20 Strange Rules About Owning Supercars That Nobody Knows

Car enthusiasts across the world tend to obsess over supercars but exclusive supercars come with their own set of rules.

Supercars are what makes the world go round, in some form another anyway. Supercars are high-performance automobiles that usually cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, run at exhilarating speeds, and also look good doing it. The name rose to popularity in the 1940s, when young people in the USA used the term for predicted cars of the future. As a result, the name stuck and supercars are now what we see in the automotive news today.

However, the name is said to go back even further, when it was discovered that a UK-based motor magazine had used the term in 1920. Whatever the case, the name "supercar" is common as ever and is used all over the world when referring to high-end and extremely expensive vehicles.

Car enthusiasts across the world tend to obsess over supercars, as well as vintage models and personal favorites. However, it is supercars that seemingly generate the most interest, with their increasing capability to reach high speeds being a key factor. That's right, the faster a car goes, the more desirable it gets, with car enthusiasts often mounting up debt in order to have a couple of supercars in their collection.

Interestingly, most highly exclusive supercars also come with their own set of rules, and the trials and tribulations of owning such a vehicle go a lot more in-depth than most enthusiasts realize. So, let's take a look at 20 strange rules about owning supercars that nobody knows.

20 Ferrari Owners Can't Sell In The First Year

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Ferrari is renowned for its strict and almost ridiculous rules, especially when it comes to first time ownership and exclusivity. For instance, when purchasing a new Ferrari, the potential buyer is inundated with contracts and fine print, with strange and uninspiring rules and regulations. In a number of the agreements, there is a hidden clause that prevents new owners from reselling their vehicle during the first year of ownership. Crazy? So, what's the reason? Ferrari does this to prevent owners from flipping their cars. However, the rule doesn't sit right with a number of people who have accused Ferrari of being too controlling.

19 Don't Modify The Exhaust 

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Ferrari is extremely particular when it comes to would-be potential owners and rules they are expected to comply with once they have purchased their vehicle. For instance, owners are not allowed to (or at least, highly discouraged from) painting or adding modifications to their car.  However, one of the main things that Ferrari is extremely adamant about is the customizations of the exhaust, mechanical parts, or anything to do with the engineering. That's right, modified exhausts are highly discouraged, with Ferrari said to be extremely resistant to the act.

18 Ferrari Discourages Paint Jobs

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Ferrari takes their line of business extremely serious, even after a buyer has paid for their car and gone on their merry little way. That's right, even after the purchase, Ferrari still somewhat controls the decisions of the owner. For instance, Ferrari owners are often not allowed to sell their car during the first year of ownership, as well as modify the car in any kind of fashion. One particular type of modification is bad paint jobs, with Ferrari strongly against any kind of restoration on the paintwork. Therefore, vinyl wraps, customizations, and complete redesigns of the color of the car are highly discouraged, with Ferrari ready to pounce if these rules are not abided by.

17 Ferrari Employees Can't Buy The Latest Ferrari

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Ferrari sure takes things seriously when it comes to selling cars, even going as far as monitoring their employees and the cars that they buy. That's right, you'd think that working for Ferrari would have his benefits but in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. All in all, the cars designed, created, and manufactured at the Ferrari garage are only available to the public, with employees receiving zero special treatment. Yes, even if they have the money ready to go, the cars are only sold to those on the other side. When asked why, Ferrari executive Enrico Galliera, claimed, "The philosophy is that with such limited production and clients waiting so long to get their car, it's not nice if the car is delivered to employees."

16 Lamborghini Doors Should Be Open In Photographs

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Lamborghini is one of the most expensive car manufacturers in the world and also one of the most popular. That's right, from Hollywood royalty to actual real-life royalty, Lamborghini features in a number of high profile celebrities across the globe. One of the most defining features of a Lamborghini is the scissor doors, a feature that makes the car instantly recognizable. Therefore, Lamborgini executives regularly enforce the rule that the doors must be open in all photos, with the idea to show off the cars' most iconic features. However, not everybody abides by the rule, much to the annoyance of the bigwigs at Lamborghini headquarters.

15 Bad Wraps

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Supercar manufacturers generally believe that as soon as the car is finished, ready to go, and rolled off the production line, then it is perfect as it will ever get. Therefore, when customers start removing logos, adding vinyl wraps, or painting the car in the wrong colors, the supercar executives start to get a little irate. In fact, Ferrari got extremely upset when DJ and performer Deadmau5 covered up his Ferrari 458 Italia logo with a custom emblem. Then, just to make matters worse, he then covered the car in a Nyan cat vinyl wrap. Now, that's blasphemy.

14 You Shouldn't Own A Lamborghini And A Ferrari

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Lamborghini and Ferrari are two of the most famous supercar manufactures in the world and are both highly successful. However, most people have a preference, with some admiring the classy exterior and vibrant history of the Ferrari, with others enjoying the speed and ability of the Lamborghini. The rivalry of the two companies has stretched over decades and has now infiltrated the garages of the hardest of car enthusiasts. That's right, "real" collectors are those who will only have one or the other and never both at the same time. In fact, Lamborghini and Ferrari both support this notion and praise car enthusiasts who stand by such hardcore rules.

13 Scissor Doors Are Compulsory 

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Lamborghini's scissor doors, also known as Lambo doors, are one of the most iconic features of the Lamborghini brand. In fact, the scissor doors are such a standout feature that they are even referred to as Lambo doors when featured on a different car brand. The doors open upwards, much like a pair of scissors (hence the name), instead of outwards and resemble that of a scissor's blades. The idea was first created for style reasons only but are now considered as a necessity for safety. These days, the "Lambo doors" are such a staple of the Lamborghini brand that all new blueprints and creations must feature the iconic scissor door design.

12 Pink Ferraris Are A No-Go

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Everybody knows that Ferrari likes their cars red, although they are willing to bend the rules when it comes to interesting colors such as yellow, black, white and, sometimes, blue. However, in the wonderful world of Ferrari, pink is a definite no-go. However, that doesn't stop customers from turning their once beautiful machines into something that resembles the inner core of Barbie's garage. In fact, Ferrari takes this so seriously that the President and CEO of Ferrari Australia, Herbert Appleroth recently claimed, "We do reject the exterior color pink" and that Ferrari would never in a million years produce a pink car.

11 Pink Lamborghinis Are A No-Go

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Supercar companies can be extremely choosey when it comes to how owners deal with the vehicles, especially with regards to color. Yes, much in the same vein as Ferrari, Lamborghini highly discourages owners from painting their cars pink. However, that doesn't stop people from doing it, with famed rapper Nicki Minaj guilty of painting her $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador bright pink. That's right, Minaj went against the advice of the Lamborghini giants, who supposedly strongly advised her not to go ahead with the drastic color change. Adding insult to injury, Minaj also painted her Bentley and Range Rover the same color.

10 Ferrari Chooses You

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If Ferrari was a person, they would be the type of person to say, "Don't call me, I'll call you." Yes, Ferrari is that guy who continuously tells girls, "It's not you, it's me," and somehow manages to get away with it. That's right, Ferrari can be extremely picky when it comes to selecting those lucky enough to drive their exclusive vehicles. In fact, Ferrari chooses you rather than the other way round and often, the selective process checks on the person who wishes to make a purchase. Seriously, the big bosses at Ferrari want only the best kinds of people to be pictured behind the wheel of their most famous products.

9 You Will Never Be Able To Go As Fast As You Want

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Sadly, those with supercars will never be able to drive their car to the maximum speed that they desire—unless they are in Germany, of course. That's right, most countries have speed limits on their highways, forcing drivers to abide by the rules and go easy on their monster machines. Therefore, the majority of times, drivers are just either showing off their expensive vehicles or driving them extremely carefully so as not to damage or break them. Furthermore, those who do attempt to push their cars to the limit are often inexperienced when it comes to driving supercars and often end up in incidents that the companies would hope to avoid.

8 Ferrari Rarely Sell To Under-40s

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Ferrari can be so strange with regards to their rules and regulations that it borders on prejudice. That's right, one of their most famous unspoken rules is that the company will rarely sell to anyone who is under 40 years of age, a rule that has been in place since the very beginning. Yes, it is not that unusual for would-be owners to go through a number of rigorous checks before they finally manage to get their hands on the car of their dreams. For instance, Ferrari dealers are less likely to sell a new car to a new owner under 40 but more likely to close the deal on a potential owner above the age of 40. Madness!

7 Don't Mess With The Mechanicals

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Supercar giants such as Bugatti, Ferrari, and Lamborghini don't need advice when it comes to building their cars and they believe their cars to be perfect once finished. Therefore, car manufacturers don't expect owners to start messing around with the mechanicals, adding new modifications and rearranging important parts. In fact, supercar manufacturers highly discourage any kind of involvement with the cars' mechanics and if there ever is a problem, they suggest coming into a designated garage and having a professional who is highly trained look at the problem instead. Sadly, not everybody listens, with a number of supercars damaged each year as a result.

6 Supercars Are Capped Every Year

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Across the globe, supercar production is capped every year in order to limit numbers and keep the unique and "one-off" vibe to the cars that created. However, not everybody is a fan of such behavior, with many complaining that only adds to austerity and the "rich boys club" that everyday normal folk can never be a part of. However, in 2019, things got really silly when it was announced that the new Rimac (a car that also costs a whopping $300,000) was to be capped at just 30 units a year, compared to its main rivals, Ferrari, who cap their production figure at 7,000.

5 It Is An Extremely Exclusive Business

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The wonderful world of supercars can be extremely exclusive and, in some cases, almost too exclusive, especially with regards to the everyday man and woman on the street. That's right, supercars are most certainly niche, with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and several other high-end brands all about the exclusivity and specialized designs. Yes, no supercar is ever the same, which makes things rather difficult when it comes to buying, selling, owning, and maintaining. However, although such "one-off" designs might sound rather interesting, as well as exciting even, it can also be extremely limiting, with the cars mostly only available to the rich and famous. Austerity at its very best!

4 You Need To Be A Certain Height

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One rule about owning a supercar that people never tell you is the limited height space. Yes, that really is a thing! Lamborghini is the worst offender, with the headspace one of the worst things about their cars in general. The cars are so incredibly small that it is near enough impossible to get into gracefully or even sensibility. For instance, the Lamborghini Aventador is one of the worst cars in the world for lack of space, with tall people continuously complaining with regards to the small space and tiny interior. That's right, supercars are the worst when it comes to leg room and head space, which can actually really hinder the overall driving experience.

3 Expensive To Maintain

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One of the biggest rules that supercar manufactures often "forget" to tell you is the cost of the upkeep of the car. That's right, supercar maintenance can be extremely expensive and boy, do we mean expensive. Yes, everything inside a supercar is so intricately crafted and measured to perfection that it can be exceptionally difficult to replace, never mind fix, parts. Furthermore, you are going to need highly trained mechanics who are also specifically educated in the mechanics of the car manufacturer itself, something that can be pricey and most certainly hard to find. However, don't let that stop you, supercars are most definitely worth it.

2 The Car Comes Before The Insurance

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One of the biggest mistakes that potential supercar buyers make before they purchase the car of their dreams is that they tend to focus too much on the insurance. Sure, insurance is a big deal and something that is going to set you back big time, but it shouldn't be your main focus. Dealerships across the globe regularly advise their customers to focus on the car before thinking of everything else that comes with it, as this can affect the type of car that you want to buy. In fact, a number of drivers often let the insurance sway their minds when choosing a car and end up with a car that most definitely wasn't their dream car but a second-rate imposter instead.

1 You'll Rarely Drive It

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Sadly, one of the most common things to happen when starting a supercar collection is the fact that you'll probably never even drive the cars that you have saved so hard to buy. That's right, supercars are mostly for show, with most countries prohibiting you from using them at their very best anyway. Unfortunately, supercars tend to stay locked up indoors, sitting tight and looking pretty, with practical cars used for everyday necessities, instead. However, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't buy one, with supercars still just as glamorous when sitting in a garage among its peers.

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