Watch A Supercharged Ford F-150 Take On A Challenger Redeye And Nissan GT-R In Quarter-Mile Action

F-150 vs Redeye, GT-R

This supercharged Ford F-150 thinks it has what it takes to outrun a Dodge Challenger Redeye and a Nissan GT-R in a drag race.

We’ve seen plenty of fast SUVs, with the latest being a Redeye-powered Dodge Durango that took the One Lap of America by storm. But fast pickup trucks? That’s unusual. That’s exotic. That’s something to make you scratch your head and wonder just how fast an F-150 could really be.

It turns out, pretty fast.

Welcome Boosted F-150, the YouTuber that takes his boosted F-150 to the strip to put regular old “cars” in their place. Under the hood is Ford’s classic 5.0-L Coyote V8 engine, but nestled within is a 2.9-L Whipple supercharger boosting the Coyote’s output from 395 hp to somewhere north of 700. The exact figure isn’t known, but we do know this F-150 makes 603 hp at the rear wheels from a previous video.

Other upgrades include new headers from American Racing, new wheels from Ford performance, a new high-flow fuel pump, and 3-inch lowering kit.

So this undoubtedly a fast pickup, but it’s still a big pickup. We haven’t seen Mr. Boosted rip out the interior or anything drastic like that, and it seems like this is still his daily driver. Even though it is regular cab truck, it’s got a lot of weight to carry around.

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The Nissan GT-R and the Challenger Redeye are also big cars, but they’re cars. They don’t have to carry around a bed or a big, bulky suspension. The Redeye is stock, but the Nissan is also upgraded with a new air intake and exhaust. That likely puts it above the 545 hp that it rolled off the factory with.

But this is one hell of a boosted F-150. Despite having all the aerodynamics of a brick, it can accelerate just as fast as these two supercars, and even beats them. Check out the video above to see how well this pickup performs and prepare to be amazed.

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