Subaru Is Replacing Vehicles For 2019 Ascent Owners Impacted By Recall

Subaru Is Replacing Vehicles For 2019 Ascent Owners Impacted By Recall

Subaru is recalling some of their 2019 Ascents and rather than repairing them, they’re outright replacing them.

Wouldn’t it be great if whenever there was a factory defect for a new car that carmaker would then just replace the vehicle, free of charge? Sure, it’d certainly drive up the cost of a recall, but think of the incredible convenience it would bring. Plus, you’d get that new car smell all over again.

In a rare turn of events, Subaru has decided to replace all their defective 2019 Ascents rather than repair them. The simple reason for that is because the defect makes it impossible for them to repair.

The recall affects exactly 293 Subaru Ascents--less than 1% of all Ascents made for the 2019 model--and only 9 of those cars were ever actually sold. The rest were either sitting on dealer lots or in transit to their destinations.


At issue is a missing spot weld on the B-pillars of the car. Apparently, a glitch in Subaru’s system caused their welding robots to miss that spot weld for a few cars built between July 13th and July 21st. Subaru found out about the issue during a regular inspection of a newly built Ascent and immediately contacted the NHTSA once they found out.

Subaru Is Replacing Vehicles For 2019 Ascent Owners Impacted By Recall
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Unfortunately for Subaru, the only fix is to replace the cars. The B-pillar is part of the car’s chassis, and once it’s been fully constructed it’s impossible to get at the B-pillar to complete the weld without further damaging the car. A missing spot weld can make the mid-size crossover structurally compromised, increasing the risk of serious injury in the event of a crash.

Instead, unlucky owners will just get a brand new vehicle straight from the Subaru factory.

To find out if your car is affected, head on over to the NHTSA website and type in your VIN. It’s impossible to tell if your car is missing the spot weld from the outside, so the only way to know if your car is affected is to check with the NHTSA. Subaru will be contacted affected owners later this month to arrange for their new Ascent deliveries.


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