automotive enthusiasts, no other role was greater or more important than his portrayal of the title character in the film Bullitt, a film centered around cars and driving no less. He passed on in 1980, but not before he could complete his last character portrayal in the film The Hunter, in which he would drive the now famed Pontiac Trans Am in question.


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According to msn.com, six Pontiac cars were used to film scenes in The Hunter, and only two of the half-dozen were in fact 1979 model year Trans Am models. As it turned out, both of these cars were almost completely destroyed during filming, but what remains of one of the vehicles has recently been found.

The location: Carlyle Motors in Illinois and the current owners, Calvin Riggs and Stan Harvell approached old cast and crew members from the film in search of nothing else but information on the car he has in his possession, or rather what’s left of the car.

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Well, the car’s story doesn’t stop when it was destroyed and filming wrapped up. That was, in a way, just the beginning, and this car’s remains went hidden away for quite a long while.

Why did the car simply drop off the radar like that?

As it turned out, in 1980, when the car was returned to Pontiac after it had been damaged on set, the Pontiac dealership didn’t want to take it back, so believe it or not, the car was placed in a scrap yard until it was purchased by Riggs and Harvell just this past year, and the rest is now history. They plan to restore the car and hopefully have it back to the way it looked in the film.

No Hollywood bigwigs have tried to get ownership of the car yet, but many believe it’s just a matter of time for this car to find a permanent home.


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