Supercharged Ford F-150 Takes On Jeep SRT Trackhawk For Drag Race Supremacy

Supercharged Ford F-150 Takes On Jeep SRT Trackhawk For Drag Race Supremacy

Watch these supercharged beasts fight it out on the drag strip.

Boosted F-150 has returned with yet another shot from his Versus series on YouTube. This pits his supercharged Ford F-150 against various opponents, ranging from tuned Mustangs to now a tuned Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

But first, an update on the F-150 build. Under the hood is the same Coyote V8 that anyone can buy on the Ford F-150, but it has been given a bunch of new toys including a Whipple 2.9-L supercharger, 3.00 pulley upgrade, American Racing headers, ID1000 fuel injectors, and a Jamie Decker Dual fuel pump. It's also been tuned by OZ tuning to handle E85 racing fuel, bringing total rear-wheel horsepower up to 950.

A set of Mickey Thompson ET SS Tires allow this truck to race without swapping its rubber, while Bwoody Performance traction bars keep the frame stiff on its runs.

Moving to our opponent, we have a Trackhawk with an HHP tune, a 2.8 pulley upgrade, and a new Borla exhaust. This gives the Trackhawk a wheel horsepower of 812, which is roughly 200 more than its 6.2-L supercharged V8 gave it when it was stock.

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However, the Trackhawk is roughly 5,500 lbs, while the F-150 is barely over 5,000. This means the Trackhawk is heavier and has less power. All-wheel-drive might give the Trackhawk a better launch, but the advantage is clearly in the F-150’s favor.

And as you can see in the first race, that advantage is just too much to overcome for the Trackhawk. The F-150 just pulls away off the line and never looks back. However, the F-150 also jumped the gun at the starting line and as such, we can’t count it as a true win.

The final time for the Trackhawk was 10.77 seconds at 129 mph, while the F-150 finished in 10.385 seconds at 134 mph (this doesn’t include the 0.2-seconds it gained from jumping the light).

Check out the video above to see if the Trackhawk can come back and pull off the upset win.

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