Formerly Supercharged F-150 Removes Its Blower To Take On Ram 1500 In Drag Race Action

Removing the supercharger makes it a fair race between these two modified pickups, but it definitely costs the F-150 a lot of power.

F-150 vs Ram

In a curious turn of events, Boosted F-150 removes the supercharger from his Ford pickup to race against a naturally-aspirated 2014 Ram 1500.

Boosted and his pickup "The Undertaker" has been featured around these parts several times. He's ludicrously fast and consistently runs in the low 10-second range thanks to his highly tuned and supercharged Ford F-150. That 2.9-L supercharger gives his truck a giant kick that sends it down the drag strip at speeds often reserved for supercars.

But this time things are a little different. His opponent today is The Incredible Hemi, someone who believes that forced induction is cheating. Adherents to the church of natural aspiration shall not sully itself with such things as turbochargers and superchargers, and so Boosted was challenged to race without the benefit of such devices.

This doesn't mean his Ford was completely without upgrades. Far from it--even without its namesake boost, The Undertaker still has new American racing headers, new fuel pump and injectors, an E85 racing fuel tuning, a PMAS cold air intake, Bwoody traction bars, and has been lowered by 3 inches.

With the supercharger, Boosted makes around 950 rear-wheel-horsepower. Without it, that number probably falls to around 450 rwhp, which is still a good amount of oomph for a race.

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We don't know what The Incredible Hemi is packing. We know his ride is a 2014 Ram 1500 double cab with a new camshaft, but that's about it. Stock, the Ram 1500's 5.7-L HEMI made 395 horsepower, but we'd guess the mods make it at least the equal of the un-boosted F-150.

Without the blower, Boosted is looking quite a bit slower and drops the first race by several truck lengths. Things pick up a bit on the second race, but The Incredible Hemi is apparently a very powerful naturally-aspirated pickup, considering it’s both heavier thanks to having four doors and totally without the benefit of boost.

To be fair to Boosted, that Ram wouldn’t stand a chance if he was running with his supercharger, but he wasn’t, and that meant the Ram was the faster pickup. We’ll see if maybe the rematch will involve some forced induction.

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