20 Supercars From Brands Nobody Ever Heard Of

Through the years, many companies have set out to build the perfect car to varying degrees of success.

When talking about supercars, everybody knows that those cars are basically legendary. Everybody has heard of the brands such as Lamborghini, Porsche, Jaguar, McLaren etc., but you would be surprised how many great yet pretty unknown brands there are out there with some pretty impressive supercars of their own. Through the years many people have founded companies with the goal of building the perfect car, and many came close before running out of time or money and folding.

So first things first. What is a supercar? A supercar is a car known for its luxury design and high performance. When talking about supercars, we usually talk about sports cars or grand tourers and some of the brands we mentioned above are the crème de la crème of the sports cars on the market. However, that does not mean that there aren’t some less famous brands that have surprised us pleasantly with their cool designs and amazing vehicles. What makes the whole thing even more interesting is the fact that most people have never heard of some of these brands even though they have done a pretty great job in building their own supercars.

So let’s take a look at 20 supercars from the brands nobody has ever heard off. Hopefully, you will be pleasantly surprised by some of these amazing vehicles, their beautiful design, and an even better performance.

20 Dome Zero

via reddit.com

Back in 1978 when this car was first presented at the Geneva Motor Show, it was kind of a big deal. It had all that every cool ‘70s car had to have; from funky design to pretty good performance.

However, people soon forgot about its existence because it was never mass produced.

SpeedHunters explained: “Dome just couldn’t meet Japan’s homologation requirements with the car, but it’s not clear whether this was because of structural design or to do with the driveline or the way the Zero was put together. Maybe it was all of the above. The second reason was funding or a lack of. Dome was a very small company back then, and to make this car a reality, it needed a lot of money." Unfortunately the money ran out, and the rest is history.

19 Ascari KZ1

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Look at this beast! With a design and performance like this, it is pretty strange that most people have never heard of this supercar. TopSpeedreports: “The Ascari KZ1 gives unparalleled performance and drivability in one of the world’s most exclusive supercars. A carbon-fiber monocoque structure gives lightness and strength to the sleek mid-engined design, resulting in an aerodynamic drag coefficient (CD) ratio of a mere 0.35. The normally aspirated 5-litre V8, 32-valve engine gives an effortless 500 brake horsepower through a six-speed manual gearbox to the rear wheels.” In addition to being designed to perfection, this vehicle was handcrafted and only 50 of these cars were created.

18 Lotec Sirius

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If you aren’t an avid race car fan, you have probably never heard of Lotec – a German automaker best known for building race cars. However, Lotec Sirius is a supercar worth knowing about.

According to Jalopnik, Lotec rated the Sirius’ V12 to produce 1,200 HP and a 249 mph top speed.

"With these numbers, the Lotec is setting its sights on the performance giants including the Bugatti Veyron, [the] Koenigsegg CCX-R, and the SSC Ultimate Aero.” With numbers like that, it is pretty unbelievable how few people know this car even exists. Theoretically, it seems to be a picture-perfect supercar. It obviously has become a very rare collectors item.

17 Keating Supercars TKR

via carsbase.com

Powered by a twin-turbocharged 7.0L V8 engine that goes from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds, Keating wants to make sure that you know this vehicle truly is a supercar by putting it straight in the car’s name. However, that doesn’t change the fact that most people have never heard of this vehicle or even this brand. According to the official website, “Keating knows all about power and performance–the Keating TKR has already hit 260 mph on a dry lake in the USA. Keating Supercars engineers are constantly pushing the engineering capabilities and agility of their supercars and have an unrivaled knowledge of building engines ranging from 640 bhp up to an egregious 2,500bhp."

16 Panoz Abruzzi

via thesupercars.org

When it comes to Panoz Abruzzi’s design, we can all agree that we are looking at a pretty interesting and unique vehicle here. One could say it is one of those designs you either fall in love immediately or you just hate it. Jalopnik reports: “The car itself is reminiscent of Panoz LMP and GTR-1 racers of the past and sports an unspecified 600HP engine up front, [a] rear transaxle, a rear-mounted three-stage radiator system, and a unique construction material called 'Recyclable Energy Absorbing Matrix System.' The material is said to be as strong as carbon fiber but lighter, with better impact absorption and apparently is even more environmentally friendly. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

15 Beck LM 800

via motor1.com

While this car looks more like a toy or some cartoonish design at a first glance, once you dive in deeper into the research and the car’s specs, you can see that it is actually a pretty impressive supercar. TopGear reports: “The twin-turbocharged 4.2-litre V8 engine is to Beck’s own design and puts out 650bhp and 663lb-ft of torque driving through a seven-speed sequential gearbox."

Beck says that engine powers the LM800 to a top speed of 219mph and 0-60 mph in three seconds flat.

They also say it will turn in an average of 17.6mpg.” Sounds like a car we would love to take for a spin around town.

14 Vector W2

via oldconceptcarz.com

Have you ever heard of a brand called Vector Motors? Don’t worry, neither have we. However, the Vector w2 seems like a vehicle worthy of taking a closer look at it. The first thing you notice is its totally unusual and unique design but also a pretty impressive performance. According to Car and Driver, this vehicle is, “…a low-flying fighter-car that looks like a UFO with wheels. It has to have a chassis like a Can-Am car's, huge brakes and tires, an automatic transaxle, and, to throttle its 2,500-pound weight around, a 650-horsepower twin-turbocharged V-8 engine." All in all, this car is like nothing we have seen before and we are happy to know it exists.

13 Arash AF10

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If you have never heard of Arash AF10, don’t worry, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Almost nobody has heard of this car because only 1 was ever made. According to NewAtlas, “This wild hybrid hyper car relies on a five-motor 'warp drive' to put out 2,080 bhp. If it isn't the most over-the-top, ultra-powerful car in Geneva, we really look forward to seeing what is.”

So if you want to find out more about Arash, try visiting their official website.

The brand is from England and was named after the company’s owner, Arash Farboud. Anyhow, it seems Arash automakers know what they’re doing.

12 Shayton Equilibrium

via carscoops.com

Shayton Equilibrium is a gorgeous supercar and it seems like a shame that so few people have actually heard of its existence. With its sleek design and 250mph, it seems like a vehicle every sports car enthusiast would gladly try out. According to Shayton website, the initial goal of this brand was to build a supercar that would help them become recognized as one of the leading hypercar manufactures in the world. In their own words, “Shayton is set to unleash disturbing movement in the global automotive atmosphere. Without a history to rely on, we rather focus on the present and future. It is time to make Shayton Equilibrium reality.”

11 Farbio GTS 350

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Farbio cars are not well known at all, but if you are a supreme car enthusiast, you maybe know that Farbio GTS 350 is a new version of the earlier Farboud GTS. Still, have no idea what we are talking about? Don’t worry, almost nobody has ever heard of this brand. However, the GTS 350 is quite a cool car. CarMagazine reports: “With just 1,046kg to push around, the Farbio does a fine impression of a ground-hugging ballistic missile, rocketing to 60mph in 3.7 seconds and topping out at a wailing 180mph. From lumpy idle to serrated redline, the engine feels muscular, surging ahead on the whiff of throttle and reeling in the horizon with sustained surges of expletive-inducing acceleration.”

10 Vencer Sarthe

via topspeed.com

Vencer Sarthe is one of the coolest supercars nobody has ever heard of and the thing that immediately catches our attention with this one is its unbelievably cool design.

However, one of the main reasons why this car is not as well-known as it deserves to be is the fact that very few examples have actually been made.

The company’s owner, Robert Cobben, stated: “In the first year, we will build five, perhaps six cars. In the second year, we aim to make one a month. And for the time being, that will be all we aim to do: 12 cars a year. It’s an exclusive car for a small but discerning audience.”

9 Trident Iceni Magna

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The first glance at the Trident Iceni Magna is enough to know that this car looks unbelievably cool. However, powered by a V12 Petrol engine and 6.6 turbo diesels that can hit 190mph and go 2,000 miles on a single tank, the performance of this vehicle is quite impressive too. According to Trident official page, “Properly utilizing a car’s torque numbers to multiply its effectiveness improves its car’s performance and efficiency by up to 20 percent.” This was a technology patented by Trident and it seems like something that might yet gain them recognition worldwide that the brand doesn’t have at the moment.

8 Mega Track

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If you have never heard of the supercar by the name Mega Track, don’t worry. You are still a perfectly fine car enthusiast. It’s just that nobody really knows of this brand. However, the car itself seems like something worth taking a better look at. Jalopnik reports: “The Track had mega power in the form of a 6.0-liter Mercedes-Benz V12 pumping out about 400 HP, and it was mounted right in the middle of the car for classic supercar weight distribution. But how can all this be any good off-road? Well, the standard ride height of 8" was much more than most speed bump-scraping supercars, to begin with, but if you wanted more, you could just dial it up to 13.”

7 Devon GTX

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If you have never heard of Devon Motorworks, it is probably because even though the company had some pretty cool ideas, they eventually ran out of money so only 2 prototypes were created and eventually sold at auction.

It seems like a shame, because the car did have a few cool things going for it.

TopGear reports: “It used the same 8.4-litre V10 and running gear as the Viper (albeit pumped up to 650bhp) but wrapped up in a carbon body with a completely redesigned and far smarter cabin, butterfly doors, and its strange shaved-off wheel arch blisters.” We are probably not going to see more of these anytime soon.

6 Revenge Verde

via supercars.net

Revenge Verde, which literally means the green revenge, is… Well, basically a green supercar no one has ever heard of. NewAtlasexplains: “Among the mid-engined Verde’s supercar features are three drive chain and powertrain options, including the Ford 605hp motor, the GM 638hp motor, or an HP2g V8 engine that runs on E-85 ethanol fuel and yet still impresses with its figures: 400hp, 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds, a top speed of 200mph+.” The price of this car was roughly $200,000 and the main idea of the brand was to make a great American-made supercar that would be sold all around the globe. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out quite like that.

5 Trion Nemesis

via myautoworld.com

What do you usually want from a supercar? If great design and an even better performance are what you are looking for, you should take a glance at a supercar you have probably never heard of – Trion Nemesis. CarBuzzreports: “The Nemesis will be powered by a 2,000-horsepower twin-turbo V8 and get to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds though [sic] an 8-speed gearbox. A top speed of 273 mph is targeted, probably after a lot of screaming by the occupants. In addition to making a fast car, the company says it's going to be perfect if you're taller than normal.” So finally we have a supercar for tall people! Yeey!

4 Hulme Canam Spider

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One look at this unusual supercar is enough to figure out why it is called Spider – because it kind of looks like on but in a good way. The downside to this unbelievably cool looking design is the fact that the car has no windshield, no roof, no airbags, no traction control, and no ABS.

It is probably safer to just look at this one than to actually drive it.

Autoco.ukreports: “It’s ludicrously expensive, but for something from a country with zero supercar experience, the Hulme shows genuine promise. The company has lots of detail changes in mind before the car proceeds to production, but on the basis of this drive, we’d say it's heading very much in the right direction.”

3 Tramontana

via motortrend.ca

No one can deny the uniqueness of this vehicle that only a few people have heard of. It looks different than anything we usually see on the roads and the specs show some pretty promising features. According to the Tramontana official website, “From the first to last build each Tramontana is customized to the needs and wants of the driver. Unlike automobiles before it, a Tramontana is created and built from the imagination of the client. From its technical mechanical specifications to the driver inspired cockpit, it is customized to the individual, making each Tramontana a one-of-a-kind original, never to be replicated again.” We have to admit they have our attention.

2 TranStar Racing Dagger GT

via motor1.com

The Dagger GT is quite a new entry on the supercars market but it seems to be an interesting one too. With its beautiful and edgy shape, we can easily imagine many people going crazy for this vehicle. That is if they knew it existed. Some of the coolest features of this interesting car are the superlight weight, removable hard top, record-setting stopping and cornering, cockpit command center, and a great 2000 HP engine. We will have to wait some more to read actual reviews and experiences and to see if the car will become at least a bit better known than it is now – which is not known at all.

1 Isdera Commendatore 112i

via supercars.net

In the world of supercars, the IsderaCommendatore 112i is truly a rare sight. It was designed by an ex-Porsche designer, Eberhard Schulz, but before any commercial Commendatores went to production, the brand went bankrupt so all we have now are just a few prototypes and pre-production models of this vehicle. SuperCarsexplains: “This one-of prototype is such a rare sight, that its photos, outside of the shots from the car’s release during the 1993 Frankfurt Auto Show, are hard to come by. Over the last decade, the situation has been particularly frustrating, but now, we finally have photos from one of the most striking and advanced supercars from the nineties.”

Sources: AutoCar.co.uk, SuperCars.net, AutoEvolution.com


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