Supermarket Staff Get Revenge On Driver Who Parked Badly With Hilarious Prank

Supermarket staff in Argentina dealt a dose of justice to a driver who annoyed them by parking in the wrong spot last weekend via means of one of the funniest shopping cart assemblies you'll ever see.

Photos posted on Facebook by Arnold Angelini went viral after he let the world in on the hilarious prank - a car trapped in a sea of shopping carts at the Coto Supermarket in Temperley, Buenos Aires.

The driver of a grey Peugeot 208 somehow found it reasonable to park where the carts are usually placed but must have discovered how difficult it was to leave after the disgruntled employees surrounded his vehicle with several of them.

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“The truth is someone has to be a moron to have parked in the section for ‘shopping charts’,” Angelini wrote as the caption for the post. “You can’t be such an SOB and leave it anywhere. You can tell that no one respects nothing much less an undue place.

“Applause to the employees who left the vehicle closed off.”

Angelini told a local outlet he spotted the car caught in the trolleys after leaving a movie theater near said supermarket. His post has been shared over 6,800 times and attracted over 1,200 likes.

“What I saw generated surprise and indignation because I said ‘park wherever’,” he said (h/t Fox News). “The weird thing is that the car was really badly parked and the (shopping carts) were put later. He parked wherever he wanted.”

While he understands the frustration of not being able to find a parking spot at a certain location, Angelini was full of praise for the staff.

“It is their job and they are tired of the same thing happening to them,” he continued.

We aren't sure what happened after all of this or how the driver managed to get out, but we really wish we knew. It would have been way funnier if the shopping carts were the ones requiring a coin to separate from each other - don't imagine anyone having enough loose change for that.

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