10 Best Street Circuits In All Of Motorsports

In Motorsports, watching vehicles drive around crafted street circuits can be incredibly exciting. Here are some of the best "tracks."

Throughout the history of automotive racing and motorsports, more generally, just about every series has had an amazing/legendary track. Most of which have been around for decades and are continually improved and changed to meet new regulations or accommodate faster vehicles.

What doesn't seem to get much attention, however, is the use of street circuits. These tracks basically repurpose normal roads and use them as circuits for venues like Formula 1, Rally, and many others.

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Whatever your fancy, or wherever you're located, the odds are that your country has at least one famous street circuit. This inevitability leads some to feel that street tracks are the "best of the best" compared to their more classic setups.

10 St. Petersburg Grand Prix

Located in St. Petersburg, Florida (Right outside of Tampa), the St. Pete Grand Prix is one of the newer additions to the street circuit list. The track layout was briefly used for IMSA and such during the late 80s and 90s but was later brought back into the mix in 2003.

Florida is a great place for its warm weather and beautiful views, which the St. Pete G.P. offers both of. Sitting right outside the bay, the Grand Prix is one of the most visually appealing repurposed roads in all of the IndyCar series.

9 Adelaide

If you ever visit Australia be sure to get some grilled Shrimp (From the Barbie of course) and stop by the historical Adelaide street circuit. Situated in, you guessed it, Adelaide in Southern Australia, it has seen many great drivers. Both on the track as a driver and as spectators.

Mark Webber is one such example of Adelaide's history. The retired F1 driver would constantly go to this street track and watch famous F1 racers like Nigel Mansell and Ayrton Senna battling for the win during his childhood. Sadly though, F1 is no longer hosted there but it still occasionally has a good race with another series.

8 Azerbaijan/Baku

Recently joining the Formula One calendar 2016, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Also known as simply "Baku") is a great street circuit with a pleasant mix of long straights and tight corners.

Baku has one of the most difficult sections in the F1 calendar during turns 8, 9, and 10. Sebastian Vettel, the senior Ferrari driver, describes this section as, "every time you go through, you feel like you're going to crash." Baku is very challenging but interesting to watch and see who will come out on top.

7 Macau Grand Prix

The Macau Grand Prix has been a host of amazing races and terrible crashes. This street course is particularly narrow with barely any room to make effective overtakes or challenge those in front.

However, watching a race at Macau has a similar appeal as NASCAR and oval racing: Wait to see the carnage. Last year at the 2018 F3 Macau G.P., Sofia Floersch had a horrible incident where she soared through the air and came into contact with a barrier and a board.

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This is only one example of what can happen on the city streets of Macau. There are spectacular crashes, close finishes, and everything in between that the metropolis can offer.

6 Brooklyn Street Circuit

Some may not even be aware that a place like like Brooklyn would have a race track, but it's true. This track, like Baku, is very new. In fact, it was created for the primary purpose of hosting Formula E races.

Formula E is the open-wheel electric car equivalent of Formula 1 and F2. This venue gives northeastern racing enthusiasts the chance to enjoy the sport locally. Also, since it's electric, the quiet sounds and friendly environment is a great atmosphere for families and children too.

5 Long Beach Grand Prix

Long Beach has just about everything somebody could want: Beautiful scenery, luxurious area, and motorsports. Since 1976, Formula 1 had visited the Long Beach Grand Prix street circuit but ended up departing in 1983.

This was not the end for Long Beach though. Since the mid-'80s, the Long Beach G.P. can be found in both the I.M.S.A., Formula Drift, and IndyCar calendar, along with other lesser known series like USF2000 and basic G.T. racing.

4 Las Vegas

Not much can beat a well-built track, but what about one with a view of the famous Vegas Strip? That would be exactly the thinking behind making Las Vegas a street circuit. As one may assume, (Being in Vegas) it was kind of crazy too.

The track never had a concrete layout. Every year it was subject to change, which leads to lots of confusion and disorder later on in the tracks lifetime. It no longer exists sadly, although, when it did, Las Vegas was an amazing place to witness the crazy F1 cars of the 1980s.

3 Singapore

Founded in 2008, the Singapore Grand Prix was exclusively designed for F1. 11 years later, Singapore remains in the line up of races and will most likely stay that way for the foreseeable future.

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Singapore has had just about everything an F1 fan could ask for: Crashes, wheel-to-wheel racing, and even controversy. This specific controversy surrounds Renault and is often referred to as "Crashgate" since the situation involved a Renault purposely crashing in order to help his teammate win.

Obviously, this was a big no-no and lead to a lot of legal repercussions and lost faith in the team. Regardless, it was a spectacular showing.

2 Isle Of Man TT

For over one-hundred years, the Isle of Man has been a dangerous and thrilling street circuit for motorcycle riders willing to risk it all. Many refer to this track as the most dangerous one in existence.

T.T. stands for Tourist Trophy, which is a series similar to SBK and MotoGP where riders compete for the win. However, during it's early days, the Isles of Man was just a time trial event. Countless racers have lost their lives racing on this circuit, but even then the desire to win is too great to give up on which pushes more and more people to give it a go.

If you ever want to experience speed in it's rawest form, the Isle of Man TT annual race will most definitely scratch that itch.

1 Monaco

Monaco is quite possible the most scenic and most famous street circuit to ever be created. Since the '50s, Monaco has hosted Formula 1 races for the rich and famous. Even now, Monaco is still on the F1 calendar, even though some protest that it is uneventful.

Regardless of the on-track activity being slow from time to time, Monaco is unlike any other with it's rich history (no pun intended) and picturesque location toward the south of France.

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