24 Strange Cars People Can Buy On eBay Right Now

In just 6 years, eBay Motors sold over two million passenger cars worldwide.

They say one person’s trash is another man's treasure, and that couldn’t be truer when it comes to eBay. eBay is an online live auction where people all over the world can buy and sell items from other people all over the world. According to their official website, eBay was founded back in 1995 by a man by the name of Pierre Omidyar. The very first item ever listed was by Omidyar, and it was a broken laser beam. Luckily someone in Canada bought the broken laser beam and the online auction site was born.

The company caught on quickly and by the following year, over $7 million worth of goods had been sold on the online auction. It wasn’t until 1997 that eBay received its official name, as it was previously referred to as AuctionWeb, which just didn’t sound as appealing.

In 2000, eBay expanded tremendously by offering cars and other vehicles to be listed for sale or as a live auction. The following year, eBay set a new record when they sold a Gulfstream Jet for $4.9 million dollars! In just 6 years, eBay Motors sold over two million passenger cars worldwide.

The website attracts all different enthusiasts and the fact that you can basically list anything for sale makes for an interesting concept. Here are 25 of the strangest cars people can buy on eBay right now.

24 Just a Mil

Via eBay.com

The strangest thing about this listing is the fact that it is actually on eBay. According to the listing it is a fully restored 1959 Ferrari 250 GT. The vintage Ferrari is listed by Manhattan Motorcars, and the starting bid is just shy of a million dollars at $988,888.

The car was sent to England to be completely restored inside and out and is said to be in better condition than when the car was brand new. Ralph Lauren has a similar one in his collection from a few years later.

23 Kid Cobra

Via eBay.com

Believe it or not, there are a plethora of old Shelby Cobras for sale on eBay, most of which are built from a kit. This one is definitely unique given the size, one we don't see on the norm riding around.

According to the listing, the mini Cobra is gas powered and can reach a top speed of 44 mph. The Cobra is big enough to fit an adult. The Cobra is rear wheel drive and can be tuned to be raced, and with some modifying can reach a top speed of 80 mph.

22 Hemi 6x6

Via eBay.com

A lot of SEMA builds will eventually find their way to eBay to be sold, like this custom Jeep that was on display at SEMA at the Rubicon Express booth. According to this custom Jeep’s listing, there were over 1,000 hours put in to build this custom 6x6 Wrangler.

In addition to an extra axle, bed and whole lots of other the upgrades, the engine has been swapped out to the 392 Hemi. The Jeep is currently listed for $199,999, but there is an option to make an offer.

21 Scooby Doo?

via nailsimages.com

The Mystery Machine is an iconic vehicle that was once featured in the hit cartoon from the 70s, Scooby-Doo. The cartoon has since been remade into a few movies and a more current version of the show.

This 1969 GMC Handyman 1500 has been customized to look like an exact replica of the Mystery Machine. The Van is currently listed by a dealership in Florida with a starting list price of $20,000, but the listing does state that it has some sort of reserve that must be met as well.

20 Smart Limo

Via eBay.com

Believe it or not, this isn’t photoshopped and is currently up for sale on eBay. According to the listing, this a one of a kind Smart stretch limo. The limo has been stretched with a custom Brabus body and wheels to essentially make the Smart Car the size of an over-sized SUV and has room for four passengers in the back.

The limo has a custom jet style door and the interior has been completely upgraded with a full entertainment system.

19 Wunderbug

Via eBay.com

Is it a Beetle? Is it an old coupe? Well, it’s a little of both. According to eBay, the chassis of this build is a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle, while the body includes some trim pieces from a 1937 Ford.

The engine and suspension have been upgraded and the current owner says it’s driven daily. This custom vehicle that is called the “Wunderbug” can be purchased for a buy-it-now price of $6,650, but there is also the option to make an offer on the custom one-off.

18 Armored Rig

Via eBay.com

Who wouldn’t want to be the owner of a fully armored rig? This BAE RD-12 is fully armored in addition to being EMP proof and has the seating capacity for up to ten people plus room for supplies and gear.

According to eBay, the truck’s bidding will start at $50,000, but the option to buy it now is also there for $78,000. The owner does state that the air brake system needs work, but the only other thing on the truck that would need upgrading is the paint.

17 Vaydor Kit

Via eBay.com

If something seems a bit off about this Lamborghini, it’s because it is actually an Infiniti. This Infiniti G35 has been completely transformed with a Vaydor kit. The exterior of the car is basically finished with the exception of the front hood mounts, headlights, and taillights that need to be wired.

The listing states that the car starts right up and that there is a roll cage installed inside of the car. The interior has not been finished but does include all the fiberglass parts needed.

16 Viper Kit

Via eBay.com

Car kits are an affordable way to build a fancy looking car for a fraction of the price. This listing is for the components needed to make the car look like a Viper RT/10. The listing claims that the car was intended to be built on a Corvette C-4 Corvette to be raced, but the project was never finished.

The listing only included the fiberglass body components that come primed and will need to be fitted to an appropriate chassis. The kit has a starting bid price of $3,850.

15 Clean LuAZ

Via eBay.com

This vehicle appears to be rare - the condition is immaculate these days despite the age of the ride.

According to the eBay listing, the odd-looking vehicle is a 1990 LuAZ Violin. This Violin is listed in great condition as it only had one owner, and has never been driven in the winter or been in an accident. The coolest feature about the vehicle is that it’s actually a truck with a removable soft top - pretty cool for the warm climates.

14 Manure Spreader

Via eBay.com

The next vehicle was actually featured on Barn Finds and is based upon a 1922 Ford Model A. According to the listing, it was built in the 60s by both the Taggart Brothers and George Barris and has the badges to prove it.

The car was actually never made with the intention to be driven, but more of just a showpiece. The owner has it currently listed for $19,500 but is also willing to trade for a hot rod or another cool build.

13 Zombiemobile

Via eBay.com

There is something that is just plain eerie about this vintage hearse. According to the eBay listing, this 1938 Cadillac Hearse is currently listed for $19,500 with an option to make an offer.

The vintage hearse is extremely rare due to its intricate wood carved panels that are found on both the sides and the back of the hearse. The owner says the car clearly needs to be completely restored, as it hasn’t run in years, but it does come with a with a clear title.

12 Double the Fun

Via eBay.com

Ebay is full of random listings, like this a double-decker bus for instance. This 1973 double-decker bus is currently listed for $41,550 but there is an option to make an offer on the double-decker as well.

The listing states the bus engine has recently been rebuilt and is in good working condition. Between the two decks, the bus can seat a total of 72 people and is being sold by a limousine company that used it for events.

11 Gasser Vette’

Via eBay.com

This custom Corvette is trying to be sold as a rat rod project, but it looks more like a hot mess. According to the listing, the Corvette was built with the intention to look like a gasser, and that is why the suspension appears to look lifted.

The seller is also asking $3,900 for a project with no motor and not a whole lot of extra parts. It also mentions that the body isn’t mounted, nor is the back window so basically, you’re just getting a bunch of parts. Good luck with that sale!

10 GTM Kit

Via eBay.com

If this car looks unfamiliar, it’s because this is a car that can only be built by a kit. According to their official website, the Factory Five Racing, the GTM is a supercar that you can build yourself.

The kit cost just0 $24,900 but also requires a C5 Corvette. In addition, the car requires a transaxle from a Porsche 911. According to the eBay listing, you could buy this 2014 GTM already built and ready to go for just $62,900.

9  Luxury Buggy

Via eBay.com

This 1966 Volkswagen Dune Buggy has been modified to look like similar to a miniature Corvette. The Buggy only has 7,530 miles on the odometer and comes with working horn, wipers and radio.

The listing also states that 1600cc engine runs and looks good with lots of chrome components. The Buggy comes with a fresh set of wire wheels and a removable top. The Buggy is ready to drive home and is currently listed for $6,750 with an option to make an offer.

8  Mini Race Car

Via eBay.com

This pint-sized race car is currently listed on eBay with a starting price of $4,500, but there is the option to make an offer for less to the owner. The mini racer is currently located in Tulsa, Oklahoma for local pick-up only and has been in storage for over two years.

The car also includes a lot of extra parts including an extra set of wheels, tail tank, and a winters quick change. The car is currently not running, and the motor will come already apart and ready for a rebuild.

7 Mini Sprinter

Via eBay.com

According to eBay, this mini sprinter is completely custom and was built by hand. The sprinter has a Honda GX 390cc 4 Stroke engine that gives it enough power for either a kid or an adult. The little sprinter weighs less than 400 lbs, but has hit a top speed of 50 mph!

According to the listing, the guy who built the car was originally trying to start a new racing class but was only able to make a few cars before he got sick.

6 Moke Around Town

Via eBay.com

What is a Moke? The Moke has been cruising all over the UK and the Caribbean for quite some time and is now just making its way to the US. According to their official website, the Moke was previously a gas powered vehicle, but will only be available as an electric version for the US.

The Moke has a top speed of 35 mph and is advertised to be a low-speed vehicle. The Moke on eBay is listed with a buy it now price of $16,975.

5 Puttin’ Around Town

Via Ebay.com

Next up is the oldest car to make this list. This 1903 Packard was built over 100 years ago and is being sold in running and working condition! The car is powered by a Briggs and Stratton engine and is paired with an automatic transmission.

The person selling it says that this car is a 7.5 out of 10, and The Packard is currently listed for $6,850 but has an option to make an offer, and comes with the option to have it shipped anywhere in the world.

4  Toy Vivian

Via eBay.com

This rat rod, believe it or not, used to be a Chevy s-10. The rat rod has been custom fabricated with sheet metal in a bomber style theme. According to the listing, this 1987 rat rod has an upgraded 350 engine and a 10 bolt rear and runs great.

The rad rod is currently listed for sale at 14,900 with an option to make an offer but the owner is willing to consider a trade for something that he interested in.

3 Trickster

Via eBay.com

This may look like a custom miniature car but it’s actually just a golf cart. According to the eBay listing, the mini car has been made to look like a little version of a real car, by fitting it with a custom fiberglass body. The car was most likely owned by someone who lived in a golf cart community.

The custom golf cart was well maintained, has working lights, signals, and horn. It even has a back seat with a trunk! There is a bidding war going on, but the reserve isn’t met at $2,325.

2  Volkswagen Buggy Truck

Via eBay.com

Volkswagen is known for their dune buggies, but this is a very unique version of the standard dune buggy. According to eBay, the buggy has a custom hard top that is removable with just a few bolts.

But the biggest difference is the fact that it has a mini bed on the back of the buggy. The buggy is currently located in Washington and is required to be picked up in person. The bidding starts at $6,000 and there aren’t any current bids!

1 Volkswagen Transporter

Via eBay.com

This 1969 Volkswagen is a rare find that is currently listed on eBay for $7,300 with a bidding war going on with still a few days left on the auction. The Volkswagen was actually imported from England but surprisingly is still a left-hand drive.

Import was done legally, and all paperwork is included in order to register the transporter. The bed is very unique on this truck as the sides appear to be on hinges of some sort and can transform into a flatbed.

Sources: eBay, Factoryfiveracing, mokeamerica

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