25 Strangest Cars People Actually Saw In Grand Theft Auto

All right, let's just rip the Band-Aid off right away—not all of the vehicles below can be said to be cars of one sort or another. What can be said of each of them though, is that they're certainly some of the strangest vehicles one will find throughout the wide world of Grand Theft Auto. And that is a wide world, indeed. This is the second installment of the strangest GTA cars (be sure and check out part one if you haven't yet) with a whole new list of strange, for sure.

There's something wrong with fans of Rockstar Games out there when they get their hands on the GTA Online mod stuff. They go a little nutty to say the very least. They either end up making something hyper-realistic and put a sweet-looking Bugatti Chiron or a Lambo Veneno on the GTA stage or they just go into the realm of the absurd and have couches with wheels—and cars with no wheels—and then suddenly heli-carrier-yacht-looking machines are a thing.

We'll just say that there's certainly something for everyone in the GTA mod universe, and that not even everything in this car-ticle is a mod. There is some DLC content here as well that Rockstar put out themselves. Make no mistake here, the GTA universe is quite diverse and interesting, to put it kindly.

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25 The Veggie Cart

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Yeah, the veggie cart. That is exactly what this guy is riding. And not only is he riding a veggie cart but it is a bicycle-powered veggie cart. As far as the most bizarre of things that could be used to ride around any of the various cities in the GTA world, this is pretty plain, but that doesn't change the fact that this is still pretty strange all the same. We see bananas, tomatoes and some rather non-descript fruits and veggies as well. Aside from how vague the cart is, just look at how bad this guy looks compared to his ride!

24 Flying Super Yacht


This just makes us all think of The Avengers movie. It's something like the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier that Nick Fury uses to get around in. Of course, this is not quite as armored or cloaked and it's clearly nothing more than a sweet yacht with some giant props on it. Sure, it's not a car, but it's definitely an odd and wicked addition to the GTA universe. We would love to see this flying overhead while playing online, that is for sure—and then we might try and steal it, or take it out of the air.

23 Mega Sound System


Just, wow. That is a sound system that would just not actually fit on a car in real life. What are we even saying? Guaranteed there is someone out there who has actually done this at some point in the real world. It is clear that this is a very lowrider but it is kind of a marvel that this mod doesn't have a way more severe camber angle. It just seems like it would be pretty fitting for both the car and the avatar standing nearby.

22 Skull Hearse DLC


Here's something that comes straight from Rockstar Games itself. They decided that they had to make sure to put out some fun stuff for people to play with for Halloween one year and this hearse is one of those toys. Not only is the hearse wrapped with skulls and ravens around the sides and on the rear door but there is also a zombie or some sort of ghoul reaching out towards the back window as well if one looks closely enough. Not sure about the ghoul, but who hasn't wanted to drive a hearse at one time or another?

21 Shopping Cart? 


This is hilarious and just makes us think of CKY or Viva La Bam or even Jackass. All of those guys spent so much time riding in shopping carts and breaking their own bones. We're not sure why that is but someone was clearly inspired with this mod and turned what is clearly meant to be a car into a shopping cart. We can see that the player is still acting as if they're holding onto a steering wheel, with feet ready for the pedals and eve parts of the cart are going through the driver too.

20 Mega Sound System Revisited


Oh, come on. There was no way we couldn't throw in another one of these ridiculous sound system car mods. This one is a bit better detailed and a little less and more ridiculous at the very same time. The speakers seem more realistic and the car itself seems just about right with the ridiculous El Camino-style flatbed and extreme low ride. The camber angle is also turned out a bit. Not as extreme as would be expected, but that does look like a lot of sound gear to bear down on the axles.

19 Red Bull F1


Well, mentioned there would be some car mods that were made to be hyper-realistic. That's something that shines through right here with the Red Bull F1 car. What is pretty ridiculous about this though is that someone actually took the time to build this, decal it out and make it look like a real deal...just so they could rip down a city street in an F1 car before smashing it into another car or a wall or a lampost. It seems a bit silly and a bit odd—but it's still pretty cool.

18 Picket Fence Bumper


We're not even sure where to begin with this one, that's for sure. Some scrap pieces of metal, some shrub sitting on the back end and a fallen-apart picket fence that is in desperate need of paint for the bumper. That's a very strange mix, make no mistake and we're not exactly sure why this mix happened the way it did. This mod really doesn't seem to be all the creative nor does it seem to make much sense which definitely makes it bizarre.

17 Original Batmobile!


Alright, we can't deny the fact that this is actually pretty darn cool. There is something about that classic 1960s Batmobile that is really sweet to see riding down the roads in GTA Online. Who wouldn't love to see the Batmobile ride by before firing a rocket at it to see if it is as armored as it appears to be in the films? This is a strange choice though, of all the Batmobiles to choose from. There are some far cooler, more GTA-friendly Bat cars out there. This does, however, show quite a bit of class.

16 ...No Wheels!?


All right, this is certainly bizarre and definitely deserves a spot on the list. It's pretty easy to bash up a car in the GTA universe, to say the very least, and it is also pretty easy to blow up cars in the games as well. It's very strange, however, to see that someone has modded a car to already have no wheels at all. This car even has a popped out grill as well for whatever reason. Of all the things to do to a car, this is pretty odd. We are guessing that the person who did this expected that the car would not last all that long.

15 Mr. Fusion!


We have to admit, right off the bat, this is probably one of—if not the—coolest of all the mods in this car-ticle. That being said, it's pretty bizarre that someone managed to piece together a rather convincing Mr. Fusion version of the DMC-12 DeLorean a la Back to the Future Part II. That is both rather strange and pretty awesome. Who would not love to see this car flying overhead, aiming to hit 88 miles per hour? All we are wondering now is if this actually allows the player to travel through time...

14 Monster Bus


This is pretty cool...but this is also quite bizarre, for sure. There have pretty well always been busses in the GTA universe. Sure, some of them looked like nothing more than some pixelated rectangle of some sort with no detail while others showed great detail, including passengers unaware of the maniacal driver headed their way. This, however, is something extra special. The body of a bus with a monster truck base. Certainly unique, that is for sure. We're sure this is great for more than riding dunes. It is likely great for riding over cars too...

13 Mad Max Ranching


At one point, this was the biggest Mad Max mod in the GTA universe. That may not be the case now but this is one strange vehicle to find out in the boons on whoever's ranch this might be in the online game. Not to mention how strange it is to see this vehicle sitting next to a buck. We're almost surprised that the creator of this mod didn't get a photo of this machine riding straight into that buck. We're glad it didn't happen but we're surprised it didn't, especially given just how nutty some GTA users are.

12 Longest Car Mod


This was, at one time, the longest of all the car mods to have appeared on GTA Online. That being said, it has long been—pun intended—put by the wayside by several even more ridiculous stretch vehicles. This car is rather interesting though, not to mention pretty cool too. It even details dirt spat up above the wheel wells, which is pretty interesting considering how pristine the rest of the car is—and how one might think the creator of the car might want it to still look classy.

11 Herbie, The Love Bug


This is actually just bizarre. It does not make much sense to us why someone would want to go so far back into car film history for the sake of GTA. Herbie, The Love Bug was such a comparatively wholesome film and TV series when put against the ridiculousness of Grand Theft Auto, that's for sure. To see such a loveable little car in the GTA universe just makes us cringe. If for no other reason than the likely fact that this car is going to get blown up.

10 Flying Car!


All right, this is really cool and truly bizarre at the same time. I think the main reason why this car is so bizarre is because the jet engines sit so far up front on the wings and seem like they are just hanging there spurting flames for no reason. It sort of looks like the wings are actually upside down here but we were not in charge of modding this car for flight so who are we to judge? Well, it's our job to judge this and while it does look pretty sweet to fly...it does look mighty ridiculous.

9 Digital Camo Tank


This is something quite interesting, to be sure. This is some sort of digital camo, ion tank of some sort. It does look pretty sweet, we think. There is every reason why someone might want this over the classic and boring tank in the GTA universe. Sometimes it's nice to change things up a bit. Why not, right? Imagine driving this tank down the roads of Liberty City while firing behind to pick up speed for smashing cars ahead. Though it does seem like the digital camo in a digital world is a bit much.

8 Time Travel With The DeLorean


Alright, here's something extra wonderful about the Back to the Future mod. Sure, the last Mr. Fusion was pretty fantastic, but there's something about the simplicity of this one as well as the time stamps on the screen that really make this way more worthwhile than any other BTTF mod out there. The only thing that could make this better is it actually flashing all over the place since it is sitting at 88 mph. That is the magic number for time travel after all. If they're going to have the time stamps, they should really have the flashing lights.

7 The Couch...


This is kind of ridiculously lazy, to say the very least. There's something just absent-minded about having a couch with no wheels and nothing at all exciting other than a magazine and two cushions. That being said, it is still pretty funny to see this guy who does seem like he's driving a car but is completely stuck within the couch itself. It is also very bizarre. This player has just lost his legs deep within the couch...and it looks like he is just trying to do some ab workouts while he is realistically programmed to hold onto the steering wheel that's nonexistent.

6 Brit Cops And Cabs


This is probably one of the weirdest of all the mods out there. Sure, this is clearly a Brit cop car with a Brit cab. That's not too unusual. Surely there are people from across the pond who love playing Grand Theft Auto. The strange thing here is that this particular mod is all about working hard to be as normal in the GTA universe as possible. Attempting to pay attention to the rules of the road and play as a cop pulling people over and so on—or the regular stuff with the cab as well. Who actually just pays attention to traffic lights though and avoids pedestrians in this game!?

5 The Bike Vender


This is probably one of the strangest things in this car-ticle. Not only is this a bike vender, but it's also a bike vender. Meaning that it's a bike cart vendor that has bikes for sale or rent. Obviously, given that this is just a mod, there's nothing that can truly be vended here, which we think make this mod all the more ridiculous. It would be cool if this mod could actually vend out RC vehicles for the game but we are willing to bet that the person who made this was not thinking that creatively. Oh well.

4 Riding Big Smoke Zelda Mod Style


Ok, this is the most bizarre modded vehicle on this car-ticle and it just cannot be denied, that is for sure. For those who have played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, it'll be pretty easy to recognize that the modded "car" in question here is actually just a giant Big Smoke. The hilarious part of this is that there is a big burger hanging in front of Smoke, presumably to make sure that he keeps moving forward. The very bizarre thing about this is that this whole mod has actually altered the world so that it is a Zelda: Breath of the Wild-based world. Which is really cool—and really weird.

3 The Mad Max Crew


Sure, there was one Mad Max machine earlier which was, at one point, the largest of all the Mad Max mods, but is it clear in this screenshot that this is no longer the case, for sure. The tanker in the background of this screenshot is very clearly something much larger than the double Caddy next to it. And then, in addition to those two monsters, there are some fun and cool and much smaller vehicles that are very well modded, having been pulled from Mad Max: Fury Road.

2 Jacked Batmobile


Here we go. This is the sort of Batmobile that one might expect in the Grand Theft Auto universe over the original Batmobile, that's for sure. That being said, it is still strange to see this roaring down the roads of Liberty City, or San Andreas, or Vice City. Especially since the driver of the car is very clearly not Batman. How did someone manage to get a hold of the Bat's jacked up and tricked out armored car? I hope that there is some intense vigilante justice going on in the streets of the GTA world.

1 Tricked A-Team Homage? 


This is interesting. It looks as though someone took the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo and modded it to look way more like the van from the A-Team. That being said, though, there this is still a pretty intense and ridiculous overstatement when it comes to either of those famous vans. At least we get to take a look at what's under the hood. That's pretty cool. That doesn't change the fact that this is a pretty bizarre and rather pristine van to have on the roads of GTA. A pretty big target for a rocket, that's for sure.

Sources: YouTube, GTA5-Mods

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