10 Of The Strangest Cars Ever Seen On Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars is a reality show where the owners of World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop encounter some of the strangest cars ever.

Pawn Stars is a popular series that showcases a family-owned pawnshop. The Old Man, Rick, Big Hoss, and Chumley use their skills in investigating-- and a little help from their expert friends-- to determine if the objects brought in by their customers are real or fake. Since its debut in 2009 on History, it has become the highest-rated show on the network, due to its perfect combination of interesting personalities and historical artifacts with engrossing backstories.

Anyone can pawn or sell anything as long as they think it has value. As a result, the show is filled with unusual objects. One of the most common things people bring to the Gold and Silver pawn shop would have to be unique and interesting cars. Here are 10 of the Strangest Cars Ever Seen on Pawn Stars.

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10 1918 Buick Touring Car

Looking at this car would have any person thinking about the past. With a rustic design, this car has celebrated its 100th birthday as a movie star in its own right- Hollywood loves casting the 1918 Buick Touring Car in old-timey films for that authentic feel. As old as it may seem, this 1918 Buick Touring Car had the staff calling shotgun when they first laid eyes upon it. Though there were minor issues such as peeling paint and cracked tires, it was in great shape.

The guys learned from their expert that it would cost around $10,000-$12,000 to fix all of these issues. The owner wanted to sell it for $24,000 but eventually agreed to the $17,000 price that was offered to him. The episode may be seen in season 6 ep. 17.

9 1915 Ford Model Woody Sedan

Adding to the list of the strangest cars is the 1915 Ford Model Woody Sedan. Though it's over a hundred years old, the vehicle is still in great condition and still has some of its original parts. It features a wood body, and still had its original frame, running boards, fenders, and an original brass radiator shell. It also has functional brake lights, turn signals, opening windshield, custom wheels, and a stereo system.

With its rustic design, the vehicle is rare and strange. The owner of the vehicle did a great job restoring it to its original look. After an inspection from an expert, it was estimated to cost around $29,000 due to its great condition. The staff offered $21,000, which the owner gladly accepted.

8 1961 B&Z Electra King

The B&Z Electra King was first introduced in 1963 as the company's flagship model. It was intended to be used by city commuters for short distances, so it had a top speed of 30 mph and could only run for 20-30 miles. The car was sold from 1963 till 1980 and went through quite a few makeovers throughout its 17-year life.

With its interesting and unlikely design, it was too good for the staff to pass it up when the owner brought it in during season 3, episode 26. This collector's item is equal parts collectible and rare, and will surely be the gem of some car enthusiasts' collection.

7 1962 Mercedes-Benz Unimog-S 404

Since its introduction in 1955, the Unimog is known for its multi-purpose all-wheel drive and is commonly used in off-roading adventures. It features a ladder frame, switchable all-wheel-drive, two portal axles with reduction gears, and all four-wheel and tires have fitted hydraulic ATE drum brakes.

The 1962 Mercedes-Benz Unimog-S 404 had the highest production figure among the Unimog series and was so popular, even Arnold Schwarzenegger had to have one. This enormous car is perfect for traveling with a layout that can be fully customized for comfort and the best driving experience.

6 1934 John Deere Model A

When this farming vehicle was brought in by its owner, it stood out as a much sought-after collectible made by John Deere.  It was manufactured from 1934 till 1953. The car that made the journey to Las Vegas is a 1937 model, placing it firmly in the classic category.  Experts estimated this vehicle cost around $5,000 when sold.

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Though it had all of its original parts intact, the boys couldn't get it to start. Reconditioning the tractor would cost more than its selling value. While Rick and the company offered a modest $2,000, the owner passed, hoping to find a private collector.

5 1941 White M3 Scout Car


This vehicle was originally used in World War II and has starred in many war-themed movies since then. The M3 scout car was introduced in 1937 and had become one of the most common military vehicles used in WWII. In 1943, It was phased out pretty quickly due to several major issues, such as its lack of off-road capabilities. This relic is indeed a historical collector's item for car enthusiasts', and those interested in war memorabilia, as well.

This would have been an amazing deal for both the owner and the staff, but sadly, after inspecting the vehicle, it was revealed that it was only a replica of the original model built upon the chassis of a modern Dodge car.

4 1959 Volkswagen Deluxe Station Wagon 'Samba'

This 1959 Volkswagen Deluxe Station Wagon 'Samba' is an iconic car as it was popularly known as "the hippie van" and is also frequently seen on television, in advertisements, and more. It was manufactured in 1951 and was considered a "new and improved" version of the T1. It features a 23 window design, had two pivot doors, and a fabric sunroof. Volkswagon touted it as the perfect vehicle to take the whole family to the top of the Alps.

The owner of the vehicle was able to restore it to its original condition and had planned to sell it for $175,000. Though it did not have its original engine motor, the owner was still offered $112,000. Sadly, the owner passed on the offer.

3 1924 Dodge Brothers Series 116 Sedan

Since its introduction in 1924, the Dodge Brothers Series 116 Sedan has earned a solid reputation for being a sturdy and reliable vehicle. The models were divided into three bodies such as Standard, Special, and Custom. Each featured leather upholstery, an  L-head four-cylinder engine that runs on 35 horsepower, and a three-speed selective-shift manual transmission.

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The 1924 Dodge Brother is definitely rare, which makes it a high-value collectible. The owner of the vehicle had it in full working condition and the gang was impressed to find it running smoothly during the inspection.

2 1984 Ferrari 308 GTSi QV

Known for being one of the most popular cars in the '80s, Rick couldn't help but get revved up with excitement when the owner called him to check it out. The 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS was produced from 1977 till 1985 and sold over 12,000 units. It runs on a 32-valve V8 engine and 5-speed manual transmission.

With its sleek design and powerful engine, it's a must-have for any collector. Upon inspection, the car was in great condition and had all of its original parts intact. Unfortunately, the owner passed on Rick's low deal.

1 1989 Batmobile Replica

Hollywood cars catch our eye for a reason. They're designed to be unique and as bold as the stars who drive them. The 1989 Batmobile replica was based on the 1989 movie version of Batman's Batmobile.

Created by Anton Furst, this car is a modified Chevy Impala, which measures 260 inches in length and has a 141-inch wheelbase. With its super-cool appearance strikingly close to the original design, it was a sealed deal between the owner and the staff. The car was estimated to be worth about $32,500 which both parties happily agreed was a fair price.

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