Supercharged F-150 Takes On Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye In Quarter-Mile Action

Boosted F-150 is back with another versus video against a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye.

Redeye F-150

The Supercharged F-150 is back with another versus video against a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye.

We’ve seen Boosted F-150 take on all comers, from supercharged Mustangs to tweaked Hellcats, but this time he goes up against a Redeye. The “possessed by the Demon” Challenger features the Demon’s engine and many of its drag race-specific upgrades, but sadly only has 797 hp instead of the Demon’s 840. It can still hit the low-10s in a quarter-mile race and should be a good match for the big F-150.

For those new to “The Undertaker,” this brute has had its 5.0-L Coyote V8 upgraded with a 2.9-L Whipple supercharger, new headers, traction bars, fuel pumps and injectors, and an E85 racing fuel tuning. Ford Performance wheels and a 3-inch lowering kit help make this F-150 a low-slung drag machine that’s far faster than a pickup truck has any right to be.

It’s estimated that The Undertaker now has somewhere around 950 rear-wheel-horsepower. That’s quite a bit more than the Redeye, but the Redeye is 600 lbs lighter. This is really anybody’s race.

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In round one, we get to see how well-matched these racers truly are. Both have great starts and are neck and neck off the line. Neither side seems able to pull away from the other, and it’s a photo finish by the time the quarter-mile marker arrives.

Sadly, we don’t have any slips to compare final times, but if this turned out to be a true tie, we wouldn’t complain.

The next two races show the importance of getting a good start. Since the two vehicles are slow closely matched, whoever has the better reaction time is always going to win. In the second race, we see the Redeye driver gets the better draw, while in the third race, Boosted pulls ahead with the early lead.

Neither vehicle wins by more than a car length, though, showing just how close every race is. Check out the video above to see these beasts in action.

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