25 Stunning Images Of Weddings In Rusty Junkyards

Here is something that readers may have not known...unless some readers here are the very...interesting and redneckish people who are the basis of this very car-ticle to begin with...there are quite a few people in the world who seem to think that the best way to celebrate their marriage is to set up in a junkyard and hold a ceremony, or at the very least hold an engagement photo shoot in a junkyard. We have to admit that we think it's a bit bizarre. But hey, if these people want to glorify cars (even if they've been scrapped) then we can't talk down to them too much. They're giving us work!

Now, there are certainly varying degrees of redneck here. And there is also a little dash of hipster in some of these cases with people who just want to have a junkyard-inspired wedding (which is still pretty strange...maybe more so than actually having a wedding in a junkyard). Either way, here is a car-ticle that will certainly interest those living near a scrapyard looking for wedding theme ideas, or those who are just fascinated by the way some people choose to live.

So, all that being said, let's go rummaging through some junkyards!

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25 Misty Salvage Yard


Well, there is no mistaking as to what is happening here. These are certainly wedding photos and this is definitely in a salvage yard. All one has to do is look at the giant backdrop of crushed cars to know that this is the real deal. Sure, they could have green-screened it, but it would be pretty obvious, we dare say. The most interesting thing about this one is not the fact that the shoot is in a salvage yard...but they decided they need a mist machine to really get the most bang for their buck.

24 Scrap Metal Downtown


We have to be totally honest here and say that we really hope that the wedding, in this case, is not taking place to the left of that door. Why? Well, who really wants to be sitting down on all of the scrap lead to watch their friends or family get hitched? Maybe not the healthiest spot for a wedding. That being said, this looks much more like a historical site that is now surrounded by condos. More of a hipster venue for a wedding now than an actual scrapyard.

23 Woodland Scrapyard


This photo really makes us wonder just how many junkyards are located somewhere out in the woods. This woodland scrapyard is not exactly the most fully loaded of all that yards that could be found in the U.S. but that isn't the point. It's a dirt road out to a grassy area surrounded by trees with a junked Beetle and other cars around. At least the owner of this yard is right about one thing...get those Beetles just out of our view. It's a much better world that way.

22 Rustic Junker Truck


This is actually a very pretty photo. There is something about the way this shot was set up that really makes the rusty junker truck here look like a very nice piece of art. That might sound rather hipster-ish, but it's true enough. With the sun shining in between the trees and the shot coming up from the grass, it allows the truck and the bride to shine from a seat of power to some extent. We wonder what the other rust buckets out there are...at least they're being used for some purpose.

21 Pre-Wedding Junk Shoot


This may not be a wedding photo but engagement photos are close enough. They may not make it all the way to their wedding, but at least they'll still always have a photo reminder of when they decided to head to the junkyard to pay hundreds of dollars for a few photos around some rusty buses and other scrap vehicles. We haven't decided if this is rather hipster or if it is actually just an honest blue-collar shoot. Who really knows?

20 Redneck Reception Time? 


This is certainly an honest photoshoot. Hands down. There is no way that this is faked in any sort of way. How can we know that for sure? It has nothing to do with the photographer hired or the setting, redneck-ish as it may be. No, it has to do with the wardrobe. No way a hipster wedding shoot would see the guy clad in jeans a button-up and a backward ball cap. This is an honest-to-goodness blue collar photo and that makes us smile, for sure.

19 Junk Love In Black And White


This is the only black and white photo in the entire car-ticle and it is actually quite sweet, even if it's a little stylized. It looks like this photo is either in late autumn or early spring. Either way, this couple is at either the top or tail of the wedding season and they look like they're having a great time in this back lot-looking junkyard. The only junk here realistically comes in the form of a bunch of vehicles, but it's there anyway. We'll call it a salvage yard.

18 Junked Wedding


This is certainly a hipster-based wedding. How do we know? Well, there are so many bikes that have been artistically put together to make a bit of an archway that there is just no way that this isn't a hipster-based wedding. The dress in that sort of junk spot also gives it away...just a little. However, it has to be said that this is a better shoot than many hipster weddings. At least this bride is actually in what looks like a junkyard or scrapyard of some sort, rather than just a themed venue.

17 Junker Bus Yard


This is a great wedding. Low key and truly blue collar. How can we tell? Look at that maid of honor. Full sleeves and a straight black dress...for sure this is a blue collar wedding. And there might be a small crowd and what looks like could be a VW Beetle off to the right for the couple to drive away in, but the most interesting part of this photo is the junk bus in the backdrop. We are hoping that it actually runs and that is how the wedding party is getting to the reception.

16 Crushed Car Backdrop


Well, this is certainly a stylish couple. They certainly spent money on their wardrobe and their looks. After years in the event business, one just knows by a quick glance. Some reader or another might know about that. What is interesting here though is that, in spite of the fact that they clearly dropped dollars on their looks, they really and truly went junkyard on their photo shoot. We really do wonder why that is, but it does at least make for a pretty cool picture.

15 Scrap Wife...?


This is perhaps one of the most interesting photos that we managed to find of people taking wedding and engagement photos in scrapyards and junk piles. We are sincerely hoping that this couple owns a scrap business of some sort because the alternative is that this wife-to-be is being treated pretty poorly. I mean...for those readers who have not yet noticed, the back of her jumpsuit says "Scrap Wife." Maybe this is a divorce photo shoot? We really hope they're just wandering around their own business right now.

14 Forklift Wedding


Alright, wow. Let us all please take a moment to admire the fact that there are two models posing for a wedding shoot in a junkyard. That is pretty exciting. There is something here for every reader to enjoy. That lace and vacant model look, that chiseled jaw and serious face, everyone's got something to think about. And then there's the fact that this couple is power posing at a forklift in a junkyard. This does seem very out of place, no matter how very interesting it might be.

13 Junkyard Engagement


Here is an engagement photo which, let's be honest here, does not really look like it belongs in an engagement shoot. It kind of looks like the part of another kind of shoot altogether. However, let's not focus on that. The more interesting thing is that this junkyard seems to be smack dab in the middle of a forest and there is a bit of a mix of classic cars and just junker cars from the '80s and '90s. It's an easy enough tell from the rusted out bodies.

12 Long Island Scrap Engagement


Here is an interesting engagement photo shoot. There is something very unique and honest about a guy with slicked-back hair and camo pants holding his sleeveless-clad Lulu Lemon-wearing fiance right next to a giant wall of crushed leaning cars that just is pretty honest. They didn't dress up here. They're just holding each other for a kiss, and there just happens to be a giant wall of crushed cars looming over them. Not sure why, but who cares?

11 Drive Away From The Junkyard


This is a pretty cool shot. Obviously, they are not actually driving away in this moment (otherwise, they'd be driving straight into the photographer right after this photo) but that is hardly the point. Those who are observant to any extent will recognize the fact that there is a wall of junked cars heaped up behind this couple in their classic car. And we have to admit that we're extra excited about this photo because the bride is behind the wheel with a look of true joy (probably because of the car and not the new hubby).

10 Classic Scrap


Anyone who is at all observant will realize that we have already seen this couple, but while they were set to drive away from the junkyard. Now, we actually get to see what it is this couple was driving and where they decided to set up for their wedding photos. This is a pretty well-organized salvage yard, that is for sure. They probably got their ride off of one of the scrap racks at this yard in the first place. I bet they had to spend most of their wedding planning getting the car running!

9 Rusty Junker


Well, this is a classic car, but it certainly isn't about to drive anywhere. There isn't even a door where the bride is sitting. It's interesting to see that this junkyard seems to be in the woods somewhere. It's all grassed in, there's at least one other junker on the other side of this car (we can see the popped hood)...a nice place for an autumn photo shoot. Interesting to see that this car has to sit on a tire to stay level.

8 Winter Junk Wedding


This couple has already appeared in this list and I have to say that it looks like this bride-to-be is not wearing Lulu Lemons but has gone for some sort of leather leggings and that is pretty exciting to go along with his work boots and camo pants. All I have to say is that they fit right in at this junkyard. She must be pretty cold though, if we're honest. There is snow on the ground and she has no sleeves on. This was probably a very quick photo shoot.

7 Schoolbus Junkyard Wedding...


This is a very interesting choice, I have to say. Of all the junkyards that could be chosen for a wedding theme, we are really wondering why this bride decided to go with the school bus graveyard. Is this her saying that she is an eternal student? Or is she actually saying that since she's married now, this is where she stops learning more about life? Surely, this spot was actually just chosen because it is a pretty cool location, even if the bottom of her dress is covered in rust now.

6 Bridesmaids Ready In The Junkyard


Well, it is very clear that the bride here in this shoot just decided that her bridesmaids could just do whatever they wanted for their wardrobe. Typically, they're all matching in order to accentuate the bride's dress. We're not even entirely sure which one here is the bride, the one in white, in the back? Either way, these bridesmaids are clearly ready for a wedding here in this junkyard. There are some super glam poses here that surely no one is complaining about.

5 Backyard Junkyard Wedding


We are pretty sure that this junkyard is actually just someone's backyard. Anyone who has grown up in the middle of nowhere in a tiny rural town will recognize this sort of backyard, for sure. There are always those people who collect so much junk but just let it rust outside through all the elements for years. The owner of this place obviously has kids, given the little kid tractor in the background. We're not sure if this is a great venue for a wedding shoot, but the forest does look nice.

4 Vintage Georgia Bus


Well, this is certainly a very interesting idea for an engagement photo shoot, that's for sure. We can't stop wondering if this is just a bus sitting in some junyard or if this is actually just a bus rusting out in this couple's backyard. Either way, it certainly flavors the photo. Especially with that flower pillar leaning in the bus and the fact that the jean-clad guy has some sort of power stance to make it appear as though he's totally jacked bruh.

3 South Cali Wedding Venue...


Yeah, we know, there isn't a couple standing there getting hitched in this photo. That's true. But that's not the point. This look like a bit of a junk heap, no? But what this actually is, is a real wedding venue out in the desert in Southern California. Just peek past the venue itself to at least get a glimpse of some attractive classic cars parked for what we assume will be the wedding party's exit from this desert junk pile.

2 Snowed-In Bus


For those who are somewhat observant, there will be the realization that there is snow on the ground outside of this bus. What confuses us a tad is just what this couple would choose to huddle into a busted out bus in the middle of winter without any coats or hats or anything just to get some good engagement photos. We're pretty sure that this couple's car broke down so they decided to try and keep warm in this bus while the photographer did their thing anyway, just to get their money's worth.

1 Junkyard Inspired


Oh, here is a very hipster-ish wedding photo, for sure. Notice that while there is a bunch of junk strewn about this scene, it is all definitely recently purchased decor. Probably from the most expensive and trendiest dollar store in the area. The wall is really cool, but it would be way cooler if it was a wall of crushed cars, in our opinion. But that's what happens with a junkyard-inspired wedding theme rather than just a junkyard wedding. Also, is that a shield covered in some thick red liquid?

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