Storage Wars: 22 Rides Hiding In The Cast's Garage

We’re not talking about cars found in storage units, we’re talking about rides these cast members own.

In 11 seasons and 252 episodes, Storage Wars became a massive hit for A&E. Although that cast grew to be quite large in the last couple of seasons, most fans remember the usual suspects, Darrell Sheets, Dave Hester, Jarrod Schulz, and wife Brandi Passante along with, of course, Barry Weiss. In this article, we’ll take a look at those original cast members and what they’re hiding in their garages.

We’re not talking about cars found in storage units, we’re talking about rides these cast members own. We have a wide range from vintage cars you’ve never seen before to large storage trucks to rare motorcycles. Although they didn’t find these rides in storage units, it isn’t common (for some of these rides) to find one just laying there. If you haven’t done so yet, check out our latest piece on Barry Weiss and rides found in storage units, motor enthusiasts that love rare finds might be baffled at the treasures found in these rare storage unit finds. Check it out!

This article, however, is all about the rides of these Storage Wars reality stars. As readers might come to realize, Barry definitely has the wackiest collection of them all. However, Darrell also has some vintage rides worthy of any collection. As for Jarrod, he has a respectable bike collection filled with various Harleys as seen on this list. Finally, Dave is less of a car guy but he does go all out when it comes to customizing his own storage trucks!

Enough of the talk, let’s go to it! Enjoy the article folks, and like always, be sure to share it with a friend.

22 Barry Weiss - LINCOLN-ZEPHYR

via drivemag.com

Prior to Barry completely restoring the ride and changing its pain color, the Lincoln Zephyr had a purple body color. Weiss was caught riding around in the ride during its purple days. However, he would transform the ride into an absolute beast with a black exterior paint job. The likes of Drive Mag compared to a style of ride Batman might use.

The real kicker here is the fact that Barry got this ride for dirt cheap. He purchased the car for $55,000 back in 2013. These days, according to Drive Mag the ride can sell for nearly triple the price.

21 Barry Weiss – The Chicken Car

via roadarch.com

For those that know Barry, this car makes total sense. Barry’s a bit of a wild card when it comes to storage units – the same goes for his taste in cars.

Given his garage, he doesn’t necessarily have rides that you’ll see on the road every day. This car is a prime example of that.

Ironically, Weiss used the chicken car when visiting a chicken farm. He found a pair of chicken sunglasses if you can believe. Believe it or not, those glasses have a worth of $500! You might have to pay drivers that amount of money to be seen in this unique ride.

20 Jarrod Schulz – Duo Harley Davidsons

via instagram.com

Jarrod is another fan favorite from Storage Wars. Unlike some of his other peers, Jarrod has a passion for bikes. In a lot of instances, Schulz loves to restore bikes. He also has lots of motorcycles just sitting there in his garage. He indicated as such via social media with this post;

“Cleaning out the garage and caught this pic! #storagewars”

Harley Davidson is his preferred brand when it comes to riding around. We’ve seen examples of that during his run on the Storage Wars show as well.

19 Barry Weiss - 1940 FORD COE TRUCK

via Rod Authority(likened)

This definitely isn’t a pickup truck we see every day but then again, Barry’s rides altogether aren’t cars we accustomed to seeing on the road.

This one is no different dating back to the 1940s. Weiss had the ride restored and it still runs to this very day.

Believe it or not, the intent of the pickup during its release was for labor. Given the advancements we’ve seen today, it is truly surreal to think that this was a ride that used to get the job done for the working class. These days, the pickup is serving its purpose as a classic vintage car that deserves praise for its peculiar style.

18 Darrell Sheets – Polaris Razor 1000

via instagram.com

Barry definitely has the most unique car collection given the rarity of his rides. However, Darrell’s no slouch either with some interesting rides. One of them or should we say a pair of them, are Polaris Slingshots. The rides you see above are the Polaris Razor 1000s.

Darrell loves to use these rides off the road. However once winter hints, Sheets properly restores them back to the garage. As you see in the photo above, the rides are about to be tucked away for good given the weather change.

17 Dave Hester – YUPPPP! Customized Storage Truck

via twitter.com

Unlike his peers on Storage Wars, Hester isn’t keen on collecting cars or motorcycles. He’s happy with his everyday pickup and his cute dog. However, Hester takes his business real serious and something he’s not afraid to invest in is massive storage trucks. He even goes the extra mile by completely modifying the ride.

This one was featured on Storage Wars and he made quite the impact coining his slogan “YUPPPP” on the front end of the truck.

It rubbed lots of the other Storage Wars cast the wrong way but hey, it wouldn’t be the first time.

16 Darrell Sheets- 1963 Coupe Deville

via instagram.com

A fan favorite on Storage Wars, Darrell Sheets is definitely a car guy with several rides we can only dream about. This Coupe Deville is one of his best, Sheets posted several pics of this beauty via Instagram. He details taking the vintage car out for a ride during Christmas time, maybe he’ll do the same this year;

“Took old Black Betty out Christmas shopping and had her detailed while I shopped, she purrs like a little kitty #storagewars #63coupedeville black on black all original Merry Christmas to you all #andgodbless” (Source Instagram)

15 Brandon Sheets – Toyota 4Runner

via instagram.com

We’ve seen Brandon on various episodes of Storage Wars aiding his dad Darrell. Outside of the auctions, Sheets has two main rides. One that we’ll feature a little later along with this car that he just won’t give up on, a vintage looking Toyota 4Runner.

Despite the car troubles, Sheets continues to do his best in improving the ride.

He details as such via this post;

“We took the Black Runner in because it was having a few issues and the AC went out. We decided to leave it over the weekend and they did an amazing job getting the parts and service done right away. @jessekenny4476 washed her up and looking good!”


via Pinterest

Nope, that’s not some type of spaceship with flying capabilities. Weiss, being the wacky dude that he is bought this retro van, one that's from back in the 70s. On the inside, this is a spacious vehicle that can easily fit five.

Known as The Deco Liner, the ride was used for promotional purposes decades ago.

Surely, it's a ride made for the 70s and made for Barry given the unique look. As you might expect, this ride gets a lot of attention when it’s on the road, pretty much similar to Barry’s other rides.

13 Jarrod Schulz – Concession Trailer

via instagram.com

Like Dave Hester and his other Storage Wars peers, Jarrod has multiple loading trucks for storage purposes. However, this one is a little different. This truck is meant to sell merchandise.

It’s a unique truck that’s totally customized. Schulz uses the ride for his Outlaw apparel, usually bringing it by at outdoor flea markets.

He might be selling it. According to a recent post, Schulz appears to be taking offers for the ride;

“I'm selling our 24ft concession trailer, it's currently set up to sell shirts but u can use it to sell anything. Asking 12k Message me with any questions.” (Source IG)

12  Dave Hester – 1967 Chris Craft Corsair (Santa Clara, California)

via twitter.com

Hester isn’t a big car guy. As mentioned earlier, he just likes to ride around in his everyday pickup while taking his dog for a spin. However, he does own other types of rides aside from massive storage trucks. One of them is this 1960s Chris Craft Corsair. Of course, he found the vintage ride at an auction in an abandoned storage unit. Talk about a rare find huh?

Hester can easily restore this find. In truth, given its age, it really doesn’t look all that bad. He found the ride during an auction in Santa Clara, California.

11 Darrell Sheets – Motor Home Trailer

via instagram.com

This is one of Darrell’s favorite rides or at least it was up until he sold it just a couple of weeks ago. Sheets took on several road trips with this beautiful RV posting his experiences via Instagram. However, wanting to buy a Mercedes Sprinter van, Sheets felt like it was the time to let go of this beauty;

“Well a little sad sold our motorhome today to my buddy Rick, now I’m looking for a Mercedes Sprinter Sportvan / motorhome anyone knows of one for sale?”

10 Brandon Sheets – Chevy Silverado Pickup

via instagram.com

Driving a pickup while searching for storage units is like cookies and milk, they just have a tendency to go hand-in-hand. As documented by Storage Wars, if the cast doesn’t bring a full trailer they’re driving around in their pickups instead. We’ve seen evidence of that with most of the cast including Darrell Sheets, Dave Hester, and Jarrod Schulz.

Brandon is another Storage Wars character that owns a pickup. It’s a really nice one too, the Chevy Silverado pickup. He posted about the purchase via his "IG" account. Brandon was thrilled with the buy, at least if the 4Runner gives out he’ll have a shoulder to cry on.

9 Barry Weiss - 1947 COWBOY CADILLAC

via cadillaclasalleclub.org

For whatever reason, Weiss has a thing for rides that came out of the 1940s. He was born in the early 50s, maybe he wishes he arrived a little earlier? Nonetheless, this is a ride created and designed by Frank Derosa. According to Road Kill Customs, the creator made several of these hot rod rides. However, you just won’t find them as frequently nowadays.

Barry is one of the only owners of this ride. It’s also one of his favorite rides. Weiss claims he doesn’t plan on selling this vintage model at any point and we really can’t blame him.

8 Jarrod Schulz – Customized Outlaw Bike

via instagram.com

Schulz is a motorcycle guy. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for Schulz or anyone from the Storage Wars cast to find motorcycle parts hiding in a storage unit. Depending on the condition, these parts can bring in some major dollar bills.

Schultz has several customized rides, this one has his Outlaw symbol on it. That’s homage to his Outlaw apparel brand that caters to the biking community particularly given the style of the brand. This is one of the many bikes hiding in his garage these days. We hope Brandi can keep up with all of Jarrod’s purchases!

7 Darrell Sheets – 1962 Chevy

via instagram.com

Out in California, this is one of Darrell’s proudest and most favorite rides. Feast your eyes on his stunning 1962 red Chevy.

Clearly, the ride is well maintained throughout the years and of course, it still drives very well thanks to the restorations applied.

Sheets posted a photo of the beauty due to a fan request. This is one of his most valued rides hiding in the garage. Of course, similar to the Coupe Deville earlier in the article, it isn’t a ride he uses on the regular. However when he does, its definitely a big deal.

6 Jarrod Schulz – Icebear Scooter

via instagram.com

Yup, he loves his Harleys and clearly, he’s a fan of the color black especially when it comes to the exterior of his bikes. We touched on the Harley Davidson rides earlier, however, this photo also features a peculiar ride we wouldn’t expect to see hiding out in Jarrod’s garage. Given that he vacationed in Italy, maybe he felt the urge the by a scooter?

The scooter showed in the photo above if one from the brand Icebear. In truth, it looks really cool and a ride you might find in a Terminator flick.

5 Barry Weiss – Moto Guzzi 750

via Pinterest

Speaking of bikes, Barry has a couple hiding out in his garage. The most stunning of the bunch has to be his recreated Moto Guzzi 750 ride. Weiss unveiled the motorcycle at the Bonneville BUB Motorcycle Meet back in 2012. Given its unique and futuristic look, it was the talk of the meet, surely.

Weiss has other rides worth mentioning, one of which is a stunning vintage triumph motorcycle – one that even Jarrod might be envious of. He also has a rare 1951 BSA Custom, one that he restored back to full health.

4 Dave Hester – Personalized Storage Truck

via instagram.com

Ah yes, leave it to Dave Hester to customize a photo of his face onto the massive storage truck. This is the latest truck he uses to haul his storage purchases. Clearly, he went all out with this one, it even has his Twitter handle on the bottom.

Attending auctions since the early 90s, Dave loves to invest big when it comes to anything storage unit related. That’s a big reason for his massive storage unit trucks, he likes to spend with a purpose. Don’t expect a purchase similar to one of Barry’s rides.

3 Darrell Sheets – Ford Super Duty Truck

via Ford (likeness)

He has a couple of vintage rides we’d love to use. However, those rides are properly maintained and only taken out for special occasions.

When it comes to his everyday rider, Darrell’s all about his Ford Super Duty truck. Sheets keeps this ride in phenomenal condition, he isn’t going off the road with this car.

Sheets posted several photos of his ride during road trips, he also posted a pic of the pickup getting a fresh wash. Remember kids, it is all about properly maintaining a ride, Darrell’s a perfect example of that as his Super Duty remains in stunning shape.

2 Jarrod Schulz – Adding A Muscle Car To The Garage

via thestar.com

Jarrod unveiled this stunning ride during promotional work for the show Celebrity Car Wars. It was a different experience for Schulz taking part in competitions behind the wheel instead of visiting abandoned storage units. Jarrod called the experience a great one and a breath of fresh air given that it gave the reality star something different to do.

The ride is a customized beauty and definitely, something must of us would accept in a heartbeat.

However, like the others on the list, Jarrod uses a heavy-duty pickup as his everyday rider.


via cccae.mforos.com

“The Beatnik was once a 1955 Ford and it took hot rod builder Gary Chopit three years to finish the car. It was then transformed into the world’s largest bubble top custom car.” (Source: Pinterest)

That’s the story of Barry’s rarest ride, a bubble top car that we just don’t see every day.

Believe it or not, the glass is actually retractable and it can also ride like a convertible.

Without a doubt, this is a rare ride and one Barry gets a lot of attention with. It’s another ride he won’t sell and who can blame him?

Sources: Pinterest, IG, & Twitter

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