10 Super Nintendo Car Games Still Worth Every Dollar (And 10 From N64)

In this digitally advanced world that we now live in, one trend continues to persist and even grow. Sure, you might be doing a lot with your mobile devices nowadays. Chances are, you’re spending a lot of time browsing social media. On the other hand, you can also be making purchases or even paying your bills. But when all that is done, chances are you are going to do something else to really get entertained. Maybe, you are going to play some games.

Now, more than ever, the gaming industry is seeing more players from all over the world. In the US alone, as much as 64 percent of the general population are gamers, according to a Nielsen study in 2017. Moreover, the global gaming industry was expected to have generated as much as $134.9 billion in revenue at the end of 2018, according to a report from MCV.

When it comes to gaming, a lot of players certainly turn to their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. After all, this is a pretty convenient way to start playing wherever you may be. However, those who are true gaming fans would argue that game consoles are still the way to go. Hence, despite the growing popularity of mobile gaming, game consoles remain popular. In fact, according to a report from We PC, the console gaming market is expected to have the biggest market share in gaming even in 2020.

Today, there are several game consoles that players can choose from. Some of the most popular ones include Xbox 360, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation, Game Boy, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and so much more. A lot of players tend to favor these consoles, but at the same time, they also enjoy using more classic game consoles. These include the likes of Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 (N64).

Curious to find out just what kind of games you can play with either? Well, we’ve listed some that are still worth every dollar to this day!

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20 Super Nintendo: Super Mario Kart

via forbes.com

If you love racing games and you love the world of ‘Super Mario,’ then this is definitely the perfect game for you.

In “Super Mario Kart,” you get to race as any of the eight characters available. These include Mario, Luigi, The Princess, Yoshi, Bowser, Donkey Kong Jr., Koopa Troopa, and Toad. Based on a performance chart created by Nintendo, it seems that Princess and Yoshi are your best bets here since they are rated “the best of the best” in acceleration and average on top speed. Throughout the game, you will encounter a number of colorful and exciting venues. These include Vanilla lake, Donut Plains, Koopa Beach, and Choco Island.

19 Super Nintendo: Rock N' Roll Racing

via nerdbacon.com

In "Rock N' Roll Racing," you get a racing adventure that is pretty much out of this world! In this game, you get to play between two modes. First up is a standard mode which is pretty much a free for all. This mode is pretty good if you are looking to practice your driving and racing skills.

Meanwhile, if you think you're ready for something more competitive and intense, go ahead and enter the VS mode. Here, you get to race against another player and really show them what you're truly made of. On the other hand, this mode can also be played solo.

18 Super Nintendo: Super Off Road

via nerdbacon.com

As the name of this game suggests, "Super Off Road" is all about off-road racing. Just be careful what you wish for though. The races are definitely tough and all of your opponents are determined to do what it takes to claim victory.

According to the website Game FAQs, there are four "tough trucks" that race against each other in every round. And just when you think it's the only competition that you have to worry about, you realize there's more to this race than you originally expected. In fact, you can definitely end up encountering some serious pitfalls. On the other hand, there is also a chance of scoring some boosters and winning cool prizes.

17 Super Nintendo: Micro Machines

via youtube.com, aWanderingMerchant Channel

In "Micro Machines," your racing adventure gets a little bit crazy. Released back in the early '90s, this game gives you the chance to play around with some miniature vehicles. To make things more interesting, these vehicles can be just about anything you want. These include turbo wheels, monster trucks, 4x4s, power boats, combat tanks, highway warriors, helicopters and of course, performance sports cars.

You also get the opportunity to race in tracks that you never thought would possible. For instance, imagine being able to race around a billiards table. Now, there is no other race that offers you that kind of experience!

16 Super Nintendo: The Duel: Test Drive II

via youtube.com, Cogumelo Venenoso Channel

Just like the original "Test Drive," "The Duel: Test Drive II" offers a lot of high-octane action and so much more. After all, here's your opportunity to drive some gorgeous exotic cars and take them around some of the riskiest highways that you would ever encounter. Moreover, you would also definitely encounter some exciting police pursuits and be forced to evade traffic.

Meanwhile, the website Classic Reload explains, "The player initially is given the opportunity to choose a car to drive and a level of difficulty, which in turn determines whether the car will use an automatic or manual transmission."

15 Super Nintendo: Michael Andretti’s Indy Car Challenge

via gamefabrique.com

In “Michael Andretti’s Indy Car Challenge,” you get to find out exactly how it’s like to drive like an Indy Car champion. Even better, you have no less than Michael Andretti giving you professional racing advice.

If you feel the need to practice before you face your friends, go ahead and activate the one-player mode. Drive around the track for hours until you improve your skills. And if you need to see how well you’re driving already, you can always use the instant replay feature which allows you to see your driving in three views. Once you think you’re up to it, challenge your friends in a one-on-one race around the track using the two-player mode.

14 Super Nintendo: Lamborghini Challenge

via youtube.com, 10min Gameplay Channel

The “Lamborghini Challenge” is a video game that has been around since 1994. In this game, you’re out on the streets driving a Lamborghini as you race against yourself or your friends.

As you may know, however, racing around the streets can be illegal. And if you continue to race in your Lamborghini, you may find yourself in trouble very soon. In fact, in this game, cops can chase you while you race. Even worse, they can also choose to slow you down and possibly impose a fine. To keep this from happening, you’ll have to earn more than enough money to purchase a radar detector for your races.

13 Super Nintendo: Top Gear 3000

via emuparadise.me

The game “Top Gear 3000” was released way back in 1995. Here, the scene is set around 1,000 years into the future. And just while you’re still getting familiar with your surroundings, you suddenly get challenged to a duel.

Obviously, you agree to race, and this is where your great track adventure begins. The moment you get racing, you will realize that there are so many tracks for you to choose from. In fact, according to the website Emulator Online, you get to “race around 12 solar systems across 48 of tracks in the fastest, meanest and most action-packed held to head split screen racing game ever [sic].”

12 Super Nintendo: Battle Cars

via youtube.com, YouBigNonce Channel

“Battle Cars” is a racing video game that was released way back in 1993. There is nothing straightforward about this game. In fact, it’s almost like a racing and combat game in one.

Here, you get to choose from three types of cars, which you can drive across 14 awesome tracks. However, you have to keep in mind that nobody is expected to play by standard racing rules around here. In fact, you can readily end your competition’s race by doing a little sabotage. For starters, you can stall the enemy’s cars so that they can’t race any longer. Meanwhile, you can also bomb other cars or even shoot missiles at them.

11 Super Nintendo: F-Zero

via usgamer.net

In “F-Zero” you’re pretty much racing in the future and dealing with the most hardcore competition you could ever meet.

In the game, the year is already 2560. At this point, you’ve got multi-billionaires who don’t know exactly what to do with their money or how to have fun. Hence, they decided to come up with a race called F-Zero which is based on Formula 1. Instead of a standard Formula race car though, you’ve got a hovercar and four characters that you can select. In each race, the goal is to be able to cross the finish line without falling into some serious hazards along the truck. We’re talking about magnets that can make your vehicle go off-center and slip zones.

10 N64: Cruis'n USA

via youtube.com, rusha Channel

In the game “Cruis’n USA,” you get the chance to travel across the USA while joining a series of 14 point-to-point races. Here, you’re looking at two playing modes. The first is the “Single Race” mode which allows you to go and race through 10 individual courses.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to race a lot longer, we suggest that you go for the “Cruise the USA” mode. As the name suggests, this gives you the chance to go on a cross-country road trip without ever leaving your home. For your car choices, you pretty much have four non-licensed sports cars at your disposal. Aside from these, you will also get the chance to drive three bonus cars.

9 N64: Beetle Adventure Racing

via medium.com

If you enjoyed watching all the ‘Herbie’ movies and you want to try your hand at racing a Volkswagen Beetle yourself, then “Beetle Adventure Racing” is certainly the N64 game for you.

In this game, you get to race a Beetle through six awesome courses. Just keep in mind though, that these tracks are unlike those that you’ve explored in other racing games. That’s because it comes with short-cuts, alternate routes and other secrets you would only discover while you are driving. For instance, when you race in Inferno Isle, you will end up encountering a jungle, a seaside city, and a volcano. Indeed, this game will take you for a wild ride so enjoy!

8 N64: Diddy Kong Racing

via starstruckgaming.com

If you love racing in the ‘Super Mario’ world, then “Diddy Kong Racing” is another N64 game that you definitely must have. In this game, you will encounter characters such as Pipsy the Mouse, Taj the Genie and Timber the Tiger. The races are rich with great graphics and everything looks fun and colorful.

This is probably why this game has a pretty high score on the website Meta Critic. In fact, one critic wrote, “Diddy Kong Racing is almost too good to be true. It is an exquisitely animated, color-rich racing game that bubbles over with character and charm. A triumph.”

7 N64: Mario Kart 64

via londontheinside.com

Now, if you can’t get enough of ‘Super Mario’ and racing, then you must also play the game “Mario Kart 64.” In this game, you’ve got eight ‘Mario’ characters to choose from as you drive through four battle courses and 16 race courses. You also get the chance to get some helpful items from special boxes along the track. These include mushrooms which can boost your speed temporarily along with shells and bananas that you can use to launch an attack on your opponents.

In this game, you’ve got four playing modes to choose from. There’s the Grand Prix Mode where you get to participate in four consecutive three-lap races. Aside from the Grand Prix mode, there is also the Time Trial, Battle Mode, Versus Mode.

6 N64: Star Wars Episode I: Racer

via starwarsblog.starwars.com

Now, if you are a true ‘Star Wars’ fan, then “Star Wars Episode I: Racer” is definitely the game for you. In this game, you get to experience what its like to be in the movie as you take part in a race throughout the galaxy.

Here, you can choose from as many as 23 Podracers which you can proceed to drive along 25 racing tracks. And while all this race excitement is happening, you also get to listen to some familiar voices from “Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace.” On Meta Critic, this game enjoys a relatively high score of 8.7. One player wrote, “One of the best games of my childhood.”

5 N64: Top Gear Rally

via emuparadise.me

In the N64 game “Top Gear Rally,” you get to work on being the best racecar driver you can ever be. Here, you’ve got a rally car and you have to be able to show off your skills and outperform the competition.

If you feel like you’re not much of a racecar driver yet, we suggest that you do some test runs first. You can do this by going for the relatively easy Practice Mode. Meanwhile, if you think you’re ready to try racing someone, you can try switching to the Time Attack and Quick Race modes. If you think you’re finally ready for an actual race, then go ahead and enter the Championship mode.

4 N64: San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing

via lutris.net

Just like the title suggests, you are expected to race to the extremes in the game “San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing.” Here, you can choose from eight available cars to race with. Meanwhile, there are also other special cars like the taxi cab and Hot-Rod that you can earn by discovering some secret locations and successfully finding keys. If you go in practice mode, you get to check out several tracks for 1,000 seconds. This is very helpful if you are really determined to get your hands on those keys.

Overall, you’ve got as many as 24 possible race tracks. That’s because the six regular tracks in this game can be easily reversed or mirrored.

3 N64: Ridge Racer 64

via youtube.com, Familyguyisbetterthe Channel

According to IGN, it took as many as four years for the game “Ridge Racer” to finally make it to N64. The long wait, however, was definitely worth it.

In the beginning, you are limited to choosing from four unlocked vehicles. However, so long as you keep on racing, you would soon discover the rest of the available 25. In total, there are nine tracks you can race on. That’s three tracks that have an available three variations each. Meanwhile, as many as four players can go head-to-head during a split-screen race here. On the other hand, there is also nothing wrong with enjoying this racing game solo.

2 N64: World Driver Championship

via reddit.com

“The World Driver Championship” is an N64 game that was released way back in 1999. Here, you get to experience a team or sponsor-based racing with 15 different teams. At the same time, you get to choose from over 30 unlicensed cars that are based on some real vehicles. As for the tracks, you’ve got 10 to choose from with three variations each. Meanwhile, you can participate in as many as 20 exciting racing events. That includes endurance races and multi-track championships.

If you are new to the world of racing games, then you might want to improve your driving skills by using the Training mode first. Afterward, switch to Arcade Race, Time Attack and Championship modes.

1 N64: Wipeout 64

via youtube.com, John GodGames Channel

“Wipeout 64” is another N64 game that takes on a more futuristic feel. In fact, here, you get to explore the world of anti-gravity racing. That means you get the chance to drive some advanced hover vehicles throughout the race.

Meanwhile, there are also ways for you to end your enemy’s race in an instant. That’s because this game comes with a number of in-game weapons that you can utilize. These include mines that can explode upon contact, electro bolts that stall competition and thunder bombs that cause massive damage. Aside from these, you can also aim rockets at other vehicles, so they don’t stand a chance against you.

Reference: Nielsen, Game FAQs, Emulator Online, Meta Critic & IGN

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